What do we mean by "Advancing with you"?

The MS&AD Insurance Group is determined to be the most vigorous company in the insurance industry. Our new corporate slogan, "Advancing with you," expresses that determination.

The phrase invokes the challenges of achieving corporate change, new insurance products, and global competitiveness; challenges which the MS&AD Insurance Group continues to pursue.


The challenge of corporate change
The Group companies and each staff member will continue to pursue rapid and dynamic change in response to shifts in social and business trends.


The challenge of providing new insurance products
Providing products and services in anticipation of new risks, the Group will consistently seek to provide maximum security to its customers.


The challenge of competing globally
To develop the strength to compete in the highly competitive international arena, the Group will continue to grow, aspiring to become a world-leading insurance and financial group.


Aspiring to become a world-leading insurance and financial group, the MS&AD Insurance Group will continue to take on these challenges.