The climate system, a vital part of people's lives, has become more unstable due to climate change, while natural capital including air, water and living organisms, which brings benefits to daily lives, is also in danger of becoming unsustainable due to climate change, development and overexploitation. Regarding environmental problems as an important management issue, the MS&AD Insurance Group is engaged in business activities to enhance the sustainability of the environment.

Policies and Management Systems Related to Environmental and Social Contribution Activities

Based on Our Mission, we have established the Group’s Environmental Basic Policy. Through our management system, we are working on natural conservation and social contribution activities.

Reduction of Environmental Impact

We offer products and services that are responsive to climate change and working to reduce the environmental burden created by our business activities.

Preservation of Biodiversity

Our entire Group is working on preserving biodiversity out of the belief that doing so, along with climate change, is vital to the sustainability of our society.