CSV x DX Strategy - Promoting Digitalization

<This page will be updated on July 2022>

As part of the medium-term management plan “Vision 2021”, the Group set forth a “Resilient and Sustainable Society” as the image of society we aspire to by 2030 and we are working toward achieving this aim by creating shared value with society (CSV). Furthermore, in pursuit of the twin goals of becoming a world-leading insurance and financial services group and developing resilient systems able to swiftly respond to changes in the environment, we are implementing three key strategies: leveraging the Group’s comprehensive strengths; promoting digitalization; and reforming the business portfolio.
In promoting digitalization, we are developing a CSV x DX* strategy that solves social issues (our seven CSV priority issues) by utilizing digital technology amid the rapid changes in the business environment.
To realize our digital-based growth strategy, we will implement reform in three areas: reform of products and services, reform of sales channels and capabilities, and new business creation. At the same time, we are building a foundation to support the above strategy, including developing digital human resources and building a database that shares knowledge and expertise.

*DX: Digital Transformation

Reform of Products and Services

Insurance is to cover the financial loss when an accident or disaster occurs. Using digital technology, however, we provide seamless services from visualization of risk, preventive measures and minimization of the damage.

Main Initiatives

Health and productivity management insurance to support good health and longevity

An insurance package that includes tools to visualize health risks of employees and help prevent disease with the health management app, My Karada/Body Forecast, loss of income coverage for employees who are unable to work due to injuries or illnesses, and health management support services. With employees using the app, managers can use the data for health management. Insurance premium discounts can be awarded where initiatives are made to promote health of employees using the app. The app helps to improve employee health and prevent illness, and the insurance premiums paid by the company are discounted based on how much the app is used.


Creating a safer mobility society

Telematics automobile insurance

The “TOUGH-Tsunagaru” auto insurance works with points scored for safe driving based on telematics data. The insurance gives discounts on premiums for those drivers with good scores. Moreover, in the unlikely event of an accident, swift recoveries can be achieved by an automatic notification service and damage support based on the driving data obtained.


Compensation service for cattle veterinary fees (with U-motion)

In collaboration with Desamis Co., Ltd., a leading company in livestock IoT, insurance cover is provided for veterinary expenses using sensors attached to cattle. The sensors help to extend low mortality rates by quickly picking up any abnormalities with the cows and also contributes to stabilizing farmers’ businesses by covering the farmer's veterinary expenses. The sensors also helps to solve a wide range of long-standing issues in the livestock industry, such as improving profitability for public agricultural insurance and improving the working environment for farmers and veterinarians.


Preventing car accidents with AI,

and a more enhanced accident response service

・Service package that utilizes dedicated dash cams for automobile insurance. The dash cam has alert function to prevent frontal collisions, drifting out of traffic lanes, or reversing on the highway. It also automatically connect to special operator at the accident response desk when impact above a certain level is detected. The dash cam also equips with an accident assessment system called Ai’s where artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes the behavior (travel direction, speed, etc.) of vehicles of the insured and other party’s from the video footage. The system supports drivers to recover from accidents by speeding up the claims process and limiting the effects of accidents. (MS)
・When the dash cam detects a large impact, the call center is automatically notified. The operator contacts the driver to confirm the driver’s safety and dispatches a recovery vehicle to the scene. The Telematics Damage Service is also being provided. The state-of-the-art accident response service utilizes various digital data obtained from devices in the car and the dash cam to analyze such things as the speed of the other vehicle using AI. Even comparative negligence of previous cases can be searched. The Telematics Damage Service enables an even better accident response for customers. (AD)


24-Hour healthcare advice with AI

Ubie is AI-powered healthcare app launched in July 2021. Answering to questions from AI through web, the service provides free information such as possible diseases, possible clinical departments and or medical institutions in the vicinity from the responded symptoms, This 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service offers easy access even in case of minor symptoms, which may leads to early consultation and prevention from serious illness can be expected. Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance is the first Japanese life insurance company to provide such a healthcare service using AI (as of June 30, 2021, according to a Group survey).


Reform of Sales Channels and Marketing Methods

As well as digitalizing the insurance process end-to-end, from soliciting and proposals to concluding policies and processing accident claims, we are working with digital platformers and integrate insurance product offers into the online sales process on certain e-commerce websites.

Main Initiatives

MS1 Brain - An industry-first AI-powered agent sales support system

MS1 Brain is the non-life insurance industry’s first AI-powered agent sales support system. Artificial intelligence analyzes customer information and big data, and accurately grasps customer needs to propose the best products and services. MS1 Brain Remote , new way to conclude insurance contracts by agents with customers on smartphones was released in February 2021. It allows remote business transactions in a secure environment.

Providing built-in insurance

"Built-in insurance" is a general term of our insurance that is sold to users of digital business operators by connecting data from our digital insurance sales platform with business operators. Since users can purchase insurance on e-commerce websites or through other shared services, we provide a way to securely and safely buy insurance by giving users who would otherwise not purchase, because they don’t know what product is right for them, or they don’t know how to provide the necessary information, ways to easily purchase the insurance they need at the time they need it.


New Business Creation

With our strategy of CSV x DX, we will expand new business areas that grow with various changes such as huge natural disasters caused by climate change, an ever-aging population, and advances with new car technologies and the so called Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Main Initiatives

Using Big Data

“RisTech” is a new word coined from “risk” and “technology”. It is a service that uses big data and the latest analysis algorithms to visualize and optimize the risks that surround companies, helping them to solve issues. RisTech contributes to the realization of a safe and secure society by solving various social issues, such as support with measures against earthquakes and floods, by combining the Group’s expertise on accident and disaster data, etc. with the diverse industry knowledge that Accenture has cultivated through consulting in the global digital technology sphere.
The range of RisTech services were expanded from fiscal 2021 to help solve social issues such as the pandemic and natural disasters.

Telematics business in the United States (TIMS business model)

In April 2016, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, Toyota Financial Services, and Toyota Motor Corporation established a joint venture known as Toyota Insurance Management Solutions USA, LLC (TIMS). TIMS does big data business that processes Toyota users’ vehicle driving data with a unique algorithm, providing the data to affiliated insurance companies so that it can be reflected in services and insurance premium rates.

Quantitative assessment of climate change impacts for TCFD in partnership with Jupiter

First domestic insurance and financial group in Japan that provides a quantitative global climate change impact assessment service through a business alliance with a US startup company, Jupiter Intelligence. Using artificial intelligence, the service quantitatively assesses the risks of natural disasters which are expected to intensify with climate change, such as flooding and storm damage, anywhere in the world to an accuracy of 90 square meters. The service runs highly accurate simulations based on location data from the client’s business sites. We also support clients with their information disclosure following the requirements of the TCFD recommendations using output data.

A foundation to promote CSV× DX

To promote digitalization, we are pushing forward with internal recruitment and human resource development with the aim to create new business, acquire expertise on how to solve problems, and improve digital capabilities.

Main Initiatives

The Digital Innovation

Challenge Program

MS&AD has been running the Digital Innovation Program since fiscal 2019 among employees at 14 Group companies to get proposals related to digitalization. Proposals submitted are rigorously screened by a panel of internal and external experts. When passed, they are then worked on to fruition. Over 4,000 ideas have been submitted in the two years since the program started, some of which are soon to become reality after testing has finished.

Developing digitally-minded human resources

In promoting digitalization*, such as creating new business and reforming business processes, it is imperative that every employee takes on new challenges and improves their digital capabilities (knowledge and skills). We are running digital human resource development programs unique to the Group in cooperation with educational institutions, such as specialist universities, as opportunities where employees can learn by themselves.
Examples of programs on offer:
・ MS&AD Digital Academy
・ MS&AD Digital College from Kyoto
・ System + Design Thinking
・ Research with Shiga University Graduate School
* Initiatives that not only improve efficiency and usefulness in processes and services by using digital technology, but also lead to transformation in the Group's entire business