Integrated Report (Annual Reports) ~MS&AD Integrated Report~


The MS&AD Integrated Report covers the Group's long-term corporate directions, medium-term strategy, the frameworks and systems that enhance enterprise value, in order to help your better understanding of our medium- to long-term value creation.
In our Integrated Report 2016, we have newly established special feature pages, “Creating value through contributions to the solution for social issues” which shows the MS&AD's Story of Value Creation initiatives to achieve our Mission.


<Entire Report>

<Individual Sections>

Who We Are / What kind of company is MS&AD? (1,439KB)
  • The MS&AD's Story of Value Creation
  • Five Business Domains
  • Positioning in Each Business Domain
  • Performance of Key Management Indications and Stock Prices
Our Way / What are we doing now? (1,605KB)
  • Top Message
  • MS&AD's Aspiration and Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Financial Strategy
  • Measures to Achieve Group ROE and Group Core Profit Targets and Achieve Sustainable Growth
  • Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
  • Strategies by Business Domain
Special Feature / Creating Value through Contributions to the Solution for Social Issues (1,292KB)
  • Creating value through contributions to the solution for social issues
  • Protecting people's lives and businesses from increasingly diverse and complex accidents and disasters
  • Confronting climate change and the deterioration of the natural capital
  • Facing risks of an aging society and ensuring a healthy and affluent lifestyle
  • Vitalizing local communities and supporting sustainable development
Our Platform / Frameworks and systems that support the Group's value creation (990KB)
  • ERM
  • Corporate Culture and Human Assets Development
  • Corporate Governance
Appendix / Supplementary information (372KB)
  • Compact Edition! Basic Knowledge about the Insurance Industry
  • Glossary of Insurance Terminology
Data Section / Data section (1,633KB)
  • History of the MS&AD Group
  • Corporate Overview
  • Performance Record
<Data Sheet>

Up to FY2015 (Integrated Report)

Up to FY2014 (Disclosure)

Solvency margin rate of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance stated in annual reports from FY2004 through FY2008 is adjusted in the FY2009 report.

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