“To contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the planet, by enabling safety and peace of mind through the global insurance and financial services business” in accordance with our mission, we have been developed along with our business model, the story of value creation.
In the medium-term management plan "Vision 2021", we have newly set out the social image that we will aim for in 2030 as "a resilient (* 1) sustainable society."
In pursuit of becoming the best-in-class insurance and financial group in the world, we have been working on “Creating Common Value (CSV)” with society by incorporating SDGs (*2) as milestones (Michishirube in Japanese) for our initiatives.
(*1)To be flexible and well prepared to changing circumstances and unexpected events, to have the ability to reduce impacts and recover quickly.
(*2)Sustainable development goals (SDGs). They are globally-recognized objectives to be achieved by 2030 to encourage sustainable world, and adopted at "United Nations Sustainable Development Summit" in September 2015.


Challenges about global environment reaching its limit

The goal number 12, 13, 14, and 15 in SDGs are related to the global environment, including approaches to respond to climate change, preservation of the existing ecosystems, and so on. “The Paris Agreement" set out in December 2015 aims to solve the climate change-related issues, of which we MS & AD Insurance Group is a supporter. We joined ‘The Paris Pledge for Action’ to be achieved for the objectives of The Paris Agreement.
Natural disasters caused by climate change is a major risk across the globe. Considering the nature of insurance industry, it would be closely affected to our business; therefore, sudden increase in insurance payout might be a concern in the context of disruption in global insurance system. Since we are dependent to resource or system, that is, benefit from ecosystem such as water or natural resources, degradation of ecosystems and depletion of natural resources will surely affect our life and business activities. With our products and risk management service to prevent such climate change related issues or natural capital damages, we the MS & AD Insurance Group believe that we help our customers and society achieve their resilience to them; that is, we are taking our own actions to reduce greenhouse gas emission as well.

Vigorous society and economic growth

In order to achieve SDGs, we are required to solve problems for sustainable development by utilizing creativity and innovation. The MS & AD Insurance Group supports such solutions to technological progress and provides solutions to prepare for emerging risks.
We are engaged in collaborative activities among industry, government and academia and joint research and studies with government and local authorities, aiming to provide products and services that respond to various needs from our society - such as automatic driving technology, digitalization, progress of AI, development of utilization of big data, support of renewable energy business, etc.

Offering safety and peace of mind

The MS&AD Insurance Group’s mission is to “contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the planet.” To achieve it we need to address diverse social issues. One of the most serious issues is the aging population in Japan and other advanced countries. In ensuring people can enjoy long and fulfilling lives free from anxiety, social support plays an important role. Another issue causing social unrest is the widening gap between rich and poor around the world. To address this issue, it is important to break the cycle of poverty and improve access for people of all social classes to financial and insurance services.

Sustainability Contest

The Sustainability Contest 2018 open to all group companies in Japan and abroad was held in August 2018. The objective was to help employees better understand the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the concept of “creating shared value (CSV)” so that they can incorporate them into their daily work in order to achieve the Medium-Term Management Plan, “Vision 2021.” More than 500 teams entered the contest. Among them, 10 teams were shortlisted by the evaluation meeting and the six teams with the best ideas were invited to present their efforts to an audience of 61 executives. Based on the presentations, the team from the Hokkaido Branch of MSI won the grand prize and the second prize was shared among the remaining five teams.

The effort presented by the grand prize winner was titled “Achievement of SDGs through Kuso Kaigi” (brainstorming meeting). At the MSI Hokkaido Branch, staff held Kuso Kaigi regularly to generate new ideas. Setting aside the conventional sales approach, they took an approach based on the perspective of addressing social issues. They interviewed community representatives and customers to gather information, and then used that information to develop, in cooperation with relevant departments, commercially viable compensation insurance products needed by communities and customers. The team was recognized for their contribution to addressing local community issues from new perspectives. For example, they proposed an insurance package covering maintenance costs for a money-losing hospital, and provided cow indemnity insurance to ensure economic stability for a ranch operation.

We will continue to hold the Sustainability Contest to encourage employees to create new business models and will share outstanding ideas presented by contestants among group companies to further improve their ideas. To achieve a resilient and sustainable society by 2030, which is the goal of “Vision 2021,” the new Medium-Term Management Plan of the MS&AD Insurance Group, we will make concerted efforts in line with SDGs.


The Sustainability Contest in 2018
The Sustainability Contest in 2018
Materials used to help employees better understand SDGs
Materials used to help employees better understand SDGs

The Sustainability Contest was featured in “IDEAS FOR GOOD,” an online magazine containing ideas to improve society, operated by Harch Inc.