In order to deliver information on insurance and services to various customers, the MS&AD Insurance Group is developing and providing simpler and more convenient business procedures. We are trying to provide business procedures and information which pay due consideration to the elderly and persons with disabilities, while utilizing PCs and smartphones.

Provision of Easy-to-understand Explanatory Materials

Disclosure statement
Disclosure statement

MSI, ADI, MSI Aioi Life, and MSI Primary Life have laid down in-house rules concerning terms to be used in policy clauses and items for notation in pamphlets, we began using policies and pamphlets with plain terms and figures.

When soliciting insurance with policies effective, we have adopted a fonts type that are easy to read and identify (UD font) in pamphlets and disclosure statements for explaining to customers about important areas in their documentation such as the "policy summary" and the "information calling for attention." Regarding the disclosure statement, we have worked to present the materials in easier-to-understand formats, such as formats that explain processes in chronological order.

Easy-to-understand Pamphlet

"Book to answer your question<br/>automobile insurance" pamphlet
"Book to answer your question
automobile insurance" pamphlet

At MSI, a pamphlet called "Book to Answer Your Questions on Automobile Insurance" is available for children to aged readers, which easily explains what automobile insurance is. With larger prints and full of illustrations, the pamphlet answers customers' doubts in a question-and-answer session to provide an "easy" image to automobile insurance which is considered to be hard to understand.

"TOUGH Automobile Insurance" pamphlet
"TOUGH Automobile Insurance" pamphlet

In the pamphlets of its core "TOUGH Automobile Insurance," and other products, ADI has made efforts for helping customers get an easy-to-understand general idea about automobile insurance, which is often considered difficult. They do this by providing pages that shows the entire coverage for bodily injury and property damage liabilities. A simple pamphlet is also provided, which includes summaries of products offered.

"&LIFE New Medical Insurance<br/>A Plus" pamphlet
"&LIFE New Medical Insurance
A Plus" pamphlet

For "&LIFE New Medical Insurance A Plus," MSI Aioi Life has prepared pamphlets which lay out the main contract and each special contract in different colors by category. They provide this pamphlet, which was made to be easily understood by customers and to allow us to communicate easily with our customers as they turn the pages.

Improve the Convenience for Customers in Contracts

Internet Services

MSI sells overseas travel insurance, insurance for bicycle users, golfer insurance, and motor bike liability insurance on the website of agencies. In addition, driver's insurance that is sold on a 24-hour basis, called "1 Day Insurance" was launched in fiscal 2015. Approximately 800 thousand customers or more use the "Customer Web Service" provided to private customers on the website. Online, customers can confirm the content of policies with the "eco insurance certificate" and "insurance clause on the web," change the address, and take procedures to replace vehicles covered by "GK Automobile Insurance." It is also possible to confirm the contents of policies and take procedures to change your address through the free smartphone application, "Suma-Ho."


ADI provides “My Page” to customers with any online environment, for example, PC, smartphone, tablet PC, or cell phone. ADI supports customers with various services , such as the "eco insurance certificate" and the "insurance clause on the web" to confirm policy contents, the "accident progress report" to confirm the status of accident responses, prizes for customers to apply with accumulated points to receive gifts, and donate bell marks. More than 7 million customers have used these services as of April 2016.
In addition, customers who do not make use of the "My Page" service can also make changes to their address for all contracts, as well as make changes in the "vehicle replacement," "age criteria," and "driver limited" sections for automobile insurance, through the website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Mitsui Direct General sets “My homepage” for each policyholder and has about 700,000 registered users as of March 2017. Available services at the “My homepage” include procedures for contract renewal, getting estimates for a new policy, application procedures and reporting an accident.
In addition, for the purpose of improving operability of smartphones and tablets, the use of which is rapidly increasing, the responsive web designs are adopted to optimize the layout for each device customers are using.

MSI’s website
MSI’s website
Insurance Policy<br/>Detail screen at Customer<br/>Web Services (MSI)
Insurance Policy
Detail screen at Customer
Web Services (MSI)
ADI’s website
ADI’s website

Electronic Contracting Procedure

MSI and ADI are promoting electronic procedures in which a customer can apply for a car and fire insurance contract on a computer screen brought in by staff of an agent.
It is possible to indicate the contents of insurance contract in an easy-to-understand manner on the screen, change the contents of coverage, and re-estimate the premium on the spot. The contracting process is completed by pressing the application button on the screen. As a result, it is not necessary for a customer to sign or submit an application form. The function in which the registration site of credit card information can be easily called from a mobile phone was added for customers who want credit card payment, which contributes for paperless and improve the convenience. We hope to expand the usage of electronic procedures by making the functions strengthened and improved.

MSI Aioi Life offers paperless (electronic) procedures called “Seiho Kantan Mode” which allow customers to make an insurance contract just by going through the application procedures on a computer. In addition, digitizing paper items such as product brochures that were necessary for proposing insurance products to customers allows them to obtain various pieces of information and make inquiries through a computer. We have achieved a significant improvement in convenience and simpleness from proposal to contract process.

Dissemination of Information on Insurance Products, etc. on “LINE”

MSI and ADI offer new services for customers using “LINE”, a communication application operated by LINE Corporation.


MSI offers customers registered with “Customer Web Services” a useful function in case of an accident or disaster. The function, using the Talk and Personal ID function of “LINE”, allows users to check the details of their own insurance contract and report an accident. To provide the service including making inquiries to an agent and reporting an accident through “LINE” is the first attempt in the industry.


ADI is trying to make contract procedures more convenient, while providing information on “One-day Supporter,” automobile insurance whose contract procedure can be easily completed through smartphones, and on insurance products according to the season. In addition to information on insurance products, it is delivering useful contents, such as quizzes for safety driving and healthy recipes.


The MS&AD Insurance Group will continue offering products and services that satisfy customer needs.

Receive UCDA Award 2016 (Non-life Insurance Direct Sale Type)

Mitsui Direct General was presented with the highest award, UCDA Award 2016 (for non-life insurance direct-sale type) at the 2016 UCDA Awards organized by the Universal Communication Design Association (UCDA). It is the first time as direct general insurance company that Mitsui Direct General received “the UCDA Award” for two consecutive years.

To explain important notice, which was one of the evaluation items, Mitsui Direct General has made layers of improvements to make the contents simple and easy-to-understand, thinking beyond the precedents. It carefully selected contents to include in the document, reviewed the layout and colors and effectively adopted illustrations. These efforts were recognized.

Postcard for announcement of maturity date
Postcard for announcement of maturity date
Quotes for contract renewal
Quotes for contract renewal

Consideration for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities

MSI and ADI are promoting appropriate insurance sales to the elderly and persons with disabilities by instituting the fundamental rules that salespeople must strive to “gain an accurate grasp of customer’ intentions,” “explain things in an easily understood and polite manner,” and “arrange for customers’ relatives to sit down together with customers to assist in decision making.
Moreover, aiming to market insurance products with still greater politeness and appropriateness, the companies have instituted detailed rules for conscientiously catering to customer needs when necessary through such methods as “arranging for customers to be served by multiple salespeople,” “arranging for multiple meetings when requested,” and “arranging for another salesperson to confirm and follow up on transactions.” Additional “making a memorable impression” rules for interacting with elderly and disabled customers include “speak in a steady voice, slowly, clearly, with clear enunciation,” “seek to present explanations while replacing foreign loan words and insurance jargon with ordinary words.”
MSI and ADI stipulate that sales people deal with persons with disabilities in the same manner as they deal with the elderly. In light of the implementation of “the Act on the Elimination of Disability Discrimination”, we will further strive to avoid discriminatory treatment and give reasonable consideration to disabled customers.
Furthermore, we are working to make reference material easier to understand by using fonts with lettering that is easily distinguishable and that can be easily read by even the elderly, such as "Universal Design Fonts," enlarging text sizes, and adopting colors and designs that consider individual differences in the ability to see color among persons with disabilities and the elderly. In order to ensure the appropriateness of these initiatives, we will continue to improve products and services even further by analyzing opinions from elderly customers as well as customers with disabilities and considering appropriate improvement measures.

Relatives Notification System

“Family Eye (Relatives Notification System)”, started in January 2016 by MSI and ADI, has achieved 110,000 registered contracts both MSI and ADI combined as of the end of March 2017. This system is the first service in the non-life insurance industry which makes sure to deliver important notifications regarding insurance policies to the registered relatives of the policyholders from us or agents/canvassers during emergencies when we cannot contact elderly policyholders. We will support security and safety of the aging society by establishing this system as a "bridge to provide the link between parents and children" in order to deal with recent changes in the environment where elderly people are increasingly living apart from relatives with the further aging of society and fewer children.
MSI Aioi Life launched the system in December 2016, and MSI Primary Life also has implemented a similar service for policyholders. We are making expansions and improvements for insurance claim payment in the future by expanding support services for the policyholders’ family members and relatives.

Improve the Services Aimed at Meeting the Specific Needs of Elderly Customers

MSI Primary Life carries a rich line-up of products, including asset-building products that complements public pension through the customer's own efforts, and products that can be used as inheritance measures to ensure that assets are passed on appropriately to the next generation. MSI Primary Life has many policies outstanding to senior citizens.
After giving consideration to improve services to the elderly and tailor them specifically to their needs, we made various efforts. For example, we introduced to customers “Family Registration Service” started in January 2016. It allows family members of a policyholder to inquire about and obtain the details of an insurance contract. In fiscal 2017, we will make progress in “Reinforcing Services for the Elderly” as a priority issue for enhancing the quality of the whole company.

Holiday Home Visit Service

MSI began “Holiday Home Visit Service” for elderly customers and customers with disabilities in August 2016. The service is for those who have been involved in an automobile accident, reported the accident to the holiday accident report center and have difficulties in communicating the details of the accident over the phone. Dedicated staff visit the customers’ home even during holidays and confirm the details and status of the accident in person while explaining the upcoming processes of the accident response. We have been providing “Holiday Home Visit Service” to those who are hospitalized, and we decided to launch the service for the elderly and persons with disabilities as well. We did so by taking into account the changing societal environment and diversified customer needs including the progress of the aged society and elimination of discrimination against people with disabilities. MSI will continue making efforts for improving the quality of accident response.

Adoption of SP Codes

MSI has adopted SP codes, which were developed for older people or those with visual impairment, on the pamphlets for its GK Automobile Insurance, GK Fire Insurance and GK Personal Accident Insurance products. When the codes are read with a special reading unit, the recorded information is reproduced by voice.

"GK Automobile Insurance"<br/>pamphlet
"GK Automobile Insurance"

Printed Material in Using Color Universal Design

The MS&AD Insurance Group has brochures incorporating the concept of Universal Design in a bid to provide information in an easy-to-see and appropriate manner to many people.


  • Obtained a certification by Color Universal Design Organization, an NPO entity
  • Selected colors and designs from users’ perspectives (Brochures for GK series)


  • Adopted colors and designs that take into consideration differences in color vision due to disability, aging, and other factors (Brochures for Tough series)

MSI Aioi Life

  • Used fonts that are easy to read for the elderly (Minnanomoji) (Life insurance declaration form)

MSI Primary Life

  • Used a design combining different shapes, patterns distinguished by line and colors and other features to look neater and more legible to users. (Part of pension payment invoice and ledger sheets for insurance protection procedures)

  • Obtained “Easy-to-understand design certification ” by Universal Communication Design Association (UCDA), a general incorporated association

Internet-based Roadside Services for People with Hearing Impairments

MSI and ADI offer an Internet-based roadside service system for people with hearing impairments. Customers can use the e-mail and Internet functions of mobile phones and smartphones (iPhone and Android) and follow on-screen guidance to transmit the required information, rather than using oral communication. Customers can also use this service through their smartphones (iPhone, Android devices).

Development of Insurance Products and Services for the Persons with Physical Disabilities

With insurance products, MSI's Malaysian local subsidiary is playing an important role providing security and safety to people. We deem it our social mission to deliver insurance products to handicapped persons as well.
Based on such thinking, we have offered four automobile insurance products to persons with disabilities since October 2015.

1. Individual Personal Accident - Plan 1 (Accident Insurance)
2. Bodyguard Personal Accident - Silver Plan (Accident Insurance)
3. Individual Healthcare International - Executive Plan (Healthcare Insurance)
4. Insurance for Private Automobile (Automobile Insurance; Comprehensive Cover)

Going forward, we will continue conducting research and collecting information on products to provide insurance for more people.

Quality Improvement using Advanced Technology

The MS&AD Group, in a bid to respond to various customer needs in a sophisticated manner, is engaged in various efforts. These include the development of products and services utilizing technology such as advanced ICT and making innovative changes on how to solicit insurance leveraging new technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and voice-recognition.
In addition, we have integrated system security across the Group for stable service and protection against cyber risk that is increasing along with the advancement of ICT technology.

Claim investigation using “FaceHub”

MSI will launch “FaceHub”, a video chat platform developed and operated by FacePeer, in March 2017 to communicate with customers regarding damage investigation and claim payment. Communication with customers had been mainly via telephone and in writing. Utilizing “FaceHub”, we will enable us to give meticulous explanations to customers and arrange for prompt payment by sharing videos and still images with them in real time in a simple operation.

Quality Improvement using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

MSI conducts various demonstration experiments and creates an environment that is necessary to improve products and services using artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, MSI and ADI have improved the efficiency of the company-internal operations leveraging AI. We will make progress in quality improvement using AI and work on developing innovative products and services to meet various customer needs.

Launch of Demonstration Experiments for Advanced Insurance Sales

MSI, in cooperation with UEI Corporation (UEI), began a demonstration experiment for the advancement of insurance sales using AI. The demonstration experiment is to improve the sales capability and ensure accountability of insurers by analyzing sales methods of an insurance sales person and a customers’ facial expressions with AI.
In the experiment, a high-performance, 360-degree camera developed by UEI records the insurance solicitation process, and AI’s deep learning technology analyzes sales methods of the insurance solicitor and the customers’ facial expressions. Visualizing implicitly known successful patterns and sharing them will contribute to increasing the sales of insurance products and improving customer satisfaction. We will obtain the consent of customers in advance for recording scenes for the analysis.
We will analyze the videos collected through the demonstration experiment and discuss building a new sales support system that enables insurance solicitors to fulfill their duty of accountability to customers. Insurers are required to fulfill duties for provision of information and understanding customers’ intent after the revised insurance business law took effect. Therefore, we endeavor to advance insurance sales using AI and provide a higher level of services to them.

Creating an Optimal Environment for AI Learning

MSI and Sakura Internet Inc. (Sakura Internet) are jointly creating an optimal cloud environment for deep learning of AI, using the high-performance computing foundation specialized in calculation that is provided by Sakura Internet. A computer environment capable of making high-speed calculations is necessary for AI’s deep learning. Collaboration between MSI, which has various types of big data concerning non-life insurance, and Sakura Internet, possessing expertise in high-performance calculation systems, enabled the creation of one of the best AI development environments in Japan. MSI will continue proactively developing products and services that meet diversifying customer needs through AI development utilizing the MSI’s big data.

Improving Efficiency of Internal Operations for Inquiries

MSI and ADI have started working on improving the efficiency of the company’s internal operations to respond to inquiries. It will do so by utilizing IBM Watson (*1) technology equipped with an ability to understand and learn languages. IBM Watson is utilized in the answer logic of the company’s internal operations for responding to inquiries, and repetitive question and answer processes will deepen learning and improve the accuracy of answers. We will enhance the inquiry response productivity through this effort.


(*1) IBM Watson is a cognitive system (*2) to derive accurate answers based on questions and dialogues in a timely manner. It can improve the accuracy of answers through experience.
(*2) A cognitive system is a new computer system that naturally interacts with people by understanding huge amounts of data, learning extensively and making an inference for a purpose.

Quality Improvement of the Contact Centers

The Contact Centers of Domestic Group insurance companies' personnel play a vital role as the "face" of their company. Also, the integration of Group companies’ telephone system infrastructure has resulted in group synergies such as the reduction of system maintenance costs.

Quality Improvement in the Group

Received three stars <br/>the highest rating
Received three stars
the highest rating

“MS&AD Group Contact Center (CC) Quality Standards”, evaluation standards for CC’s operations and quality that is common to the whole Group, have been developed. Each Group company checks its CC’s operations against the standards, and carries out the necessary improvement measures. By sharing the status of each Group companies’ efforts and best practices within the whole Group, we are improving the quality of the whole Group. Concerning evaluation by an external organization, at FY2016 HDI Benchmark organized by HDI-JAPAN, the world largest organization in the support service industry, MSI, Mitsui Direct General and MSI Aioi Life received three stars, the best rating for the following ratings: “Contact Point” and “Support Portal” ratings, and MSI Aioi Life won a three-star, the best rating for “Monitoring” rating. In addition to winning three stars for the “Monitoring” rating, ADI received “a five-star certification” which means that “its management of commercially value-added support centers and leadership in management of companies and centers meet certain standards comparing with internationally recognized best practices.”

Contact Center Strategy Meeting

“Strategy meetings” by heads of the Contact Center of each Group company and PT (theme: center operation, education and training) by persons in charge are held periodically. The purpose is to improve the quality of the whole Group’s contact centers, reinforce operations, and improve operational efficiency and human resources development while sharing information.

Personnel Exchange

For information sharing (exchange) among the contact centers in the Group and training each other, the staff of contact centers actively interact with each other through “the Group Contact Center (CC) Joint Training” and “CC Visit”. 

Telephone Support Contest

Telephone support contest
Telephone support contest

Aiming to improve the customer service quality and mutual training of customer service representatives, the Group holds the “MS&AD Group Contact Center Telephone Support Contest” every year. The contest provides an opportunity for exchange among contact centers, and creates a climate of friendly rivalry conducive to learning new things above and beyond the framework of each contact center’s operating style. In fiscal 2016, from around 4,000 staff members at contact centers, 16 were chosen to participate in the contest and competed to show off their telephone support skills.