Alongside our work to contribute to the global environment through our insurance and financial services businesses, effort to reduce the environmental burden created by our own business activities also represent an important social responsibility for the company. All companies and employees of the MS&AD Insurance Group work together to reduce environmental burdens from business activities by enhancing environmental management systems.

Medium- and Long-term Reduction Goal of CO2

The MS&AD Insurance Group supported the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21 (21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in December 2015, and signed on to the Paris Pledge for Action dealing with climate change and global warming. Following up on this signing, we have established the CO2 reduction goal of 2050 for the whole group including overseas, in addition to the existing one for fiscal 2020. As an insurance and financial group engaged in business globally, we will proactively pursue reduction of CO2 emissions as an entire group.

Reducing the Environmental Burdens of Business Processes

We have achieved a significant reduction in environmental burdens by digitizing insurance policies and payment procedures. We are also contributing to the environment by saving resources used in automobile repairs. We will promote initiatives to feed back the environmental preservation results by sharing the fruits of the efforts to reduce environmental load shown above.

Approach to the "Eco-insurance Certificate" and the "Web Policy Clause"

MSI promotes the "Green Power Supporter program", which engages in the global environment protection with customers through insurance. According to the level of achievement of the 4 approaches below, MSI donates to environment protection and other activities,: 1) "web policy clauses/eco-insurance certificate," and 2) "Electronic contracting procedures," which helps reduce paper consumption, 3) "Use of recycled automobile parts," which facilitates eco-friendly car repair, and 4) "Eco-maintenance/Eco-inspection," which helps reduce CO2 emissions and emissions of hazardous substances. In fiscal 2016, we donated to the Indonesia tropical rainforest recovery project and Tohoku reconstruction aid. From 2009, which is when we started our involvement, through March 2017, the total number of cases amounted to 42 million, leading to approximately 217 million yen worth of donations.


ADI, as part of environmental preservation activities, is working to cut down on the usage of paper resources by introducing Eco-Insurance Certificate and Web Policy Clause. Donations are made in accordance with the number of customers who selected Eco-Insurance Certificate and Web Policy Clause to support "More Trees", a general incorporated association, and NPOs engaged in forest and environmental preservation activities as well as making donation for the affected areas and children of the Great East Japan Earthquake through National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan and others.

Go Green Program (German)

Certification by <br/>Deutsche Post DHL
Certification by
Deutsche Post DHL

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Europe (ADE German branch) which is the Europe subsidiary of ADI has been participating in "Go Green Program" held by Deutsche Post DHL since the spring of 2011. In the "Go Green Program," an environmentally friendly delivery service is practiced in which the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) exhausted when delivering postal mails to customers is calculated and the same amount of CO2 is reinvested to environmentally friendly projects (like hydroelectric power generation and wind power generation plant). ADE German branch made a donation equivalent to total of about 45 tons of CO2 in the end of 2016, and was awarded a certification by Deutsche Post DHL. Many Germany companies including the local subsidiary of the MS&AD Insurance Group's business partners are participating in the program.

Environmentally-Friendly Building

MSI's Surugadai office
MSI's Surugadai office

The new wing of MSI's Surugadai office, completed in February 2012, is an energy-thrift architecture built with the latest environmentally symbiotic technology. Having the full-fledged double-skin (double window pane construction) exterior system installed, the building is expected to allow for more reduction in thermal load in summer and added insulation effects in winter. Moreover, Natural ventilation system is in place and lightings in the office are controlled by sensors for automatically switching on and off, sensitive to lightness and human presence, thus saving energy. On roof-tops, solar battery panels are installed.

Promotion of Use of Forest Certified Paper(*)

At the MS&AD Insurance Group, switch over to forest certified paper has been in progress since 2010 for printing material like pamphlets. By using paper stock made from forest lumbers properly managed, we contribute to conserving forests and maintaining biodiversity.


(*) Paper made of wood pulp from forest lumbers properly managed for the purpose of sustainable use and conservation of forest resources