MS&AD Insurance Group Medium-Term Management Plan (2018~2021)<br/>Vision 2021<br/>Towards a resilient and sustainable society

Basic Strategies and Three Key Strategies

  • We will ensure the achievement of aspirations that have entered the realization phase with the Basic strategies and three Key strategies tied to the Basic strategies.

Key Strategy 1: Pursue the Group's Comprehensive Strengths

  • We will enhance our competitiveness by improving quality and business efficiency and making the most of the Group's strength of diversity through the review division of roles and further cooperation within the Group.


Key Strategy 2: Promote Digitalization

  • With CDO(Chief Digitalization Officer) playing a central role, work on "digitalization*" across entire Group and connect it to transformation of entire business.
  • Improve value of experiences when customers contact individual Group companies and improve business productivity of MS&AD Group at the same time.

Key Strategy 3: Reform Portfolio

  • We will reform the Group's business portfolio and risk portfolio, etc., to create a resilient and sustainable earnings base. 
  • Achieve 50% of profit from businesses other than the domestic non-life insurance business by the end of FY2021.