Supporting a Healthy, Enriched Life


The MS&AD Insurance Group is striving to enhance our line-up of various services and to provide insurance products for new medical industries, in order to deliver greater peace of mind to elderly customers as we confront an increasingly aging society.

Major Results in Fiscal 2016

Identifying risks and providing information on risks

"Kokokara Diary" - A Smartphone Application ("Suma-Ho") that Helps People Promote Healthy Mind and Body

Screen Image
Screen Image

Since April 2017, MSI has been providing "Kokokara Diary", a smartphone application ("Suma-Ho") aimed at helping people to have a healthy mind and body. Customers can make use of this application to manage health on their own, by measuring their stress status, finding out the calories consumed based on the number of steps taken, recording height, weight, hours of sleep and other data, and using other functions of the application.
For corporate customers, MSI offers a special website exclusively to compile and display data (number of steps taken, calories consumed, weight, body fat percentage, BMI value, blood pressure, hours of sleep) of employees who use Kokokara Diary. This website is useful for providing employees with health guidance, including ways to prevent lifestyle diseases, and can also be utilized for holding events, such as a walking rally aimed at managing health. At MSI, we will continue to help promote the good health of individual customers and to support companies manage the health of employees.

Collaboration between Industries and Universities for Innovation in Health and Medical Fields

A scene from press conference
A scene from press conference

MSI is participating in the “Osaka University Cross-Innovation Initiative,” which aims to realize innovations in the health and medical fields through the industry-academia cooperation.
MSI will contribute to further development of the health and medical industries and the realization of healthy long-living society by supporting the realization of safe and stable innovations in this initiative, which endeavors to commercialize future medical services beyond organizations and fields.

Preventing risks from being realized / reducing the impact of risks

Activities to Communicate Medical Information to Customers

Activities to communicate handy health information

Since April 2017, MSI Aioi Life has begun operating Karada-Care Navi, an information provision website for users to view helpful health information. MSI Aioi Life offers useful information that immediately comes in handy in four categories: Illnesses and medical care to be aware of, tips on health, staying healthy with food, and healthy life.

Cerebral Stroke Project

"Cerebral Stroke Seminar"
"Cerebral Stroke Seminar"

MSI Aioi Life organizes the "Cerebral Stroke Seminar" in collaboration with the Japan Stroke Association. This seminar is conducted by specialist stroke physicians from across Japan.
As of the end of March 2017, over 15,400 customers in total participated in the "Cerebral Stroke Seminar". MSI Aioi Life also operates the "Cerebral Stroke Report", a website containing various information on cerebral stroke, such as what kind of disease cerebral stroke is, its prevention, and ways to handle it in the case of its onset.

Promotion of Study & Research that Contribute to Elderly Care and Traffic Safety

MSIG Holdings (Asia) Pte. Ltd., the Asian holding company of MSI, gives awards to study and research that contribute to enhancing elderly care and traffic safety. Through this initiative, they promote the safety of communities and the healthy living of elderly people.

Grant Programs of the Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Welfare Foundation

Presentation ceremony in Singapore
Presentation ceremony in Singapore

The Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Welfare Foundation(*) funds to provide assistance for research and other activities in the two fields of traffic safety and welfare services for the aged. It also presents the "Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Welfare Foundation Prize" to the authors of excellent publications and papers. It also engages in activities to provide partial grants for the purchase of welfare vehicles used by welfare facilities for the elderly. They started to offer overseas aid to South East Asia in fiscal 2007. They subsidized studies in Singapore and Thailand, investigated and considered appropriate subsidy methods to expand subsidization coverage to include more countries. By the end of fiscal 2016, it has furnished 894 million yen in aid for 843 projects in the elderly welfare (cumulative totals since its establishment).

(*) Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Welfare Foundation: Established in 1975; change of status to a public welfare corporation in December 2009

Reducing the economic burden when risks become real

Fire Insurance Products for Aging Society

MSI and ADI are the first in the non-life insurance industry to offer fire insurance products for aging society. With the recent advancement of aging in our society, there have been more cases of elderly persons dying alone in rental housing, and needs for services to support the elderly in day-to-day living have been growing year after year. In order to respond to these changes in the environment, they developed and offer a special rider for fire insurance (new establishment of a special rider for landlord expenses, enhancement of fiduciary liability rider) and incidental services (furniture moving, light bulb replacement service).
Meanwhile, in recent years patients with dementia have been increasing in number. Once developed, the illness can cause a patient to wander, etc. and get involved in an accident or go onto train tracks by mistake and stop a train. Since such cases which are subject to a large amount of damage claim can be expected, there are growing needs to secure insurance if an accident should happen. Therefore, since January 2017 we have been offering a new rider to cover “liability to pay for damage caused by suspension of train operation, etc. not involving property damage,” which was not covered by the conventional liability rider for individuals.
Taking into account the further advancement of aging, we will continue to combine the know-how of group companies in actively pursuing the development of products and services that contribute to the “establishment of an aged society which is comfortable to live in.”

Recommending: GK Sumai no Hoken “Kazai Grade Up Hosho no Goannai“ (insurance guide on coverage for furniture & household goods and upgrading)
Recommending: GK Sumai no Hoken “Kazai Grade Up Hosho no Goannai“ (insurance guide on coverage for furniture & household goods and upgrading)
Tough Sumai no Hoken “Kazai no Hosho Jyujitsu Package” (package for enhancing coverage for furniture & household goods.)
Tough Sumai no Hoken “Kazai no Hosho Jyujitsu Package” (package for enhancing coverage for furniture & household goods.)

Services and Tools Considering the Elderly People

Due to population aging and decline, the number of elderly people who live along or as couples increasing, driving the demand for services that will support them in daily lives. In light of these circumstances, MSI developed a new fire insurance "GK Sumai no Hoken Grand" and started selling it in January 2017.
This product not only provides protection in case of emergency, but also offers complementary services that make life comfortable, so that the customers feel the value of this product even in daily life when they do not have to use the insurance for emergency cases.
To deliver peace of mind and comfort, this product offers "Grand Select Service" which is widely useful in everyday life and can be used not only by the customers who join the insurance program but also by their relatives registered as emergency contacts.
In addition, MSI is making various tools more convenient for elderly customers by making them easier to read, understand and use.


"Grand Select Service" menu examples

Disaster prevention/mitigation information alert service

- In the advent of torrential rain, typhoon, heavy snow, lightening, and other critical situations that cause damage to the housing of a policyholder and his/her families/relatives (e.g., a child living away from home), an emergency notification is sent to the policyholder and his/her families/relatives by e-mail, etc.

Phone consultation service

- Free-of-charge consultation is provided by a specialist staff over the phone when a policyholder is facing issues related to health/medical, nursing care, pension/taxation, legal matters, inheritance tax, pets, PC operation, etc. in daily living.

Tsunagari report service

- A notification on the status of policyholder’s use of services is sent to the policyholder’s family/relative (e.g., a child living away from home). The service offers assurance for the family/relative living away that the policyholder is doing well.

Examples of tools corresponding to the aged society and offering enhanced user-friendliness and convenience

Brochures, policy provisions, insurance certificate, etc.

- The description space was considerably expanded (doubled in the brochure, 1.5 times in the policy certificate), and larger, easier-to-read letters as well as more illustrations have been adopted.
- Policy brochure is also available in the form of a video (AR (augmented reality) content).

Product description DVD

- Offering a product description DVD that describes the coverage in an easy-to-understand manner.

Special insurance certificate folder

- We provide a binder made of highly durable material that comes with an inner pouch on which an explanation on the policy certificate placed is printed.

Advanced Medical Care Benefit Direct Payment Service (responding to all medical institutions that perform proton therapy, heavy ion radiotherapy)

MSI Aioi Life arranged to offer its “advanced medical care benefit direct payment service(*)” for all medical institutions in Japan that perform proton therapy and heavy ion radiotherapy from February 2017. This service not only reduces the burden of policyholders to prepare funds in advance but also offers a sense of security for policyholders since they can receive types of treatment with particularly high technical fees.


(*) A service of directly paying advanced medical treatment fees for proton therapy and heavy ion radiotherapy to a medical institution on behalf of the policyholder. This service is available for a contract with an addition of any of the following: “advanced medical care rider,” “advanced medical care rider α,” “advanced medical care rider (no cash surrender value return),” “lump-sum payment advanced medical care rider,” “advanced medical care for cancer rider,” and “advanced medical care for cancer rider α.”

Support for the Development of Regenerative Medicine Technology

MSI is a managing insurance company for the "Liability Insurance for Clinical Research, Including Regenerative Medicine," a system established by the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine. We commenced sale of a dedicated insurance product in line with this role. Under this system, when conducting clinical research on regenerative medicine in accordance with the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine, etc., MSI provides donors and patients with compensation while offering coverage for damage liability that should be borne by medical institutions under law in this clinical research.
Under the system of “Liability System for Treatment, including Regenerative Medicine” introduced in July 2017, MSI as a managing insurance company began the sale of a dedicated insurance product. This provides compensation for health damage in cases where a doctor/medical institution covered by the conventional medical professional liability insurance is liable for compensation under law. In addition, the system of “Liability System for Treatment, including Regenerative Medicine” provides compensation in cases where a doctor/medical institution bears no liability for compensation under law, and offers compensation for donors as required under the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine, etc. and also for patients not provided for under the said Act.
MSI will continue to operate these systems with a view to contributing to the increasingly sound development of technologies for regenerative medicine, etc. and the prompt, safe penetration of regenerative medicine in Japan.

Provision of Self-supporting Means to Build Assets

In response to the advancement of our aging society, MSI Primary Life offers a diverse lineup of fixed/variable annuity whole life insurance/pension insurance products as a means for customers to build up their own assets to complement their public pensions, and as a means to ensure that assets are inherited in an appropriate way by the next generation.
There is the popular foreign currency-denominated fixed amount whole life insurance “Shiawase Zutto (happiness forever)” which accommodates the needs to “expand” and “leave behind” assets. In addition, a new product (currency selected special whole life insurance) “Yasashisa Tsunagu (connecting thoughtfulness)” which responds to the needs to “receive,” “connect,” and “leave behind” assets was launched in August 2016. “Yasashisa Tsunagu” is whole life insurance that enables the beneficiary to receive the survival benefit right after the contract is concluded. By setting a family member as the beneficiary of the survival benefit, assets may be given on a periodical basis. We will continue to take initiatives to support the aged society by offering life insurance products that respond to customers’ diverse needs on asset formation and guarantee.

Provision of Products & Services for Nursing Care and Medical Care

Given the advancement of aging, there are growing needs for products that support the nursing care business and medical care and related services. The MS&AD Insurance Group offers products & services that meet the needs of customers in an aim to contribute to building a society in which the elderly and other people living in local communities can live with a sense of security and building communities that can withstand disasters.

Comprehensive Medical Institute Compensation Plan

MSI has developed and commenced sales of a new product, the "Comprehensive Medical Institute Compensation Plan," targeted at medical institutes, with the aim of covering the various risks confronting organizations such as hospitals (risks of property loss, liability, information leakage, etc.). In order to distribute the necessary compensation to customers in a reasonable manner, this product comes in a package that comprises both insurance and risk consulting services.
By offering this plan, MSI seeks to provide support to customers that are entering new medical fields, and to contribute to the safe and stable operation of businesses.

Comprehensive Compensation Plan for Welfare & Nursing Care Business Operators, Nursing Care Insurance & Comprehensive Insurance for Social Welfare Business Operators

MSI and ADI distribute products that incorporate insurance and risk consulting options in a package so that welfare & nursing care business operators can rationally secure the necessary compensation against various risks (property damage risk, compensation liability risk, information leakage risk, etc.) that surround these business operators. Factors such as the diversification of services, the advancement of information disclosure, and the introduction of robotic nursing equipment have increased the complexity of risks faced by welfare and nursing care businesses. They contribute to the safe and stable operation of these businesses and support customers newly entering the welfare & nursing care sectors by providing solutions to these business operators.

BCP Support Tool for Welfare Facilities

MSI, ADI, and InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting developed an “earthquake/flood BCP creation support tool” for welfare facilities and a “risk prediction training tool” for welfare & nursing care facilities, and began offering these tools free of charge. Furthermore, ADI organizes and holds BCP Creation Workshops using this tool in communities. They will continue to provide information and tools that provide support for initiatives to prevent accidents and disasters relating to the welfare business and that contribute to ensuring business continuity when disasters occur.

Provision of Nursing-Care Services

Yu Life Setagaya
Yu Life Setagaya

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Care Network Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of MSI that provides a wide range of services for the advent of a super-aged society such as nursing homes, "Yu Life Yokohama" (established in 1995) and "Yu Life Setagaya" (established in 2006), as well as in-house nursing care services (Yokohama, Nagoya). They are highly appreciated from various quarters as a business operator selected and trusted by customers by providing high quality nursing care services. For their nursing homes, they bring in animal volunteers and collaborate with citizens in local communities. For example, they hold nursing care seminars for local residents, and coordinate with nearby nursery schools.

Rehabilitation training conducted at<br/>Do-Life Shinagawa
Rehabilitation training conducted at
Do-Life Shinagawa

ADI focuses on nursing care prevention and rehabilitation through its subsidiary Fureai Do-Life Service that operates day service centers in four locations. Being an operator of day service centers, which is expected to demonstrate its role as a function to support independence of users, they offer muscle training and functional training programs led by physical therapists and other specialists in an aim to help users maintain their physical functions and good health.
Furthermore, they interact with elementary and junior high schools in the neighborhood, accept volunteers to experience and study about welfare on site, and actively coordinate with volunteer organizations. In addition, they continue to engage in community-oriented activities, such as holding an open house at the welfare training center annexed to each day service center and welcoming volunteer organizations and business operators in the community (151 times in fiscal 2016) and organizing nursing care seminars for nursing care business operators in the community. Furthermore, they provide information necessary for nursing care through our website where they show “First nursing, Easy nursing” videos on nursing care training. The information is available in themes, including the basic nursing care edition, how to use a wheelchair, how to select and use nursing care beds, basic knowledge on dementia, and bathing assistance.

Insurance for Compensating Salaries During Nursing Care Leave

MSI and ADI will introduce a “special rider for compensating nursing care leave taken for parents” for the general group livelihood protection insurance for corporations and begin selling it for insurance contracts commencing on or after October 1, 2017. At the same time, they will offer a “special rider offering lump-sum payment for nursing care for parents” for the general long-term disability insurance (GLTD) in an effort to expand the lineup of products that support nursing care for parents.
In order for employees of companies, etc. to continue working, not only do they need to provide for themselves but also to prepare for nursing care for their parents. Many employees who face nursing care for their parents are in their 40s and 50s and belong to the manager strata that takes on the core role in operating the business for a company. Hence adopting a group insurance system, which supports the effort of keeping a good balance between work and nursing care, is beneficial for both the company and its employees. MSI and ADI will continue to help their corporate customers establish and improve their workplace environment while providing employees involved in nursing care and their families with solutions to mitigate concerns in an aim to prevent workers from leaving jobs to give nursing care.

Support Service for Companies to Keep a Good Balance between Work and Nursing Care

MSI and ADI developed a service to support human resources departments of companies in their effort to keep a good balance between work and nursing care for their employees. In the current aged society, seeing employees leave jobs to give nursing care is a pressing issue for companies. As such, they decided to develop and provide a charged support service based on the initiatives presented under the “model for supporting balancing work and family care and preventing workers from leaving jobs” of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We will continue to take part in promoting stable management of companies and in realizing a worker-friendly society.


- Launched in June 2016
- Development/provision jointly with InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Care Network
- A support service for giving advice on identifying issues, setting the direction to move toward, etc. based on the five initiatives presented by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in its model for supporting balancing of work and family-care to prevent workers from leaving jobs to conduct nursing care”


- Launched in July 2016
- Development/provision jointly with Fureai Do-Life Service, an affiliate providing nursing care service
- A service using the “assessment sheet for measures to balance work and nursing care” to evaluate the level of measures for balancing work and nursing care of a company and offering services to the company for holding seminars depending on the status of measures, establishing a consulting desk, etc.