We aim to develop human assets(*) with the goal of elevating the level of professionalism of each employee, pursuing betterment as opposed to remaining complacent with the status quo, and maximizing power at the organizational level through the aggregation of individual capabilities.


(*) Human assets: In the spirit of valuing the individual, the MS&AD Insurance Group refer to our employees as "Human assets" rather than "Human resources."


Employee Development Goals

The MS&AD Insurance Group envisions the ideal employees to be “Employees who learn and think by themselves, take up challenges, and continue to grow.” To encourage employees to work as professionals who feel pride and are satisfied with their jobs, domestic Group insurance companies educate and support staff through measures such as “Training”, “OJT(*)” and “Self-education” programs.


(*) OJT: On-the-job training

Education and Training

Domestic Group insurance companies offer various opportunities for self-education, including training sessions and external correspondence courses, to assist employees with their self-directed learning and development. As part of our Group-wide initiatives, we have been offering learning opportunities to all Group employees since fiscal 2014 through the "MS&AD Open College"(*1) and the "MS&AD Online Business School"(*2).
An OJT program has been established to help newly hired employees familiarize themselves smoothly with the workplace, and utilize their work experience while acquiring the knowledge and skills they need.
In fiscal 2017, we held a one-day training session focused on MS&AD's goals for the next five years and how to achieve them for all new employees of the nine Group Companies in an effort to foster a sense of unity among all employees.


(*1) Grow up training program for acquiring business skills such as problem-solving skills 
(*2) Learning tools for acquiring MBA knowledge using mobile devices

Joint training for new entry-level employees of 9 Group companies
Joint training for new entry-level employees of 9 Group companies

Support Taking Up the Challenge

Trainee System

Domestic Group insurance companies have put in place a trainee system, which is a short-term program that allows employees to experience work they have never done before, or workplaces that they are interested in. Through this system, employees are able to experience the work of other departments and companies, which in turn leads to fostering a greater sense of unity within the Group, and to strengthening communication.

FY 2016: Number of participants of the trainee system

(*) The number of trainees at the head department, etc.


In-house Application System

MSI, ADI, MSI Aioi Life provide In-house application system. This system contributes for the support of career-building of employees who have a strong challenging spirit and have recorded a certain amount of achievement in their current position.
Among them, the "Post Challenge System" is a job posting system in which an employee communicates to the company the details of the career that they want to build and their dreams. This is a system where they can challenge themselves to realize their goals and through this system, we realize the ability of employees to determine their own career development paths.

Pursuing Goals

Domestic Group insurance companies have a goal management system, which helps each employee to pursue challenging new work and realize their development and feel more fulfilled on the job.
The employee and his or her superior engage in direct dialogue several times a year. The objective is to build up their consent and fairness in the eyes of the employees by sharing the target, task, achievements of him or her and his or her company and to lead their development.
In addition to the daily communication with superiors, they arrange opportunities for direct dialogue between the two. These dialogues offer support for employees who want to work in new domains or play bigger roles, strengthen their motivations, and help them to feel more fulfilled on the job.

Initiatives to Innovate Roles

MSI has been working on the work style reform initiative in order for individual employees to discharge duties at an upgraded level and achieve higher productivity and greater competitiveness, thereby enabling the organization to realize sustained growth. We aim to build a workplace environment of the utmost strength that is filled with vitality based on the strong performance of all employees by further reforming our awareness about work style into one considerate of time.
With the aims of balancing changes in working styles with administrative changes, and to bring about improvements in time productivity, ADI is promoting the "Role Innovation" initiative, which encourages each and every employee to fully exert their capabilities and take on the challenge of a higher rank of responsibilities. By promoting “Business Training!” a whole-company initiative for human asset development since fiscal 2015, ADI is striving for a further “Role Innovation” by leveling up “individual abilities” through each individual employee’s high motivation for growth and challenging spirit.

Training the Next Generation of Leaders

Domestic Group insurance companies are implementing manager training programs designed to provide comprehensive support for human asset development by strengthening participants’ “management skill” and “workplace communication skill.” With the aim of nurturing the next generation of leaders who will have the sensibilities and skillsets for management and for working in a global corporation, MSI and ADI implement training programs to help the next generation, learn about management and prepare specific management proposals.

Newly Established and Improved Training Menu for Female Employees

MSI is focusing on further development of female employees. In fiscal 2015, MSI newly established the “MS Mind-up Female School” for young employees while enhancing the “MS Female Leader School” for mid-career employees, in order to establish the environment in which female employees can be active in a wide-ranging fields and fully exert their capacities as managers.
ADI is aggressively promoting more active roles of women. To produce female executives, ADI introduced the “Mentor System” in 2011, aiming to provide more opportunities for female managers and enhance their consciousness about management. Moreover, the company introduced the “Female Management Seminar” in fiscal 2014 to produce female executives. Since fiscal 2015, ADI has enhanced the curriculum by incorporating researches on themes to present the findings to directors, etc. Moreover, the company also provides opportunities to participate in pan-industry exchange meetings (for instance, seminars for marketing staff) to accumulate various experiences.

Endorse Declaration on Action by the “Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create A Society in Which Women Shine”(*)

In October 2016, the MS&AD Insurance Group endorsed the “Declaration on Action by the Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create A Society in Which Women Shine” supported by Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office. With the top management themselves appealing to outside the company, we will further promote active roles of women.


(*) Declaration on Action by the “Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create A Society in Which Women Shine”
In March 2014, the “Council for Supporting Women to Shine” was held at prime minister’s office. It started the movement to support women who are shining or striving to shine in various regions and fields.
In June 2014, male leaders who had been aggressively promoting active roles of women gathered and formulated the Declaration on Action by the “Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create A Society in Which Women Shine,” which sets out specific activity guidelines. Comprising the three pillars: “Taking actions and sending messages ourselves,” “Disrupting the status quo,” and “Developing networking;” the Declaration on Action has announced that male leaders will take specific actions in order for women to have higher motivations and exert their abilities to the maximum extent.

Developing Global Human Assets

To foster the development of international specialists equipped with an abundance of cosmopolitan sense and expertise in each field, MSI has implemented the MS Business University, a training system for job training, business skills, and linguistic skills held overseas (such as overseas subsidiaries) for one year in principle. In fiscal 2016, 37 employees were dispatched under this program. Furthermore, with the aim of expanding its base of global human resources, the "Global Human Resource Introductory Course" is also implemented to promote understanding of the mindset and skills that are required of global human resources.
ADI implements programs such as the dispatch program to overseas subsidiaries, which allows employees to experience working for one year at an overseas subsidiary and the MBA dispatch system (HMBA/ICSMBA) where employees are dispatched to Hitotsubashi University. The aim of organizing such programs is to develop human resources who are able to support the expansion of global businesses in various fields, both in Japan and abroad.

Global Trainee System

Scene of local employees from overseas <br/>bases participating in the program in Japan
Scene of local employees from overseas
bases participating in the program in Japan

MSI implements the "Global Trainee System," which allows employees of the head office to experience working at overseas bases, as well as local employees at overseas bases to experience working at the head office. This contributes to the expansion of the global human resource base, internationalization of the head office divisions, as well as mutual exchange and understanding between Japan and other countries.
In fiscal 2016, a total of 38 employees from Japan and 52 local employees from overseas bases (accumulated total after fiscal 2010: 142 domestic employees and 250 local employees from overseas bases) made use of the Global Trainee System.

Number of participants of the Global Trainee System

Temporary Transfer System to Headquarters from Overseas Branches

MSI accepts the secondment of local employees from overseas bases into the international department and some departments in East Asia and India divisions at the head office. By fiscal 2016, 69 employees from overseas bases have made use of this program to work in Japan.
The seconded employees have played an active role at the departments they were dispatched to, and improving the quality and efficiency of work processes. The system has also contributed to the advancement of globalization through the process of developing an environment that the seconded employees can play an active role in.
To the seconded employees, the program provides an invaluable opportunity for understanding the functions and attitudes of the head office, through the practical implementation of the management philosophy (mission), management vision, and action guidelines (values) of the MS&AD Insurance Group.
Furthermore, active exchanges are also achieved through the holding of events such as seminars with other departments that typically have little contact with overseas companies, thereby contributing to enhancing mutual understanding.

Number of participants of temporary transfer system to headquarters from overseas branches

Meeting of Global Compliance Controllers

Participants from around the world<br/><br/>
Participants from around the world

The MS&AD Insurance Group appoints a Compliance Controller charged with promoting compliance at its overseas activities. In order to ensure compliance promotion at all group companies inside and outside Japan, a group training program for all non-Japan-based Compliance Controllers is held at the Japan headquarters.
Attended by about 70 people from countries/territories totaling 25, the training program for fiscal 2016 allowed the participants to learn about compliance matters being subjected to increasingly stricter regulations under the themes of bribery and money laundering preventions. A group discussion took place under the theme of proactive compliance. Moreover, the participants exchanged opinions on what was required for promoting compliance by adequately ascertaining legal and regulatory trends as well as changes in social needs concerning corporate activities. Thus, this training session served as an opportunity to consider improving the initiative in light of the environment in different countries/territories.

Honored with the Employer Excellence of China – Company Training Model award

Award presentation ceremony in progress<br/><br/>
Award presentation ceremony in progress

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (China) Company, Limited, a China subsidiary of MSI, was honored with Employer Excellence of China – Company Training Model award in the “Employer Excellence of China” contest sponsored by JOB INC ADS in December 2016. The contest officials chose 206 outstanding companies as candidates from among some 380,000 enterprises. The above-mentioned subsidiary was the sole Japanese –owned company among 15 award winners due to the high recognition it was given for various training initiatives under its corporate business strategy. These award winners were highly praised for nine items comprising personnel affairs strategy, recruitment, new graduate recruitment, organization capability, corporate training, employee growth, communication, organization and corporate social responsibility concerning flexible human resource management, a key concept of the fiscal 2016 contest. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (China) Company, Limited will continue to work hard in future to develop diverse human assets, the driver of corporate value creation.