MS&AD Response to COVID-19

The occurrence of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 at the end of 2019 triggered a global pandemic that has dramatically changed our way of life. MS&AD Insurance Group companies have revised the coverage related of Personal Accident Insurance, Corporate fire insurance, etc., continuing to operate without any delay of insurance claim payments while keeping the health and safety of our customers and employees as our top priority.
Each Group company also offers various products and services, in anticipation of new lifestyles and new reality of the post-COVID-19 world, as well as donations and social contribution activities carried out by employees and group companies. Through these efforts, our Group will contribute to realizing a sustainable society.

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Extending Coverage and Deferring Insurance Premium Payments, etc.

New Lifestyles of the New Reality

[Infection control]

  • For companies with a policy to encourage commuting by a private car as infection control approach, we support them to introduce a “private vehicle commuting management service” to protect for corporate risks. (MSI, ADI)
  • We provide information on novel coronavirus infections and the “Kokokara Diary Online Medical Dictionary” to relieve anxiety of clients. (MSI)
  • We offer services to review an evacuation center operation manuals prepared by local governments from the professional viewpoint of “infectious disease control,” and to introduce the “evacuation center construction/operation diagnosis service tool” to provide examples of countermeasures and reference information, if necessity. (ADI)

    - Our response to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases
    - Launch of evacuation center construction/operation diagnosis services for local governments

[Daily life]

  • We offer a payment tool by decoding a QR code with a smartphone to allow customers to complete their insurance premium payments from home. (MSI, ADI)
    Launch of smartphone payment service for insurance premiums
    Newly adding “PayPay” and “Credit Card” payment to smartphone payment service
  • We provide online application for customers to reconfirm their contract, change their address, make an accident report, or complete a claim for Personal Accident Insurance. (MSI, ADI)
  • “STAY HOME” to “ENJOY HOME” We offer an extended warranty period for manufacturers and distributors of indoor projectors for home use. (MSI)
  • We provide “e-cargo insurance service,” an internet notification service, which allows customers to read any notifications related to marine cargo insurance from home. (MSI)
  • In June 2020, we launched nationwide sales activity of cancer insurance (Cancer Insurance Smart) by utilizing multi copy machines installed at Seven-Eleven Japan stores. (MSI Aioi Life)

         Launch of cancer insurance sales at Seven-Eleven Japan

  • For customers with contracts for insurance in foreign currency, we provide an “internet service exclusive for policyholders” that enables them to inquire their insurance contract, change their address, and reissue premium deduction certificates. (MSI Primary Life)

[Work in a New Reality]

  • We provide a “comprehensive telecommuting compensation plan” that covers various kinds of risks associated with introducing teleworking system (information leakage due to cyber attacks, property damage or theft of company provided PCs, risk related to labor management, etc.). (MSI, ADI)
  • We provide a survey service, a “liveliness of working from home survey,” to help employees’ health maintenance and enhancement during working from home and effective use of work from home program. (MSI)

For Continuation of Business Practice

  • We provide consulting services on how to respond to new infectious diseases such as the novel coronavirus and influenza to mitigate impact on business operation. Our consultants provide advices on BCP and BCM related concerns and hold seminars and trainings. (InterRisk)
  • The following contents are available for companies.

   ・InterRisk Report (BCM news)

   ・Public online seminars

   ・Supporting tool for preparing for BCP against infectious diseases

   ・COVID-19 disease control guidebook


  • We provide telephone consultation services for corporate clients regarding personnel and labor issues. (MSI)

For Local Communities

Donating handmade face shields
Donating handmade face shields

Our Initiatives

  • To manage employees’ health and improve their productivity, we will keep working from home, staggered commuting, and shift work.
  • As a general rule, we switch all internal meetings and trainings to be online.
  • In response to temporary closures of elementary, junior high and high schools across the country, we allow employees to come to work with their children under conditions, as a measure to support employees with kids to attend work without difficulties. (ADI)
  • In an event of infection, employees can take consecutive days of leave for treatment and recuperation. *

・In addition to annual paid leave (up to 32 days), carried over is allowed up to 20 days from the previous year.

・The remaining days of carried over paid leave can be accumulated up to a total of 65 days for a need of long term treatment of personal injury or illness.

・Employees who are not able to work from home to accompany their children due to restrictions on attendance, temporary closure of children and distributed school attendancei during a state of emergency can take additional paid leave.

(*) The number of days of paid leave allocated or allowed to carry over varies according to individual company and employee classification.

Fuji TV and MS&AD’s Joint Efforts to achieve the SDGs

From April 2020, MS&AD Holdings and Fuji Television Network, Inc. agreed to cooperate in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through broadcasting “Future Runners ~ 17 futures.”* We will demonstrate a power of our partnership as a SDGs supporting company, to influence people to change their mindsets and advance society as a whole toward solving the social issues illustrated by SDGs.


*The world’s first regular television program themed SDGs. The Broadcast began in July 2018 (shown every week on Wednesday from 22:54 to 23:00).

Wednesdays from 22:54, Fuji TV (Kanto Local) <br/>Saturdays from 21:55, broadcast on BS Fuji (nationwide)
Wednesdays from 22:54, Fuji TV (Kanto Local)
Saturdays from 21:55, broadcast on BS Fuji (nationwide)
#093 Broadcast on Wednesday, July 15, 2020
#093 Broadcast on Wednesday, July 15, 2020