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To create a world-leading insurance and financial services group that continues to seek sustainable growth and to enhance enterprise value.

The MS&AD Insurance Group has enjoyed record profits for the five consecutive years to fiscal 2016 and FY2017 is the final fiscal year of “Next Challenge 2017.”
In fiscal 2017, we are stepping up efforts to ensure we achieve numerical management targets raised in fiscal 2015.

In the domestic non-life insurance business, the reorganization by function, which has been a driver in implementing the Group's medium-term management plan, is proceeding as planned overall, and the creation of synergies as a group has resulted in improvements in efficiency. As a result, we have revised our goal to reduce costs by 50 billion yen over four years to 60 billion yen. In addition, to demonstrate further synergies in fiscal 2017, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance are engaging in initiatives to promote standardization of products and operating procedures between companies and to develop a joint claims services system and to promote function sharing in claims services in efforts to achieve further growth and improved efficiency.

The domestic life insurance business and international business that we regard as growth areas are growing strongly as core businesses of the Group, thanks to business initiatives that capitalize on our strengths.
In international business, in February 2016 we welcomed into the Group MS Amlin, which operates a global insurance business centered on the Lloyd's insurance market in the UK, thereby enabling us to build a balanced portfolio that encompasses Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Furthermore, we have been steadily moving forward with initiatives to achieve further growth in International business. In August 2017, we took a stake in Challenger Limited, an Australian financial services company with which MSI Primary Life has a reinsurance arrangement, and also reached a basic agreement to acquire First Capital Insurance Limited, Singapore's largest non-life insurer.

In addition, by promoting ERM (enterprise risk management), which is one of the mainstays of the Group's core drivers, we succeeded in steadily improving ROR of the domestic non-life insurance business. Throughout this fiscal year, which is the final year of “Next Challenge 2017”, we will steadily implement PDCA cycles, work to achieve penetration of ERM throughout the Group, and firmly establish a platform for achieving ROE at a level of 10% over the medium to long term.

Furthermore, since we reached the second stage of the Group's medium-term management plan in fiscal 2016, we have been making active business investments with an eye to future changes in the business environment, and we have been working on the establishment of a platform that will support sustained growth.
In particular, we intend to promote innovation utilizing advanced ICT such as IoT, FinTech and AI, improve productivity to support the medium- to long-term growth of the MS&AD Insurance Group, and create a new business model.

The prompt and adequate payment of claims is a fundamental responsibility of an insurer, and we believe that it is even more important to quickly identify a variety of risks arising from social issues, inform of those risks in advance and provide the know-how of prevention and minimization of the impact in the event risks would eventuate. We believe that contributing to the strengthening of the “resilience” of society on a global scale by sharing such know-how with society in cooperation with national and local governments and the academic community will lead to the realization of our Group's mission, “To contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the earth”.
Taking full advantage of diversity of the Group, we will complete “Next Challenge 2017” and accelerate initiatives toward the realization of goals to be achieved as we maintain adequate, balanced communication with our stakeholders.
We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Yasuyoshi Karasawa
President & CEO

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