Financial and Non-Financial Highlights


Financial Highlights

Picture:Group Core Profit

Picture:Group ROE

Picture:Consolidated net premiums written*1 and premium growth rate (non-life insurance business)

Picture:Combined ratio (domestic non-life insurance business)

Picture:Net investment income (domestic non-life insurance business*2)

Picture:Consolidated life insurance premiums (life insurance business)

*1 Net premiums written excludes the Good Results Return premiums of the “ModoRich” auto insurance products.

*2 Simple sum of non-consolidated figures for MSI and ADI.

Non-Financial Highlights

Picture:Customer satisfaction and customer recommendation rate*3

Picture:Outside Director ratio and the Board of Directors attendance rate

Picture:Selection rate of web policy clauses*4

Picture:Number and ratio of female managers

Picture:CO2 emissions*5 and total energy consumption

Picture:Number of employees in Japan and number of employees overseas (“[ ]” indicates ratio)

*3 Customer survey options within the Group were streamlined from five options to four in 2015. This figure indicates the ratio of customers who chose the top two options.

*4 Refers to environmentally friendly policy clauses where the content can be viewed on our website rather than being written in a booklet.

*5 Sum of Scope 1 and Scope 2 for Japan and overseas.

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