The MS&AD Insurance Group, in the ever-changing global environment, provides worldwide solutions to issues caused by growing uncertainties in the society. We aim to continually evolve while maintaining high quality in this corporate activity and permanently provide the corporate value to our stakeholders.

The MS&AD Insurance Group's Mission, Vision & Value

The MS&AD Insurance Group has set Mission, Vision and Value in order to clarify how the Group should be. We are aiming for sustainable enhancement of the corporate value through achievement of our mission, vision and values.


Perspective of CSR Initiatives

We have established “Perspective of CSR Initiative of the MS&AD Insurance Group” in order to realize Our Mission.


Changes in Global Environment and Response to Changes

The MS&AD Insurance Group has set priority issues in CSR initiatives that should be addressed, based on our medium-term management plan, "Next Challenge 2017," that commenced in April 2014.
We have set two pillars as priority issues to be worked on to resolve social issues and to improve corporate values.
Within the pillars, we have prioritized the initiatives that we consider to be highly material. In 2016, there was great change in progress in advanced technologies and the state of the world.
The Group constantly reviews the impact of the risks and opportunities and studies the development of a business model in response to such changes.

Our Priority Issues (Pillars of CSR Initiatives) and the Consideration Process for Priority Issues

Our Businesses Activities

The Group business manages risks comprehensively, identification of risks, provision of the information, precautionary measures and compensation for damages if it does occur to our stakeholders. We focus our efforts on early identification and provision of proper management measures against risks that threaten a sustainable society to achieve our mission “to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help a sound future for the earth”.


We constantly implement our initiatives through business activities, to enhance value to stakeholders.


The Medium-term Management Plan and our Priority Issues (Pillars of CSR Initiatives)

Priority issues in CSR initiatives of the MS&AD Insurance Group are unified with the medium-term management plan "Next Challenge 2017". The corporate value based on a diversity-oriented business model can be provided through our continuous efforts to improve the product quality and realized by corporate culture and human asset.


The Consideration Process for Priority Issues (Pillars of CSR Initiatives)

Prioritization based on international guidelines, including ISO 26000, are those of great importance for both stakeholders and for the MS&AD Group’s business among material issues of both sides.

[STEP 1] Stakeholder Interest

We classified high priorities in which seven stakeholders (customers, shareholders, business partners, the environment, agents, employees, and local communities / international society) have high interest.
Based on international guidelines that indicate expected roles of companies (ISO 26000, SDGs, GRI, etc,), opinions and requests received through questionnaires to stakeholders, we classified priority issues by the degree of interest in our businesses.


[STEP 2] Importance for the MS&AD Insurance Group

We analyzed and assessed the importance for our business in light of medium-term management plan "Next Challenge 2017" issues, climate change, stakeholder opinions, and the influence of our initiatives on the Economy (E), Society (S), and Governance (G).


[STEP 3] Identifying Priority Issues

The MS&AD Insurance Group plotted material issues for the company and stakeholders, and identified priority issues for our initiatives. We identified two pillars as material issues (pillars of the initiatives), which represent our targets that we consistently provide high quality products and services to solve four social issues. We will enhance corporate value by focusing on these initiatives.


The Medium-term Management Plan and our Priority Issues (Pillars of CSR Initiatives)

We will focus on the identified material issues (pillars of the initiatives) in order to realize value creation through business activities.

Promotion System of CSR

The MS&AD Insurance Group has set up a specific department (Corporate Social Responsibility Section, Corporate Planning Dept.) in its holding company for the promotion of CSR activities throughout the entire Group and for supporting individual CSR activities of each domestic Group insurance company. We enhanced the overall CSR function by integrating the CSR functions of two core business companies (MSI and ADI) in 2016 and of three companies(Mitsui Direct General, MSI Aioi Life, and MSI Primary Life) in 2017 into the Corporate Social Responsibility Section of the holding company. In addition, we have established CSR Committee and discuss matters including the Group’s CSR initiatives to share information on global trends and environmental changes regarding CSR and enhance our understanding. Matters discussed by CSR Committee are reported to the Board of Directors and at the Group’s management meetings.