In fiscal 2016, there were many natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, and floods in the world. Also, many countries have undergone major changes world-wide basis. We are required to promptly react and respond to various social issues whenever they arise in the dynamic global situation.

Our mission is "to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the earth, by bringing security and safety through the global insurance and financial services business." It is our priority role to continuously provide value to our stakeholders. We support stable life and active business activities by identifying various risks stemming from social issues which could hamper our aim, preventing risks being realized, and preparing for potential emergencies. It is the MS&AD’s Story of Value Creation to provide value to customers through such support. We must keep on challenging emerging risks with capturing social changes, responsiveness to social needs and focusing on how we can be of assistance.

In our CSR program, we have centered on two pillars: (1) Earning trust through the improvement of product and service quality (Enhancing the quality of products and services) and (2) Contributing to the resolution of social issues through the improvement of product and service quality (Contributing to resolution of social issues through the business), based on the Group’s basic strategies articulated in our medium-term management plan, "Next Challenge 2017”. We have focused on material issues that draw greater attention from stakeholders and that are closely related to the MS&AD Insurance Group's business in light of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit 2015 and the recent changes in business environment.

There are various social issues that pose risks to people's lives and corporate business. New risks are emerging along with the technological advancement and serious natural disasters caused by extreme weather are increasing. In addition, the aging society placing more pressure on nursing and medical care has made healthy aging a social issue. The MS&AD Insurance Group, with the aim to contribute to resolution of social issues, identifies various risks and provides information on risks beforehand, draws up preventative measures, and provides risk-mitigation solutions for the stakeholders when the risks become real.

In fiscal 2016, as accident prevention and measures against natural disasters associated with climate change, we promoted our initiatives such as new technology research toward accident-free society, provision of products utilizing telematics technology and big data, and disaster prevention and mitigation through risk analysis based on the latest flood damage prediction model. We have also made progresses in the support for health management and post-retirement lifestyles that are drawing greater attention as the aging society advances. Leveraging the diversity, the Group’s strength, such as smartphone applications of health management and products that meet the aging population’s needs, we focused on the development and provision of products and services that society needs. We listen to the stakeholders’ voices with open mind and continue to improve and enhance product quality to contribute to solve as many social issues as possible.


We know that the increasing number of investors pay attention to ESG factors in recent years, and that means our responsiveness to environmental, social, and governance issues are evaluated. Given the growing uncertainty of society, only the companies with high awareness on the change in environments that surround the businesses and social issues will have capabilities to predict and deal with risks in advance, and take new business opportunities. This should also be investor's view point in evaluating corporate growth capability. Responsiveness to changes by diverse personnel is the source of our strength. We will push forward with the work style reform so that the diverse human assets can maximize their potential at work while contributing to the formation of a sustainable society by developing and providing products and services that meet the social needs.

September 2017


President & CEO

Yasuyoshi Karasawa