The MS&AD Insurance Group, as a member of local and international communities, is involved in a sustainable development of society by, for example, employees' voluntarily conducting activities to conserve the environment and contribute to local communities, in addition to activities benefiting communities through our insurance and financial service business.

Relief Donation for Disaster Matching Gift Program

The MS&AD Insurance Group has been engaging in Relief Donation for Disaster Matching Gift Program in which the Group provides disaster victims with donations in addition to those from employees. In the approximately 13 years since the start of this program in fiscal 2004, we have donated a total of more than 600 million yen.

In the approximately 14 years since the start of this program in fiscal 2004, we have donated a total of more than 600 million yen.

In fiscal 2017, a cumulative total of 10,594 employees gave donations for four disasters, which, coupled with a matching gift from the Group, resulted in donations totaling 29.45 million yen being provided to disaster victims.

  • Types of disaster covered
Domestic: disasters covered by the Disaster Relief Act, for which donations are collected
Overseas: large-scale disasters for which the Japan Business Federation provides information related to Assistance
  • Amount of donation
As a general rule, the same as the amount of donations collected from employees.

Continued Support for the Areas Hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Seven years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and there are still so many people in the afflicted areas that are in need of support and assistance. With this in mind, the MS&AD Insurance Group is committed to providing continued support through a variety of approaches.

Soccer School Organized by J Leaguer in Minamisanriku-cho

Soccer School
Soccer School

Since fiscal 2013, the MS&AD Insurance Group has sponsored a soccer school organized by the Japan Pro-Footballers Association in Minamisanriku-cho. Such as the competition of boys and girls' soccer team and J leaguer, it is a fun social event.
In fiscal 2016, 60 children participated and 87people from the Japan Pro-Footballers Association and 15 employee volunteers cooperated in running the event.

Supporting Schools in the Disaster Areas by Donating Bell Marks

Supporting schools in the disaster areas<br/>by donating Bell Marks
Supporting schools in the disaster areas
by donating Bell Marks

ADI started an activity to donate collected Bell Marks to local elementary and junior high schools, with Bell Mark collection boxes set up in the Company in January 2011. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the destination of donations was changed to elementary and junior high schools in the disaster areas, as part of our measures for reconstruction aid. The activity has been advanced together with the local citizens including customers, agents and canvassers.
The number of companies and organizations that agree with the activity (Bell Mark supporter) has increased year by year, exceeding 5,300 as of the end of March 2018. As a result, Bell Marks equivalent to approximately 15,900,000 points were collected over seven years, and donated to 176 schools in total. The activity will continue in fiscal 2018 to support schools in the disaster areas such as Tohoku and Kumamoto area.

Assistance to disaster-affected companies through local community reconstruction matching event "Yuinoba" and restoration aid sales events

In an effort to help resolve various business challenges faced by disaster-affected companies, MSI has continually participated in a Reconstruction Agency-sponsored local community reconstruction matching event titled “Yuinoba” as a partner company on 19 occasions since the 2012 launch. We have been engaged in management seminars and support for individual companies, etc. in many areas.

Sales event in progress
Sales event in progress

In view that a large number of people still has no choice but to live as evacuees in temporary housing even today, seven years after the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, ADI continues to hold specialty product fairs to support reconstruction every year in the areas affected by the disaster, as a part of its activities to ensure that the earthquake disaster is not forgotten with time.
The specialty product fair held in March 2018, associated with regional AD club activities and regional revitalization initiatives, was organized in cooperation with Fukushima Prefecture, Tono City, and Shiroishi City as local public organizations in disaster-affected areas that have concluded collaboration agreements with the company. Many products only available in the local regions were sold at the fair, which helped to publicize the appeal and famous specialties of the localities. Many employees visited the fair to buy the products, making it a great success.

Sponsorship and Operation Support for Restoration Marathon Event

Kawauchi-no Sato Kaeru Marathon
Kawauchi-no Sato Kaeru Marathon

As an official partner, ADI sponsored the Tohoku-Miyagi Revive Marathon held in the coastal area of Miyagi Prefecture. Additionally, a number of employees and agents of the company also competed in the marathon on a voluntary basis, bringing extra excitement to the event. The entire length of the course runs through areas that were devastated by the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and the following tsunami. The event aims to keep the public updated on the restoration status by giving runners and spectators alike an opportunity to view firsthand the progress of the post-disaster restoration work, including the construction of seawalls and the lifted roads. In support of the objective, ADI has been a partner at the event since the first marathon in 2017.
ADI has also sponsored the Kawauchi-no Sato Kaeru Half Marathon* in Fukushima Prefecture as a main sponsor from the first competition in 2016. Its employees and other related parties have voluntarily competed in the race to help make the event a success.
* A marathon based on a proposal made by elementary school students in the Kawauchi village during the Restoration Class for children, a special session where students worked out ideas for rebuilding their community.

Support Activities of Social Contribution by Employees

Various activities are underway since we believe that each individual employee taking action as a citizen in the local community will not only lead them to grow but also be important for the purpose of knowing what challenges are faced by the community that our business activities involve as well as what is expected of us.

System of Volunteer Leave/Temporary Retirement

MSI, ADI and MSI Aioi Life have instituted the system of Volunteer leave/temporary resignation, and supports employees to participate in the social service activities such as welfare activity, disaster-relief activity, and bone-marrow donation.

Local Contribution Activities Conducted Nationwide

Branches of MSI and ADI all over the nation actively conducted activities to conserve the global environment and contribute to society according to needs of each community.

MSI encourages branches to perform at least one environmental or social contribution activity a year, more than 170 branches conducted activities with the themes of “Environment,” “Safety,” “Welfare,” or “Support for reconstruction from natural disasters” in fiscal 2017.

ADI has implemented activities of regional contribution such as traffic safety and environmental conservation in various parts of Japan, These are held as a part of activities related to “Appreciation Month (Thank you, local citizens!).” This initiative, which was launched in 2003, has become an event that draws participation by more than 10,000 people every year, including participants in the regional and social contribution activities organized in association with company-wide regional revitalization projects.

MSI Aioi Life conducts environmental protection and local contribution activities through employee volunteer activities. For example, they maintain flowerbeds and green spaces at "Zoorasia Yokohama Zoological Gardens" Furthermore, "Heart Point System" has been implemented, where points are granted to employees who conduct voluntary and active social contribution activities, and contributions are made to NPOs, etc. according to the total number of points. We have also carried out various local community contribution activities with a promoter appointed for each workplace, for example, "community cleanup campaign" and "fund-raising/donation."

Each year, volunteers from Mitsui Direct General conduct cleaning in Koishikawa Korakuen park lying in the vicinity of its headquarters building. 45 employee volunteers participated in the cleaning event in 2017.

Activities in the “MS&AD Forest”<br/>in Shimane
Activities in the “MS&AD Forest”
in Shimane
Traffic safety activities in Hamamatsu
Traffic safety activities in Hamamatsu
Maintenance flowerbeds and green spaces at "Zoorasia Yokohama Zoological Gardens"
Maintenance flowerbeds and green spaces at "Zoorasia Yokohama Zoological Gardens"

Activities of Social Contribution by Employees

In the MS&AD Insurance Group, employees are participating in activities for solving social issues of each region at the sites not only in Japan but also all over the world.

MS&AD Unison Smile Club

The MS&AD Insurance Group has a system that employees donate 100 yen apiece monthly toward one or more initiatives that they support. The money goes to NPOs or social contribution programs. As of the end of March 2018, there were a total of 16,110 participants from the entire Group. In addition to group-wide activities, individual group companies have been engaging in independent activities such as the donation of wheelchairs and welfare vehicles, donation to guide dog development aid organizations and assistance for disability sports in Thailand.


(Main activities of the Group)

  • Donation to NPOs coupled with a matching gift by the company
  • Let’s present knitted goods to children around the world Project
“Gift Knitted Items to Children<br/>Around the World” Project
“Gift Knitted Items to Children
Around the World” Project

Soccer School Organized by J Leaguer for Children in Foster home

Soccer school
Soccer school

Since 2000, the MS&AD Insurance Group has sponsored a soccer school organized by the Japan Pro-Footballers Association for children in foster home. In fiscal 2017, the JPFA Soccer School event was held in the Kanto, Kansai and Hiroshima areas with the attendance of 220 children. For the operation of this event, cooperation was provided by 33 members of the Japan Pro-Footballers Association as well as 88 employee volunteers.

Assistance for children with disabilities (Thailand)

Assistance for sports by persons<br/>with disabilities in Thailand
Assistance for sports by persons
with disabilities in Thailand

Aioi Bangkok, a Thai subsidiary of ADI, has been engaged in support activities for children with disabilities in Thailand since FY2016, through the Wheelchair and Friendship Center of Asia (Thailand) (WAFCAT)(*) under the MS&AD Unison Smile Club scheme, a voluntary donation program for directors and employees. In FY2017, it donated wheelchairs to children with severe disabilities (24 wheelchairs, Ubon Ratchathani Province in the northeastern part of Thailand) and organized a wheelchair dance camp (Nakhon Nayok Province). The use of wheelchairs that matches the type of disability and the environment of use is aimed at helping children becoming independent in their daily lives, and to increase their opportunities for going outdoors and receiving an education. Family camps such as the wheelchair dance camp also aims to improve the health of both the children with disabilities and their parents or guardians.


(*) About WAFCAT
WAFCAT is a Thai non-profit organization established in 1999 as part of the social contribution program of Denso Corporation. The organization provides wheelchairs and scholarship, among other educational aid, to children with disabilities in the country.