We strive to maintain and improve quality through ongoing dialog with agents. By supporting improvement of the work quality of agents, the Group aspires to deliver high-quality products and services to all its customers and grow together with its agents.

Improvement of Agent Work Quality

Scheme and System for Improvement of Agent Work Quality

At MSI, ADI, and MSI Aioi Life, the headquarters' department in charge of agent education has offered education policies and educational programs for the agents to gain knowledge for insurance sales such as compliance, products, office work/systems and sales skills. The educational programs are offered through Internet and collective trainings, while staffs in charge of education at sales departments promote attendance at sessions and support to raise levels of agent business skills.

Support for Improvement of Agent Work Skills

Providing an Online Learning Environment

MSI and ADI have a "College" that allows for the integrated management of insurance qualifications, group training attendance, and e-learning progress by participant. The e-learning contents are used by agents and canvassers (*), delivering preliminary learning for seminars and qualification acquisition on compliance, details of products, and other information, which leads to better solicitation quality. MSI, every month, delivers the "Agent Educational Program", a studying tool to enable an agent to develop and educate solicitation staff independently.
By distributing Good Practice News and quarterly journals on the Internet, ADI introduces information and tools useful for solicitation activities by agents and canvassers.


(*) Permanently-hired employees and trainees engaged in solicitation

Training in Response to the Needs of Agents

A scene of training<br/>
A scene of training

To fulfill diversifying customer needs and to improve the consulting capability in response to the changes in the market, MSI Primary Life is enhancing various training programs and supporting sales systems of agents.
Since fiscal 2016 we have developed and provided "Professional manager training" for managers to diagnose the current management style, incorporate the latest learning theory, acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary as a manager. In addition, we also started providing "Training to Promote the Active Participation of Women" for women not only to learn the knowledge and skills for working proactively and vigorously but also to plan a well-balanced career design and way of work according to one's own environment and situation.
In fiscal 2017, we started developing and offering "Assertive Communication Training" to learn how to communicate frankly while respecting both counterparts and yourself.
The purpose of maximizing the training effect is to promote active learning type training styles, and to introduce the latest learning devices such as tablet PCs, which enables two-way communications between lecturers and trainees.

Feedback of Customer's Voices (Complaints and Compliments)

MSI and ADI take the valuable opinions of customers seriously, clarify issues from customers’ perspectives and develop improvement measures to enhance the quality of agents’ operations.
Both companies facilitate implementation and use of “the Customer’s Voice Management System”, have agents themselves analyze customer’s opinions, lead them to operational improvement and carry on activities to be a customer-preferred agent. In addition, they develop a system to feed back the customers’ opinions collected through “ Questionnaires to Customers” to their agents and share the statistics and analysis results at agents’ regular meetings and training to reflect them in operational improvement.
We will continue proactively analyzing and utilizing customers’ opinions to understand the expectations and needs of customers and society and make efforts to keep responding to them.

Framework to Secure Quality in Agent Work

Basic Perspective

MSI, ADI and MSI Aioi Life offer support to enhance the quality of agents which serve customers and have scheme to inspect their business conduct in order to deliver high-quality products and services to customers of all types.

Agent Quality Certification System

MSI and ADI have established a systematic operation process (*) related to the solicitation of clients for agents to surely follow so that all customers can afford insurance with confidence.


(*) MSI named it the “Fundamental Insurance Cycle” and ADI named it "AD Quality Standards".


In addition, MSI and ADI each created the Agent Quality Accreditation System to secure Quality in recruitment of insurance and response to accidents in collaboration with agents.

Communication with Agents

Regular Training and Seminar

MSI and ADI hold collective training sessions regularly held for agents in order to strengthen mutual communication and help improve their quality effectively and efficiently. The head office division supplies training tools every month based on themes such as the revision of product and administrative systems, and initiatives that harness feedback from customers, while training sessions are conducted by the sales section branch offices

Cooperation with Organization of Agents

MSI and ADI are supporting mutually enhanced information exchange between the company and its agents through the agent organization, so that communication is activated and services of higher quality are offered to customers. Each agent organization through its operations works on the development of a system and the enhancement of growth potential of member agents and local and social contribution activities aiming to deliver high-quality services and the best insurance products to customers.

Management Support for Agents

The number of agents has been increasing in size, creating the need for a higher level of managerial skills. In providing support to agents, therefore, greater specialization, objectivity, and medium- to long-term perspectives have become important.
To this end, MSI and ADI deploy dedicated staffs with expertise in support for agents, covering areas from management and systems to individual operational issues. The companies make efforts to improve and expand the management foundation and quality of agents through various supports by such staff including trainings, seminars and individual meetings.