Fiscal 2017 is the last year of our previous medium-term management plan, Next Challenge 2017, and the fourth and final year of our CSR program founded on the two pillars of Contributing to Resolution of Social Issues Through the Business, and Enhancing the Quality of Products and Services.

Natural disasters have recently been occurring with greater frequency and severity. Meanwhile, society is losing vitality due to widening disparities and the rapid aging of the population. As a global insurance and financial services business operator, we have responded by endeavoring to identify and explain various risks stemming from these issues, take preventive measures, and provide high-quality solutions to reduce risks in an emergency.


Vision 2021, our new medium-term management plan set to begin in fiscal 2018, sets forth “a resilient and sustainable society” as its vision of society in 2030. Toward achieving this, we will continue to identify social issues and strive towards their solution. It can be said that the insurance business exists to help people, companies, and local communities be resilient and sustainable. This is evident in the fact that claims payments stemming from natural disasters contribute towards restoring the livelihoods of those affected and help in rebuilding the local communities. On the other hand, the insurance business, which responds to people’s desire to live a stable life or run a steady business, can only exist if there is a sustainable society to support it. We help create a sustainable society through ensuring people’s safety and peace of mind, supporting the development of corporate activities, contributing to the resolution of social issues, and creating shared value. That is our creating value for ourselves.


In creating shared value through the insurance business, we focus on three areas. The first is response to climate change. With regard to the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters, it is important to not only make preparations against damage when disasters occur, but also to take measures to mitigate climate change, which contributes to the natural disasters. In May 2018, we held a symposium focusing on climate change, one of the important issues addressed in the SDGs. At the event, titled Considering the Next Step Toward the SDGs Under the Theme of Climate Change, we discussed relevant issues with companies, NPOs, local governments, research institutes and others, and examined various possibilities for activities. Going forward, we will promote viable initiatives, such as providing assistance for research projects on climate change that we have established in collaboration with universities and renewable energy businesses.


The second area is increasing the capacity to deal with risks that are becoming more diversified as the society changes. A one-stop response from risk evaluation to the provision of solutions will help to prevent various risks from materializing, for example as a countermeasure against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. We will aim to achieve a resilient and sustainable society by controlling the occurrence of accidents and minimizing the damage if they should occur.


The third area is to help people living in such a society to enjoy a long, healthy and stable life. We will continue to strive to support stakeholders’ good health and longevity, and also implement initiatives to support employees’ mental and physical health. Specifically, we will strive to: prevent accidents by analyzing the health conditions of drivers and identifying in advance risk factors such as drowsy driving that lead to accidents; provide whole life health insurance that prepares for nursing care risks including the need for dementia treatment; and improve and enhance asset-building products to support customers in enjoying a prosperous second life in their later years. From these three areas, we have selected priority issues and are implementing specific measures.


The issues that we address as priorities have a lot in common with the issues that are expected to be resolved on the way towards achieving the SDGs, goals common to the entire world. Therefore, the Group has decided to develop our business activities by regarding the SDGs as a signpost, pointing the way forward. In order to make the society resilient and sustainable, it is imperative that we ourselves possess the same characteristics. To increase society’s ability to deal with ever-changing risks, we would ideally identify the existence of risks, take preventive measures, and reduce their occurrence and the scope of damage arising from them. In this way, the damage inflicted on society will be minimized, and society’s ability to deal with further risks will be enhanced. I believe that by implementing these activities globally, we will be able to explore new markets, develop business models, and achieve sustainable growth.


The MS&AD Insurance Group will contribute to the realization of a resilient and sustainable society based on the Group’s value creation and the power of employees who fulfill their potential and have active roles in their appropriate environments.

September 2018


President & CEO

Yasuyoshi Karasawa