Human rights due diligence

The MS&AD Insurance Group is building a system for human rights due diligence in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and performs due diligence on a continuous basis. We will carry out the following human rights due diligence based on the Basic Policy on Human Rights formulated in February 2017.



Identify any actual and potential human rights risks arising from the Group’s value chain and stakeholders


Assess and analyze such risks identified in terms of [1] severity and [2] probability of occurrence (creation of a risk map)

Severity is assessed based on the scale, scope and difficulty of remediation of the estimated damage.


Determine significant risks identified through review of the risk map as priority issues


Study and implement necessary preventive and remedial measures as well as review the effects


As part of the human rights due diligence, the MS&AD Insurance Group identified and assessed any actual and potential human rights risks according to the processes up to STEP 3. As a result, we took as priority issues the infringement of privacy arising from the leakage of personal information of customers and our employees and the physical and mental effects of employees’ long hours of work, etc.
The MS&AD Insurance Group will periodically review identification and assessment of human rights risks, and determine its priority issues reflecting changes in society and the environment that surrounds the MS&AD Insurance Group and the value chain.

Human rights assessment and remedial measures

As human rights due diligence process, we conduct human rights risk assessment, periodically monitor the two priority issues, and implement measures to mitigate the relevant risks.


Regarding personal information protection, each group company implements establishment of internal regulations, introduction of security measures, and education to employees and agencies, according to MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Management of Customer Information. To ensure thorough assessment, we regularly conduct checks and audits to agencies, outsourced vendors, and employees on the respective information management systems, and we promptly provide corrective guidance and take actions for future prevention against problems found as a result of the checks and audits.
In fiscal 2017, we conducted information management checks and audits to 61,345 agencies/outsourced vendors, and implemented corrective guidance to about 100 companies.

Regarding the health and safety of our employees, we are making a group-wide effort to reform their way of working, while continuing the existing management of their work hours on a system. In addition, we established a whistleblowing system and a counseling desk, and in fiscal 2016 after conducting employee surveys we worked to keep employees well informed about the whistleblowing system and create an environment where it is easy to use the consultation services.

Education about Human Rights

The MS&AD Insurance Group is working on raising awareness of human rights to employees to foster a "corporate culture that respects human rights" stipulated in the Basic Policy on Human Rights.

Structure of Education about Human Rights

In the MS&AD Insurance Group, the CSR Section of the Corporate Planning Department of the holding company plays a central role in promoting efforts to respect human rights inside and outside of Japan, in collaboration with departments in charge of overseas compliance and departments in charge of human rights awareness in the operating companies.
MSI has the following objectives,
- Achieve a company culture based on the philosophy of respecting human rights through training to increase human rights awareness.
- Train employees to respect basic human rights and act conscientiously.
To achieve these, they organize the head office Human Rights Promotion Headquarter and at each branch office Human Rights Promotion Committee. The Human Rights Promotion Headquarters implements and manages the training programs for all employees, validates the feedback and opinions of employees, and reviews education and training plans. At the same time, it works to raise awareness among members of Human Rights Promotion Committees at the workplace on the role of Promotion Committee members and the human rights promotion system, provides information and explanations about the operation of workplace training to all employees, and works toward maintaining the quality of training at all workplaces.
ADI has established "Human Rights Promotion Meeting", chaired by the director in charge of human resources, to further human rights awareness and corporate social responsibility, nurture and maintain internal culture to respect human rights, and grow employees with high respect for human rights. The Promotion Meeting deliberates employee enlightenment/training programs and execution outlines, checks execution status of training programs, and verifies improvement in human rights awareness. Furthermore, they carry out trainings for all employees and training sessions by ranks to provide employees with opportunities to access human rights issues broadly while regularly issuing a newsletter titled “Jinken-no Tobira” (Gateway to Human Rights).

Training on Human Rights

The MS&AD Insurance Group provided workplace training for all employees with common training materials, in an effort to create a more comfortable working environment.
In addition to the above, MSI (including its affiliates) implemented workplace training "Various Human Rights Issues" to promote mutual awareness in accordance with the principle of respecting human rights. In connection with Human Rights Week, we invited our employees to submit “Human Rights Education Slogans,” and raised awareness about having sincerely empathetic respect for human rights by expressing and sharing what employees have learned and what they feel on a daily basis. Other initiatives to develop an awareness of human rights among the employees include rank-based training--training for new employees, promoted employees, and managers--as well as creating opportunities for self-learning through e-learning.
ADI implemented workplace training for all employees carried out twice a year. ADI provides Internet TV trainings that are common across the Group. It has received feedback from employees at many workplaces, such as, "I have learnt about mutual respect for individuals in order to prevent harassment, as well as the importance of instruction and dialogue that corresponds to the individual," and "I have become keenly aware of the importance of respecting the feelings of others as anyone can become a perpetrator." In addition, e-learning training courses were also conducted for all employees. "Human Rights Slogans" were collected, and contributed to fostering an awareness of human rights in the company. It has also continued to implement rank-based training for general managers, newly appointed line managers, and new employees, with the aim of creating a comfortable workplace that respects human rights.


Percentage of Human rights training implementation

Consultation service desk

The MS & AD Insurance Group has established a system to receive voices and make appropriate remedy correspondence in case of human rights violations.

Reporting System from Employees

In order to prevent illegal, unfair and unethical conduct from being neglected and spread, the MS&AD Insurance Group has in place a reporting system that employees can directly report through so the company can promptly recognize the facts and take necessary measures. With this system, the Group pushes ahead with compliance with ethics, laws, and regulations.
To be more specific, the following matters are subject to the reporting system.
○Any matters related to non-compliance
○Employee mental, physical, health and other issues, caused by sexual harassment, power harassment, and other types of harassments
○Any matters related to working environment, such as work hours and overtime work


We make efforts to allow informers to readily use the system by setting up an external contact point at an outside law firm. In addition we protect the informers by paying a sufficient amount of attention to ensure the informers' privacy and protect their information. We also make sure the informers are not treated disadvantageously.

Sexual and Power Harassment Consultation

At MSI, the Staff Consultation Office serves as the channel for consultation about and handling of sexual harassment, power harassment and maternity harassment (discrimination against pregnant women) cases. We have also set up a harassment hotline, and are working to create an environment where it is easy to talk about these issues. Matters are arranged so that employees who feel victimized can consult staff there with peace of mind. Based on the swift performance of fact-finding investigations, it makes corrections and punishment as the need arises. The company is also making efforts for prevention such as by holding seminars and e-learning to educate the employees about harassment prevention.
At ADI, we have a desk especially for consultation about sexual and power harassment within the Personnel Department, and have taken steps enabling the employees to use consultation service without any reluctance by placing counseling desk in an external organization. As for issues taken up, we verify the report immediately, we internally punish those involved severely. As for prevention, we post posters with consultation desk details within the workplace cautioning against power and sexual harassment, training sessions via internet TV (once a year) and e-learning (once a year) and the publication of articles on human rights are held to boost employees awareness of human rights.

Diversity promotion and health-based business operation

The MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on Human Rights stipulates that the Group shall respect diverse values and strive to create a worker-friendly environment considerate of the physical well-being and safety of individual employees. For specific initiatives, please see the website shown below.

Improvement for sound relationship with labor union

In the MS&AD group, the company and the labor union respect each other's position complying with the agreement in good faith, by engaging in effort to maintain and improve the company's democratic and healthy development, the employee's working conditions and their position.

Based on this agreement, negotiations and consultations are carried out in the context of wages, personnel systems and operations, work environment and management plan.


Labor union participation rate:93.8%