Having healthy employees not only means an improvement in the employees' QOL (quality of life), but is also vital for the MS&AD Insurance Group to put its Mission Statement into practice. Placing an emphasis on the perspective of health management, the MS&AD Insurance Group will endeavor to create the workplace environment paying due consideration to health and safety, in order to maintain and promote healthy minds and goodies of each individual employee.

Taking Paid Leaves

MSI believes business efficiency and productivity would increase by ensuring off-time by making sure leaves are taken, which can promote the mental and physical health and ensure capacity development of employees, in addition to being an effective opportunity to develop abilities. The main leave schemes include ordinary leave (such as summer vacation, fresh-up vacation, and anniversary vacation), leave carried over from the previous year, and additional vacation.

Particularly for the summer vacation, fresh-up vacation, and anniversary vacation under the ordinary leave scheme, we put particular effort into ensuring that all employees of the workplace can make plans at the beginning of the fiscal year to use these vacation periods, and to do so in a systematic and well-balanced manner. As for Summer vacation, a consecutive five-day holiday is available during July - August.


ADI believes that work-life balance is the essence to work style reform and creates motivation and a sense of reward, and positions it as an important issue. For that reason, under the systematic leave granting system that makes it mandatory for employees to take 13 days of annual paid leave a year in principle, the acquisition of paid holidays for all employees is promoted through planning of leave in advance for the first and second half of the year, and periodically confirming the leave acquisition records. We also introduce annual leave system in 1-hour units, half-day paid leave system and My Premium Friday system to promote a good work-life balance.

FY 2017: Number of vacation days with pay(*) (Unit: Days)

(*) Scope includes all employees of the company

Health Management of Employees

Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (White 500)

In a heath-based management superior company certification scheme sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi, certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program in the large enterprise category (White 500) was given to the Company as well as its group companies MSI, ADI, MSI Aioi Life and MS&AD Systems. This scheme, being intended to award large companies and small-to-medium-sized companies performing health-based management of particularly high quality, was aimed to identify companies engaged in health-based management and develop an environment in which such companies obtain a proper social evaluation from stakeholders. The MS&AD Insurance Group will continue to develop an environment that enables all employees to work enthusiastically in future.

Medical Checkup

The MS&AD Insurance Group introduced the operation of a Group-unified medical checkup system that provides the services, health check-ups and reviews of their results. In this way, our group employees are able to receive a homogeneous health diagnosis and result determination wherever Group employees work.

Medical Checkup Systems


This enabled the group employees to get health check-ups and results no matter where they are employed. For the employees who need a follow-up health check, the welfare guidance by industrial doctors and nurses are provided at each company’s health management departments (MSI Health Management Center, ADI Health Management Center, and MSI Aioi Life Health Management Promotion Center, etc.). Also, for the employees who use personal computers over a certain period of time, interview guidance by industrial doctors are conducted.

For Maintaining Employees' Health

MSI and ADI are taking various initiatives enhancing their lifestyles such as exercise and eating styles to foster employees’ health and well-being. Our sports facilities, such as exercise athletics stadiums or tennis courts, are open for group employees’ and their families’ use and we hold sports learning classes of judo or running. In addition, we promote activities of our internal sports clubs and have corporate memberships with external fitness facilities. We also provide tools aimed at equipping employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their health (e-learning courses, providing information (including videos) about mental and physical health as well as information about lifestyle habits including dietary habits, exercise, sleeping and smoking, smartphone apps).

Mental Health of Employees

To aid mental health care, the MS&AD Insurance Group has established health management centers and employee consultation offices (or officers) and implemented mental health care for employees. The health management centers are staffed with full- and part-time industrial physicians and industrial nurses, and stay with the employee over the entire process from initial consultation to reinstatement in the workplace. In addition to the employee consultation offices that are ready for consultation on any matter, we emphasize support for reinstatement in the workplace, and work in collaboration with the health management centers. Moreover, by implementing stress checks by the same method within the Group from the current fiscal year, we will strengthen the system to prevent mental health problems from developing, while utilizing the results of analysis on the group for creating a better workplace environment.


Activities to Support Mental Health Care
MSI supports mental health care activities through the cooperation of the health management center and the employee consultation office. These activities include prevention and workplace reinstatement


■Prevention activity: Training, E-learning, Stress checking system, Health Consultation system in workplaces etc.
■Support for patients: Consulting during the recuperation etc.
■Support for reinstatement: Preparation of reinstatement in the period of recovery etc.


In its e-learning system, ADI has incorporated issues related to mental health and is implementing them. The Personnel Department provides information about self-care for prevention through the training programs about mental health and creating the guide book for all employees for new entry-level employees, line section heads, and line department managers. The company constructed a setup for ready consultation by employees about mental health, by establishing EAP centers(*) and healthcare centers (health management offices in each region) within the company and a consultation office by an outsourced consultation organization. The company provides a variety of consultation methods, which includes the support of reinstated employees and consultation of those under medical treatment.


(*) Employee Assistance Program to provide general consultation in dealing with employees' problems in mental health, physical health, workplace worries, normalization issues, etc.

Safety of Employees (Safe Driving, and Number of Worker Injuries)

In the insurance business, a work-related accident which most frequently occurs is a traffic accident while driving a company car. The Group insurance companies which use company cars make various efforts for safety driving in accordance with safety driving control rules for company cars by managing the status of accident occurrence. Since fiscal 2014, MSI has worked to increase awareness of safety driving by distributing tablet PCs and using the Suma-Ho "Driving Capability" diagnostic application.

FY 2017: Number of claims of work related injuries (Unit: cases)

Improvement of the work environment

A comfortable work environment that takes into consideration lighting, ventilation, temperature and humidity, noise disruption as well as ergonomics will improve employee work efficiency and ensure employees’ mental and physical health.
Domestic MS&AD Group companies established a hygiene committee based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act to investigate and discuss matters concerning prevention of health problems and promotion of health maintenance once a month.
In addition, we conduct workplace surveys and risk assessments from the viewpoint of preventing occupational accidents and improve the work environment if necessary.

Communication with Employees

Employee Satisfaction

Each year, the MS&AD Insurance Group implements an opinion poll asking all Group employees in the Group such questions as those about the degree of diffusion of the Group Mission, Vision, and Values; about whether the Group has a sense of unity; and about whether they feel strong senses of motivation and personal growth. Questions are prepared from the stationary standpoint of "approaches to practicing the Group Mission, Vision, and Values," "a sense of unity as a Group," and "a lively working environment" to observe the opinions of the Group's employees. As the concept of the Group's Mission, Vision and Values becomes more known among employees every year, it is confirmed that a sense of unity as a Group is enhanced and employees' motivation for work and growth is being actualized.


■KPI to Promote Our Sustainability Approaches "Employee Satisfaction"

Utilizing Employees' Voice for Business Improvement

Each company in the Group has implemented the message board in intrasystem to collect the views of employees to utilize employees’ voice for business improvement. Their voices are considered at each division at the headquarters and the results are fed back.

Communication with Board Members

The management-level executives of MSI, ADI, Mitsui Direct General, MSI Aioi Life and MSI Primary Life regularly have an opportunity to exchange opinions with employees, among other continued efforts to draw on employee feedback for running operations.