The mission of the MS&AD Insurance Group is to provide the best solution to social anxiety and risks, reflecting its basic focus on the public nature of the insurance and financial service business. Our aim is to deliver security and peace of mind and facilitate people’s efforts to lead active, healthy, and enriched lives, and we are seeking to accomplish this developing and improving products that respond to social issues and risks while always listening to the opinions of our customers and other stakeholders, and taking into account the various changing circumstances of our environment.

Mechanism of Development and Improvement of Products and Services

The MS&AD Insurance Group analyzes and considers information obtained at any point of contact with customers and other stakeholders, so as to improve the quality of our products and services, as well as our operations. Through efforts for increasing corporate value and resolving social issues, it aims to fulfill its responsibilities to its stakeholders, and meet their expectations.


Main Products and Services

The environment surrounding the insurance industry is quickly and drastically changing due to the advancement of climate change and global warming, the emergence of growing industries and advanced technologies, the increase in companies expanding operations overseas, the decline in birth rates and rise of aging populations, and the diversification of customer needs with changing lifestyles. In order to support the "reinvigorated social development and sound future of the earth," the MS&AD Insurance Group will provide products and services to detect various risks arising from social issues which obstruct them; prevent occurrence of risks; and when risks come into reality, mitigate their impact and compensate for economic effects.

List of MS&AD Groups' Products and Services to Contribute to a Sustainable Society

Products and Service Outline EnvironmentalSocial Governance
<Non-Life Insurance>  
○Products for individuals(*1)
Earthquake insurance Support the restructuring of the livelihood of earthquake victims and the early recovery of areas hit by earthquakes. Social 
Automobile insurance for 1 day, Promote the reduction of accidents caused by uninsured vehicles through the sales of automobile insurance for borrowed vehicles that is available from one day. Social 
Automobile insurance related the actual mileage Promote lower gasoline consumption by insurance premium setting based on the actual mileage driven to help reduce environmental burdens. Environmental
Automobile insurance with eco‐mark Have obtained Eco-Mark certification through promotion of eco-insurance certificates and web policy clauses, provision of information for safe driving, and initiatives to reduce environmental burdens such as encouraging the use of recycled automobile parts. Environmental
Fire insurance products for aging society Provide a package of coverage including the fire insurance rider for aging society (rider for landlord liability insurance, enhanced rider for renter liability insurance, etc.) and ancillary services (for moving furniture and changing light bulbs). In addition to supporting the lives of the elderly, help the elderly move in rental homes by offering coverage for the loss of rent income and cleaning and other expenses incurred by landlords from solitary deaths of the elderly. We have also started to provide new riders for damage compensation, which can result from dementia patients entering a railway track, in order to contribute to building an age-friendly society. Social
Agricultural Insurance(India) Provide agricultural insurance scheme Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) , in order to contribute to income stability for the low income earning farmers, who have financed purchases of fertilizers and farm equipment through loans, by compensating possible decreases of income caused by bad weather. EnvironmentalSocial 
Animal insurance for cattle breeders(India) Compensation for the death of cows and so on which provides income stability for the low income earning cattle breeders. Social
○Products for business
【Exclusively for Safety Management Certification Seminar】Special Contract for Cooperation at Accidents Discount on insurance premiums based on the advance designation received from the accident management department is applied to transportation companies that took road safety management certification seminar promoted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Social
Comprehensive food & agribusiness compensation plan We provide compensation for major risks surrounding food and agribusiness, in order to support the development of food and agribusiness. Social
Comprehensive mega solar compensation plan, Insurance for market of solar photovoltaic generation entrepreneurs Comprehensively cover risks faced by renewable energy producers. Promote lower CO2 emissions (reducing environmental burdens) with alternative energy. Environmental
Comprehensive small wind power generation compensation plan Environmental
Comprehensive off-shore wind power system compensation Environmental
Comprehensive biomass power generation compensation plan Environmental
Comprehensive small and medium hydro power generation compensation plan Environmental
Comprehensive medical institute compensation plan Provide a package that comprises various types of insurance and risk consulting services for medical institutions. Contribute to the stable business development of medical institutions, thereby supporting the aging society. Social
Comprehensive welfare/long-term care business operators compensation plan Comprehensively cover risks faced by welfare and nursing care business operators. Contribute to the stable business development of welfare and nursing care business operators, thereby supporting the aging society. Social
Comprehensive cyber security compensation plan, Cyber security insurance Comprehensively cover risks of cyberattacks. Contribute to stable management of companies, thereby supporting the development of society. SocialGovernance
Comprehensive demonstration experiment of autonomous driving compensation plan Comprehensively cover risks related to demonstration experiment of autonomous driving vehicles. Facilitate the innovation of autonomous driving technology to support the realization of a safe, secure, and comfortable automobile society. Social
Liability insurance for hazardous material transportation Comprehensively cover the liability risk of shippers in international maritime transportation of hazardous materials, thereby supporting the realization of a safe and secure society. EnvironmentalSocial
Comprehensive drone compensation plan Comprehensively cover risks associated with the commercial use of drones. Contribute to sophisticating operations using drones such as pesticide spraying and aerial photographing, thereby supporting the development of society. Social
Comprehensive global business compensation plan Comprehensively cover risks related to overseas business expansion for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Facilitate the smooth operation of business activities overseas to support the stabilization of SMEs' business operations overseas and the development of local communities. SocialGovernance
Supporting menu for inbound entrepreneurs We provide insurance, training, seminars, risk consulting, etc., targeted at inbound businesses such as travel agencies and hotels, in order to support regional development by backing inbound businesses. Social
Comprehensive clinical research like regeneration medicine compensation plan Cover risks related to clinical research of regenerative medicine. Contribute to the development of medical technology, thereby supporting the aging society. Social
Free smartphone application "Suma-Ho", "Disaster Navigation" feature on smartphone service Support safe and secure evacuation activities such as through the provision of directions to evacuation shelters, notifications of disaster information disseminated by local governments, know-how on disasters, and life line information. Social
Free smartphone application "Suma-Ho", Providing Apps that Promote Safety Provide analysis of driving skill characteristics, drive recorder, advice before driving, audio warnings when drivers are approaching locations where accidents frequently occur, wild weather forecast delivery, and other services. Social
Smartphone application (Suma-Ho), KokoKara Diary Smartphone application (Suma-Ho), KokoKara Diary We support personal health improvements by measuring stress condition, number of steps taken, and calorie consumption, as well as recording health data including weight and meal contents. For corporate customers, we support their health management by providing a dedicated website that can be used to aggregate employee health data, provide health guidance, etc. Social
Free smartphone application "Support NAVI" Provide driving ability diagnosis systems with drive recorder, accident emergency information service, etc. Social
Free smartphone application "Suma-Ho", "Animal Alert Function" Provide service which gives alert sound upon reaching accident-prone area. Service starts from Okinawa Prefecture (Okinawa Rail). EnvironmentalSocial
Efforts to prevent and reduce traffic accidents by utilizing "Accident Map" Provide "accident maps" created by analyzing and identifying locations where accidents frequently occur based on accident data held by the Company and data from external institutions. EnvironmentalSocial
Free smartphone application "Suma-Ho", "Safety cycle"(providing diagnosis tool of safe bicycle driving) Support the safe use of bicycles by providing warnings about excessive speed, check lists for inspection and maintenance, etc. EnvironmentalSocial
Service for Checking Indication of Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS) A service targeted at corporate employees that enables the checking of bedtime snoring, a symptom of sleep apnea syndrome (SAS), with a smartphone placed by the bedside. Social
"Suma Navi", a service supporting safe driving initiatives A telematics service that supports companies in their safe driving initiatives. EnvironmentalSocial
"Sasaeru Navi", a telematics service for enterprise A telematics service targeted at fleet policyholders that supports corporate customers in their vehicle operation management and accident reduction initiatives. EnvironmentalSocial
Navigational support services for domestic vessels We support safe navigation by proposing the use of a special smartphone provided by Weathernews Inc., which alerts domestic vessels when they navigate in dangerous waters, and provides weather and oceanic forecasts and images of the area around a vessel. Social
Alerting service of weather information Send out alert e-mails when rainfall, wind speed, or snowfall is forecasted to exceed the standard values at a monitored location, or when lightening is observed at a location within the standard distance from the monitored location, to contribute to preventing and mitigating damage from natural disasters. EnvironmentalSocial
Eco insurance certificate/web policy clause A system that enables policyholders to view their policy certificates and policy clauses on the website of each company. Promote the reduction of environmental burdens through paperless operation. Environmental
Electronic contract method Complete the contracting procedure on the screen of a PC brought in by an agent. Promote the reduction of environmental burdens through paperless operation. Environmental
Family Eye (Relatives Notification System) This is a system in which one relative of a policyholder is registered as an emergency contact for insurance policies. It makes it possible to contact the registered relative and ensure more reliable delivery of important notifications for insurance policies to the registered relative in an emergency, such as when we cannot contact the policyholder, or to have the relative share contract information after a simple identification procedure when inquiries are made. Social
Supporting companies to expand overseas operations We offer risk management services to Small and Medium-sized Companies expanding overseas and support the overseas development of SMEs. SocialGovernance
Repair service for damaged equipment under the corporate fire insurance plan Reduce recovery costs and ensure early recovery by enabling the repair of damaged devices and equipment, which previously had to be replaced with new ones, with emergent corrosion inhibition measures and full-scale recovery work. EnvironmentalSocial
Abbreviation service of claims documents Omit the submission of claim documents, etc. for car accidents that meet certain conditions. Promote the reduction of environmental burdens through paperless operation. Environmental
<Life insurance and medical insurance>
New income security insurance
This insurance provides for the risk of becoming unable to work or of something with a similar effect occurring(*2). Social
New medical insurance A Plus
This insurance provides measures for an aging society as a means to prepare for hospitalization and surgery due to illness or injury(*2). Social
"Shiawase Zutto" foreign currency-denominated fixed amount whole life insurance In response to an advancing aging society, this insurance provides policyholders with measures for building up their own assets to complement their public pensions and for ensuring that assets are inherited in an appropriate way by the next generation. Social
Products for persons with disabilities (Malaysia) Provide coverage for injuries, health care, and automobile accidents to support the lives of persons with disabilities in Malaysia. Social
Electronic contracting processes through "Seiho Kantan Mode" Launching paperless (electronic) procedures called Seiho Kantan Mode, we have improved convenience and reduced environmental burdens by converting various paper forms into electronic formats. Environmental
<Financial services and other businesses>
◯Financial products
Weather derivatives Derivatives that cover losses caused by extreme weather. EnvironmentalSocial
CAT bond (catastrophe bond) issuance support services

Service to support the issuance of CAT bond (*). In addition to reducing the burden of cumbersome administrative procedures related to the issuance of CAT bonds, we provide our customers with advice on optimal issuing conditions and help them to diversify catastrophic risk hedging instruments.

(*) A CAT bond is a mechanism through which the risk of a large-scale disaster such as earthquake or typhoon is transferred from one party to the capital markets. As long as no disaster exceeding a predetermined threshold occurs, investors (CAT bond purchasers) receive coupons periodically and have principal repaid at maturity. However, in the event that a disaster exceeding such threshold occurs, the principal to be repaid is reduced partially or entirely so that it is used to compensate customers for their losses.

◯Support systems
Pacific catastrophe risk assessment and financing Initiative Insurance Facility Under this program, which was set up jointly by the Japanese government and the World Bank, MSI as a risk underwriting insurance company provides reconstruction funds to the nations in the Pacific Islands that are afflicted by natural disasters to promote the restructuring of the livelihood of disaster victims and the early recovery of areas hit by disasters. EnvironmentalSocial
◯Risk consulting service
Human rights risk management support services Help our customers to manage human rights issues by supporting them in the formulation of human rights policies based on international standards, human rights impact assessment, organization of lectures and trainings on human rights risks, collection of information and implementation of surveys related to human rights risks, and other efforts related to human rights risk management. Social
Supporting for Business continuity management system (BCMS) Support the establishment of a system that ensures the resumption of operations within a target time frame in the event that business activities are suspended due to a large earthquake, infectious disease, or other reasons, and the formulation of business continuity plans (BCPs). SocialGovernance
Consulting by Tsunami risk models Consulting services that incorporate damage from tsunami in earthquake risk analysis SocialGovernance
Consulting service for water disaster prevention Support companies in developing their business continuity management (BCM) plans through consulting focusing on river flooding, inundation inside a levee, and high tides. EnvironmentalSocialGovernance
Supporting system for victims of natural disasters to relief A system that provides comprehensive support to local governments to help disaster victims restructure their lives, including issuance of Disaster Victim Certificates Social
Service for risk management of automobile insurance Various effective programs and solutions to prevent and decrease accidents EnvironmentalSocial
Seminar for safety drive Accident prevention and reduction seminar, conducted by a group company certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Tourism as an implementing agency, targeting automobile transportation business operators EnvironmentalSocial
Risk consulting service abroad Assume possible material risks overseas, such as terrorist attacks and large-scale disasters, and support measures against these risks. SocialGovernance
Consulting service against environmental risk Service for quantitative assessment of impacts on natural capital and service for assessment of water risks (water depletion, water disasters, etc.) EnvironmentalGovernance
Supporting service
for energy business
Support initiatives such as electricity and energy conservation, improving comfort in the working environment, and reducing energy costs. EnvironmentalGovernance
Environmental CSR management consulting service Support the acquisition of accreditation for and improvement of environmental management systems and the formulation of environmental CSR reports. EnvironmentalGovernance
Consulting services on biodiversity Make proposals to companies for biodiversity preservation initiatives and their improvement. EnvironmentalGovernance
Water Risk Assessment Service Simple assessment of exposure to water risk on individual manufacture point (domestic/ overseas) bases. EnvironmentalSocial
◯Other businesses
Pay home for the
aged with a nursing
Operate You Life Yokohama and You Life Setagaya. Social
In-home nursing care business Operate in-home nursing care support business and home-visit nursing care business offices at a total of three locations in Yokohama and Nagoya. Social
Visit nursing business Operate four day-service centers in Shinagawa, Mizuho, Omiya, and Ibaraki. Social

(*1) Products in <Products for individuals>and <Products for business> are categorized based on their main scope.
(*2) Donations are made to the Authorized nonprofit organization—Japan Committee Vaccines for the World's Children to provide funds for purchasing vaccines etc., with the amount depending on the number of new contracts acquired.