We live in a drastically changing society that can also be seen in our diversifying workforce. To ensure that our employees grow and play active roles, it is important that they find their work satisfying and rewarding, that they remain healthy and dynamic, and that they exercise originality and ingenuity to achieve their work goals so that both the individuals and the organizations can grow and better meet the expectations of society.
MS&AD Insurance Group aims to develop human assets(*) with the goal of elevating the level of professionalism of each employee, pursuing betterment as opposed to remaining complacent with the status quo, and maximizing the organizational level power through the aggregation of individual capabilities.

(*) Human assets: In the spirit of valuing the individual, the MS&AD Insurance Group refer to our employees as "human assets" rather than "human resources."

A Vision of the Ideal Employees

Envisioning ideal employees as those “who learn and think by themselves, take on challenges and continue to grow”, Group insurance companies in Japan have been offering education and assistance to promote training, OJT*, and self-improvement so that our employees can work as professionals with pride and satisfaction. We provide a wide range of opportunities, including obligatory courses for all employees in an e-learning format that is more convenient for course participants.
More specifically, individual employees sketch out their career visions, undertake new efforts to realize these visions and bolster their own capabilities and skills through a target management system. Superiors engage in career dialogue during target challenge interviews (interviews with subordinates utilizing career vision sheets) and in other approaches to help employees achieve their career visions and to enhance communication between superiors and subordinates.

(*) OJT: On-the-Job Training

<Conceptual Image of Human Asset Development System>

Enhancing Individual Strengths (Enhancing Individuals)

Group insurance companies in Japan provide training programs as well as outside correspondence courses and other opportunities for self-education in support of self-directed learning and growth to individual employees.

<Our Development Program>

MS&AD Open College

Classroom training to acquire business skills, such as problem-solving

Trainee programs

Voluntary in-house programs that enable employees to experience working in other departments/companies for short periods; among the aims of these programs are to further cultivate Group solidarity and improve communication


ESG Data/Reference Material (number of participants of the trainee system)

Post-challenge programs

An open recruiting program through which employees considering their own career paths can convey their plans and wishes to their companies and take on challenges to progress down these paths. Efforts to actualize autonomous career development.

Enhancing Organizational Strengths (Enhancing Teamwork)

To maximize the performance of organizations (workplaces), we are conducting a variety of stratified training programs for employees at all levels to support improvement in their way of thinking and behavior.

<Our Development Program>

New employee training

We have a fair and impartial approach to hiring personnel that respects diversity. Additionally, we are operating OJT programs to enable employees to smoothly integrate into their workplaces after joining the company and to put their workplace experience to good use in obtaining the needed knowledge/skills

Training for managerial personnel

We offer training to help employees understand their unconscious biases and to learn methods for recognizing and controlling their own biases. We also endeavoring to support the improvement of management and workplace communication capabilities to support human resources development across the board

Training for female employees

We have stepped up training and educational programs for female employees to promote career development of women (leaders’ school, management seminars, and mentor programs for women, etc.)

Development of professional human assets

To respond to the advance of digitalization, the emergence of new risks, and other changes in social structure, we are systematically cultivating human assets with specialized skills who are capable of excelling on the world stage.

Development of global human assets

We have put in place a framework for employees to mutually interact and improve themselves through friendly competition between overseas locations and Japan in order to foster internationally-minded specialists with expertise
<Examples of training and programs>
・Overseas training (learning business skills, languages, etc.)
・Global trainee system
・Temporary Transfer System for employees hired at overseas branches


ESG Data/Reference Material (number of participants in global trainee system, etc.)

Development of personnel to oversee digitalization*

We offer training programs designed to foster industry-ready personnel (digital business creators and data scientists)
(*)Digitalization should not be limited to improving the efficiency and convenience of processes, services, etc., via digital technology but it should also help reform the Group’s overall business operations
<Examples of training and programs>
・MS Digital Academy
・Data science education programs for all employees


MS Digital Academy Established

Stepped up efforts to hire/train data scientists (Japanese only)

Support for acquiring actuarial qualifications

We are encouraging and supporting employees to take qualification examinations conducted by the Institute of Actuaries of Japan (IAJ) as part of our efforts to develop actuarial professionals capable of applying probability, statistics and other methods to product development, risk management, etc.

Fostering Personnel to Shoulder the Future (Internships)

We offer internships from the perspective of developing human assets through industrial-academic collaboration, and help students grow by ensuring that these internships provide them with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the significance and appeal of the non-life insurance industry through group work and workplace experiences.
Our proprietary internship program has been deemed noteworthy by serving as a model for other companies, and it has been selected by students to receive awards for excellence in the Internship Award, organized by Mynavi Corporation as the secretariat.
(2018 – MSI; 2019 – ADI)