The MS&AD Insurance Group companies engage in contribution activities to local communities and the society in the field of sport, culture and education.

Support for Sport

Women’s Judo, Women’s Athletics, and Triathlon

Some of the top national and international athletes belong to the MS&AD Group’s clubs for women’s judo, women’s field and track, and triathlon. In the past, the Group has produced a number of Olympic athletes and supported them in various competitive events, helping strengthen Japan’s position in the world of sports. The Women’s Judo Club is active on the international stage and has achieved much through exchanges with athletes from other countries thus far. Through invitations to joint training sessions offered to national teams from Myanmar, Brazil, and elsewhere, the Club hopes to contribute to the promotion of judo in other countries.
The Club does not just carry out competitive activities, it also works to actively contribute to society through running classes for local residents and initiatives to communicate the fun of judo to younger generations by hosting judo classes for elementary school students.

Joint practice session with the Brazilian<br/>national team
Joint practice session with the Brazilian
national team
Running class (Photo: AFLO SPORT)
Running class (Photo: AFLO SPORT)

Supporting Corporate Marathon Relay Race

Participated runners
Participated runners

ADI is supporting "Osaka Corporate Marathon Relay Race" as a special corporate cooperator in an effort to boost sports and to co-develop with local activities. The race started in 1948, was deep rooted in Osaka and evolved into a traditional sports event along with the history of Osaka. The number of participating teams for the event is increasing every year. For the 71st race held in January 2018, a total of 963 teams entered the race. The number of participating teams from the company also reached the largest number ever at 255 teams.

Women's Soccer

JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies<br/>©JEF UNITED
JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies

Our group companies are staffed by seven soccer players of JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies in Division 1 of the Women’s Soccer Nadeshiko League (Japanese women’s soccer league). MSI Aioi Life is an employer of two soccer players of SFIDA Setagaya in Division 2 of the same league. These players of the two teams have been working successfully with a good balance between their playing career and work.

Support for Special Olympics

To assist athletes with intellectual disabilities, MSI serves as a premier sponsor of Special Olympics Nippon Foundation.

For FY2017, the 3rd Special Olympics Unified Sports Soccer Tournament, which the company has been supporting since the inaugural tournament, was held in Osaka in June. Like in previous years, many employees of the company participated as volunteers and were involved in the operation of the tournament.

At the 7th Special Olympics Nippon, Summer National Games Aichi, for 2018, held from September 22 to 24, approximately 100 employee volunteers provided support to all athletes and for the operation of the tournament.

Going forward, the company continues to support the activities of athletes with intellectual disabilities, and contributes to promoting the understanding of diversity and inclusion as well as SDGs among employees.


Activities as a Tokyo Sports Promotion Company

MSI and ADI nurture athletes who are active on the frontlines of the sporting world, and their contributions toward the strengthening and prosperity of the competitive sporting world have been highly rated with the receipt of the Fiscal 2017 Tokyo Sports Promotion Company certification (*). ADI was also certified as a Fiscal 2017 Tokyo Sports Promotion Model Company following up from last year, being given an award for the third time and for three consecutive years. This certification is presented to companies selected from among the Fiscal 2017 Tokyo Sports Promotion Companies that engage in initiatives that have particularly significant impact on society and ripple effects, such as support for Para-Sports and enhancement of employee health.


(*) What is the Tokyo Sports Promotion Company Certification Program?
The Tokyo Sports Promotion Company Certification Program is a Tokyo Metropolitan Government scheme that certifies companies that engage in an initiative to promote employee sports activities and which provide assistance in the sports segment. The government delivers a certificate and certification sticker to certified companies before releasing their corporate names on its website.

Partnership Agreement with Bodies/Sports Associations for Persons with Disabilities

Strong performance<br/>at the Kita-kyushu championship
Strong performance
at the Kita-kyushu championship

ADI is engaged in company-wide initiatives on sports promotion, particularly activities that aim to communicate the appeal of para-sports. These activities are lead to support and development to athletes with disabilities for the next generation, through means such as sponsoring organizations, recruiting athletes, and establishing the Para-Athlete Scholarship System that was launched in fiscal 2017.

It also places great value on “seeing,” “feeling,” “experiencing,” and “thinking,” and encourages employees, agents, and canvassers to actively go to watch the tournaments. At the same time, it collaborates with local governments to organize experiential events and seminars, conducts hands-on lessons in elementary and junior high schools, and strives to promote understanding of a symbiotic society.


<Partner Organizations>

Partner Contract with Para-Sports Related Organizations

Support for the All Japan Judo Championships<br/>for the visually impaired
Support for the All Japan Judo Championships
for the visually impaired

At MSI Aioi Life, we intend to continue to provide useful support for the Persons with Disabilities to reintegrate into society, find life purpose, and improve their quality of life. To do this, we have assented to the activities of NPO Japan Blind Judo Federation, and Japan Para Athletics and are working to spread and enhance sports for the Persons with Disabilities. Every year our employees participate in the All Japan visually impaired person judo tournament as volunteers and it was covered in a webcast and watched by many of within and outside of the company. In addition, two visually impaired judo athletes employees actively balances their work and sport life.

Employment of Athletes with Disabilities

MSI promotes the employment of Persons with Disabilities with the aim of providing support for them to lead independent lives. Currently, a disabled track athlete is an employee of the company, and is training hard with the aim of participating in the Paralympics while engaging in everyday work responsibilities.
Starting from fiscal 2015, ADI has been recruiting Para-Sports athletes. As of April 2018, 14 athletes with disabilities are employed in the company, including eight who will participate in international games such as the Paralympics, the Deaflympics and world championships. These employees strike a good balance between work and sports activities. Moreover, transcending the boundaries between the persons with disabilities and the healthy, athlete workshops are held regularly with four athletes in women’s soccer and swimming who are aiming to participate in the Olympics.

An employee uses a special PC that<br/>makes sound to help users operate it
An employee uses a special PC that
makes sound to help users operate it

ADI is an official partner of the Japanese Para-Sports Association., and has been supporting sports for persons with disabilities. In order to further realize the community-based approach laid out in our guidelines for action, we are engaged in various activities, including cheering on athletes at the matches, setting up a support site for Pala-Sports, and setting up a panel exhibition at the local AD Club(*) "Gathering of Thanks." The foundation of our activities consists of an awareness of "watching" and "feeling," and we encourage many employees to personally attend sports matches for persons with disabilities.


(*) Based on the three pillars of providing information, corporate exchange, and contribution to the community, it is engaged in activities that play a useful role in the community. Specifically, various seminars, exchanges between different industries, as well as environmental conservation events, disaster and crime prevention events, and various charity events are held. In addition, homepages are set up for each area, and local community information as well as business information is provided through the websites and e-mail newsletters.

Employees' watching and cheering<br/>at competitions
Employees' watching and cheering
at competitions
Scholarship certification ceremony
Scholarship certification ceremony

Promotion of Culture

Introduction of Concert Halls

MSI Shirakawa Hall

MSI Shirakawa Hall was opened in Nagoya in 1994, as the concert hall equipped with the highest level sound system in the world. As a premium hall for the community, it contributes to creation of an enriched society and is admired widely by musicians; from the world’s top artists to local amateur musicians. It is playing the positive role as music cultural facility in keeping with mission of “Possibility of music for a better society”.

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance THE PHOENIX HALL

ADI has positioned "The Phoenix Hall" as a site for mecenat activities in support of the arts and culture. The Hall continues to provide quality musical programs with a focus on classical music performed by artists in Japan and overseas through concerts planned by the company.
Also, the hall serves as a venue for concerts on over 200 occasions annually, contributing much to the development of musical and cultural activities in the region. To make music more intimate to our customers, we made the hall more accessible and familiar. Furthermore, we will continue to support arts and culture promotion as a base for social contribution over the long term.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Cultural Foundation

The Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Cultural Foundation (*) engages in activities aimed at supporting efforts to promote culture on the local level, and provides assistance in the fields of music and folk arts. Its main activities are “Concerts for local residents” held in civic halls in various areas and “Assistance for programs of international cultural interchange.” At the end of fiscal 2017, as for “Concerts for local residents,” a total of 808 concerts were held in cities, towns, and villages, around the country. In addition, “Assistance for programs of international cultural interchange,” finished 462 programs (total of 293 million yen).

(*) Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Cultural Foundation: Established in 1988, change of status to a public welfare corporation in December 2009

A scene of concert
A scene of concert

Special Sponsorship for the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Tokyo Concert

The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Tokyo Concert
The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Tokyo Concert

MSI Primary Life sponsored the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra concert held in October 2017 at Suntory Hall in Tokyo. This was the second time of such special sponsorship of a concert, with the first being undertaken in 2015.

The Czech Philharmonic, one of the world’s most prestigious orchestras, has been blazing a brilliant trail through the world music history. In particular, the orchestra is known for its first historic concert held in 1896, which was conducted by the great Czech composer Dvorak.

MSI Primary Life has also sponsored the biennial concert of The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic in Tokyo since 2006.

While continuing to operate its life insurance business, the company has been introducing world-class art and cultural events as cultural contribution activities in hopes of delivering excitement and inspiration, and helping our customers enjoy fulfilling lives after retirement.

Exhibition of Owned Arts, “Tsubaki”

Kenzan Ogata "Sabie Tsubaki-zu Kakuzara"
Kenzan Ogata "Sabie Tsubaki-zu Kakuzara"

ADI shows its owned arts, “Tsubaki” in public art and natural history museums all around the country so that many people can observe them. Tsubaki is one flower cherished by the Japanese from olden times, which used to be the corporate symbol for the former the Dai-Tokyo Fire and Marine. A lot of people have appreciated these arts, in which the beauty of Tsubaki is portrayed by Japanese major artists.

Education Support

Participation in the Bell Mark Campaign

In April 2000, ADI became the first financial institution in Japan to participate in the Bell Mark campaign as a supporter, and affixes Bell Mark points to its all “TOUGH” series products which are personal fields products such as automobile insurance, fire insurance, and accident insurance.
Bell Mark points are converted into collector school savings on a one-point-one-yen basis, and they can be used to buy goods needed by the school. This scheme allows each school’s equipment and environment to be upgraded. At the same time, the scheme paves the way toward providing assistance to backcountry schools, disaster-hit schools, special aid schools and developing country children.
With the arrival of the 55th anniversary of the Bell Mark campaign in 1960, the Bell Mark Education Support Foundation established the “Bell Mark Ambassador” system in 2015 to enhance the campaign.
The company was given a high recognition for not only being a Bell mark program co-sponsor but also engaging in Bell mark collection activities on a company-wide basis with the objective of aiding disaster-affected schools. So the company’s President was appointed inaugural Bell mark Ambassador.
In addition to the Bell mark ambassador appointment, ADI will strive to broaden the scope of its Bell mark activities and work to collect such points on a company-wide basis in order to improve the educational environment for children.

Seminar at Waseda University

ADI and MS&AD Research Institute (current MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting) have held endowed courses at the Waseda University under the title “Insurance Business in the New Age—Facing Global Standards and the Low Birthrate, Aged Society” since 2007.

The courses were opened on major subjects of significant changes in the insurance business, expounding on how to respond to the rapidly developing globalization and aging populations as well as on required deployment of customer-oriented business, etc.

To further enhance the content of the new-age insurance business, the theme of the seminar at Waseda University, we arranged for it to be held in 14 sessions for fiscal 2017 concerning subjects including a new one, namely, property and casualty insurance market development activities using mobile devices such as smartphones.

As a part of their sustainability initiatives, ADI and MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting provide such partner courses that make use of the experience, knowhow, and networks they have built up to date, to provide support for the development of human resources for the next generation and dissemination of knowledge about non-life insurance.

Donation of Scholarships to the International University of Health and Welfare

Scene of ceremony
Scene of ceremony

To address the needs of the aged society, ADI supports its scholarship program for students of the International University of Health and Welfare, which is producing human resources to support services in the medical and welfare field, in areas such as nursing care and rehabilitation for the aged to bolster its approaches to nursing services and senior business.

Students recommended by the University are given scholarship grants by the time of their graduation as a general rule. A total of 161 students have graduated by fiscal 2017, they are active in each specialized field.