MS&AD Green Earth Project

Our Group has been working on realization of a resilient and sustainable society with “Symbiosis with the global environment (Planetary Health),” “Safe and Secure Society (Resilience)” and “Happiness of diverse people (Well-being)” as three priority issues in our Medium-term Management Plan (FY2022-2025). MS&AD Green Earth Project is a project through which our Group has been addressing conservation/restoration of natural environments, environmental burden reduction, disaster prevention and mitigation, and regional revitalization in a unified manner. This initiative is being pursued by our entire Group to help solve social issues.

Aiming at Realization of a Resilient and Sustainable Society

In order for our society to be sustainable, it is essential to maintain environments with high resistance against contingencies such as disasters and high resilience.
We recognize that it is absolutely critical to accelerate response to climate change, with protecting and utilizing the inherent power of nature. The initiatives include prevention/mitigation of flood damage through creation of retarding basins in areas subject to frequent flooding, storage and permeation, etc. of rainwater, and decarbonization by implementing measures to reduce resources utilization, such as resource circulation through recycling and paperless business processes. As an insurance company committed to providing safety and peace of mind, we will promote this initiative as a project which supports realization of a sound global environment and contributes to development of a vibrant society.

Major initiatives

Disaster prevention and mitigation and regional revitalization through conservation/restoration of natural environments

We have been carrying out activities which help to address social issues such as recovery of disaster prevention/mitigation functions inherent to the natural environment, decarbonization thereby also increasing job opportunities, etc., through the conservation and restoration of the natural environment, including tree planting.


Conservation/restoration of marshlands, secondary forest, seaweed beds, planted forests, etc. in Japan (in Japanese only)


In collaboration with community action groups, we work to address regional social issues through activities for environmental conservation/restoration carried out by volunteers such as employees and members of their families in local areas, and through online lectures/workshops.


Tropical Rainforest Recovery Project in Indonesia (Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Web page) (in Japanese only)

Tree-planting project at Bihoro Town in Hokkaido (Aioi Nissay Dowa Web page) (in Japanese only)

Environmental education: "Rich Marshes Raising Living Creatures – Protect Biodiversity –" (in Japanese only)

Reduction of environmental burden through paper elimination

We are promoting an initiative for making donations to activities for decarbonization and conservation of natural capital in accordance with progress on providing products and services that contribute to conservation of biodiversity, including reduction of paper use through such measures as “Eco insurance policies,” “Web clauses,” “Web expiration notices,” “Electronic procedures,” and dedicated dashcams equipped with an alert function to reduce roadkill incidents for automobile insurance, etc.


Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Initiatives (in Japanese only)

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Initiatives (in Japanese only)

Mitsui Sumitomo Primary Life Insurance Initiatives (in Japanese only)

Reduction of environmental burdens by reducing electricity and gasoline consumption

Our Group regards environmental issues as a material concern for management. We have established MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on the Environment aimed at reducing environmental impacts from our business activities, while applying the PDCA cycle to our initiatives.


MS&AD's Reduction of the Environment Burden

Sustainable use of resources through waste reduction

Waste reduction is an important initiative for GHG emissions reduction and conservation of biodiversity.
Our Group aims to contribute to a sustainable society by integrating the value chain, including the use of recycled parts when repairing accident-damaged vehicles.


MS&AD's Reduction of the Environment Burden