The MS&AD Insurance Group is taking various steps with high levels of accuracy, speed, and integrity in order to provide customers with reliable claim services.

Reliable Receipt System for Accident Report and Provision of the Course of Accident Response

The Group’s domestic non-life insurance companies have established “accident reception centers” that are open for receiving information on accidents in Japan 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On weekday nights and holidays, the centers will provide various kinds of initial support, such as contacting the other parties in automobile accidents on behalf of customers, and in cases when customers have been injured and hospitalized, the centers offer such special services as visits to the hospital by specialized staff. Moreover, the post-accident response measures include staff members telephoning customers to provide detailed explanations of the progress of claims adjustment situations, aiming to put themselves in customers’ shoes, alleviate their worries, and respond to whatever questions they may have.
MSI receives information on accidents on the internet through the MSI’s website or own "Suma-Ho" smartphone application. In order to ensure the accident response reliable to our customers, MSI installed a "one-accident, one-team" system for reinforcement of coordination when two or more personnel are assigned to a single case. In this and other ways, the work processes constructed in response to customer views are in operation at Service Centers nationwide. ADI is working to deliver quick, considerate and reliable accident response services under “the Full Support Declaration”. In addition, we launched “24/7 Accident Response Service” in FY2016 and are providing the same level of accident response services as those provided during normal business hours even during night time and holidays. We are doing this in a bid to provide an accident response that meets the needs of individual customers. We take in accident reports through our website and website for feature phones as well as normal telephones. In addition to accident report menus on our website and website for feature phones, a fax number dedicated for people with a hearing or speech impairment is available to take accident reports. We have created a barrier-free environment for accident reports.
Mitsui Direct General provides "My home page" on the Internet for contracted customers. It enables customers to make change in "personal data," "vehicle replacement" and "insurance coverage", and to access information regarding response to accident 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Improving Customer’s Satisfaction by Responding to Incidents

Aiming to realize non-life insurance services which satisfy customers, the MS&AD Insurance Group is taking various steps to improve the work quality of claim service staff.
MSI is engaged in the "Best Action Campaign" to deal with customers appropriately and quickly with high quality and expertise.
Individual employees are engaged in activities based on three pillars: unparalleled speed, high level of skills as professional, and hospitality (customer support with empathy). The aim is to exceed customers' expectations and provide satisfactory services.
ADI, under “the Full Support Declaration,” aims to be a reliable partner by delivering quick, considerate and reliable accident response services. We make our best efforts to ensure customers feel “I’m happy that you are the person in charge,” and be a customer-preferred insurer.

Quality Improvement Campaign

MSI carries out practical training such as role-playing on telephone response and daily guidance by a trainer with specialized skills, and holds presentations of accidents cases. Through those efforts, MSI improves employees’ skills to ensure high level and uniform service nationwide. In addition, we utilize the opinions offered in the questionnaire postcards sent to customers when paying insurance money to further improve quality.
For elderly people who need support and those with disabilities, we continue until they can understand the contents of the insurance products and the flow of response to accidents.
In addition, we introduce a mechanism that allows customers to send pictures of damages and videos at the time of the accident by smartphone application "Suma-Ho" and official website in the event of insurance claims.
Bypassing the interactions of sending documents enables us to pay the insurance money more quickly.


ADI is working to improve customer service skills through carrying out regular trainings and conducting Nationwide Heartful Support Contest etc. We have certified the winners of the Nationwide Heartful Support Contest as Meisters. As a missionary of the call-handling skills, they are working on strengthening the customer service quality of the whole department.
Moreover, ADI launched LIPS (Lady Improvement Projects). Members of LIPS confirm, improve and review the progress of their approaches at each workplace while presenting and sharing results of various activities at the annual national meeting and enhancing performance and quality of the entire claim service department.

A Scene from Know-How Presentation
A Scene from Know-How Presentation
Participants in Heartful Support Contest
Participants in Heartful Support Contest

Work of Claims Adjusters

Claims adjusters of insurance companies investigate damages of a car accident when such accident occurs, such as the confirmation of damages of a vehicle and the finalization of repair cost.
In addition to deepening the cooperation between claims adjusters and case managers, MSI has established claims study teams at 21 locations across Japan to further promote the appropriate certification of repair costs. Moreover, we are always performing quicker and more appropriate handling of accidents from the perspective of customers; for example, when vehicles and buildings are damaged at the same time by wide-area water disasters, we investigate their damages together.
At ADI, its affiliate, Aioi Nissay Dowa Claims Adjusting Company, Limited holds a national claims adjuster skill contest and a national good practice presentation, where adjusters show results of daily self-improvement and good practices and share them nationwide to further improve the skills and capabilities of damage investigations.

Quality Improvement by Reviews on the Insurance Claims Payment Processes

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Underwriting at Lloyd's(*) Limited (MSIUL), which is MS Amlin's subsidiary, has established an internal working group with the aim of building an insurance claims payment system that customers can rely on. In addition to conducting analysis and reviews on the insurance claims payment processes, it has also introduced important management indicators to improve insurance claims payment services by providing initial support to accident response and payment of insurance claims. Through these efforts, we have achieved greater efficiency, speed, and transparency in our insurance claims payment processes.
In addition, we are working on training employees with necessary expertise and skills for supporting the handling of special accidents and improving the operational quality of affiliated companies that provide accident support services in a bid to deliver accurate, quick, stable and high-quality services. Our claim payment department and risk engineering department cooperate to issue a periodic report titled “Loss Incident”. In it, the causes of frequently occurring accidents and special accidents are analyzed and countermeasures are discussed. This report contributes to improving risk management and accident prevention among customers.


(*) Lloyd's is an international insurance trading market located in London, UK. MSI was the first Japanese insurance company to enter the Lloyd's market in 2000, when it commenced underwriting work.

Improve Customer Satisfaction in Accident Response (Australia)

Business Quality Improvement Team<br/><br/>
Business Quality Improvement Team

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Australia Pty (ADICA), which is the subsidiary of ADI, Toyota Finance Australia Ltd., and Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd. verify customer satisfaction survey results done by a third party company that are conducted every quarter of a year at the "Australia Toyota Committee." Based on these results, the ADICA created a business quality improvement team in the company, and is pushing ahead with solution plans, which identifies the problematic points on the basis of feedback from customers. To be more specific, the ADICA has conducted activities always from a viewpoint of customers in an effort to improve business quality and customer satisfaction. For example, they pursue readability by reviewing the renewal notification and contents of insurance clauses, send out a leaflet indicating the procedures after accidents and Q&As to make customers feel at ease and understand.

Launch of “Quadrilingual Service” using Phone Interpretation

In November 2016, MSI and ADI started “services in four languages” using a telephone interpretation service. The purpose of the service is to deliver high-quality services to customers who have difficulties in communicating in Japanese by improving the multilingual environment. The MS&AD Insurance Group, as a whole, will continue further improvement of customer service quality to bring safety and peace of mind to non-Japanese-speaking customers.

“Introduction of Accident Response” screen

Screen of "Information on Accident Response"
Screen of "Information on Accident Response"

At Mitsui Direct General, "Information on Accident Response" contents have been provided on our Website about accident-response services to remove customer's anxieties and provide assurance. In order to convey our messages of our quality improvement efforts in a literally "visible" manner and carry our customers' voices who have actually experienced our accident services, our employees assigned to accident services with their photos in place. Adding new contents such as guidance of own "designated repair shop" service and information dissemination using cartoon, we are also putting our best effort so that many of our customers may share their feelings of assurance.

Claim Support Guide

Video screen<br/>
Video screen

In order to inform the insurance claims procedures in an easy-to-understand manner, MSI Primary Life is taking the following steps:
(i) Placement on the website
MSI Primary Life has produced videos about the insurance claims procedures about which it receives many inquiries, and released them on its website. We provide explanations from the inquiries that we receive when family members of contracted customers first call to the payment of insurance claims, as well as samples of required documents and notification of completed procedures.
(ii) Insurance Claims Support Guide
When sending insurance claim forms, we enclose the "Insurance Claim Support Guide," which simply explains the flow of procedures. The "Insurance Claim Support Guide" has obtained from the Universal Communication Design Association the "Viable Design Certification," which is the certification standard not only for design and color design but also for the meaning of sentences and the convenience of use.

Provision of Recovery Services of Afflicted Facilities

MSI and ADI, in collaboration with BELFOR Group, the world’s top class disaster recovery specialty company, have been providing high-quality recovery services for afflicted facilities(*).The recovery services of afflicted facilities provide "emergency treatment for corrosion inhibition", which inhibits progressive corrosion and rusting, and "full-scale recovery work", which is conducted by using specialty technologies of dismantling, precision cleaning, drying, reassembly and inspection, to "recover" the afflicted facilities to such status hitherto possible only with "replacement by new facilities", thereby shortening the recovery period dramatically and making "early" and "economical" recovery possible for restarting business. While corporate awareness of BCP (Business Continuity Plan) is rising in the wake of such natural calamities as earthquakes and typhoons, we intend to support our afflicted customers for early recovery by providing these afflicted facilities recovery services in support of BCP.


(*) MSI has been providing the service in 11 Asian countries in cooperation with BELFOR Asia. In addition, in cooperation with Recovery Pro, this service is provided in Japan to the customers of Comprehensive Corporate Property Insurance (called “Property Master”), Business Activity Comprehensive Insurance (called “Business Keeper”), Basic Fire Insurance, and the Business Cost/Comprehensive Profit Insurance.
ADI has provided the service in Japan in cooperation with Recovery Pro. This service is provided to all customers of the Comprehensive Corporate Property Insurance as well as the customers of the Business Activity Comprehensive Insurance (called “Tough Biz Business Activity Comprehensive Insurance”).

Examination for Payments of Insurance Claims

MSI, ADI, and Mitsui Direct General examine cases that are determined to be ineligible for insurance claim, payments and cases where a customer filed complaints. As for the other cases that meet the certain criteria, the examinations are conducted by a board of review consisting of outside lawyers and experts.
At MSI and ADI, state of examination is disclosed at the company’s website.
MSI and ADI share information via internal newsletters and take advantage of the access to extra information in enhancing service quality of damage support.