Protect from Accidents and Disasters


Our mission is "to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the earth, by bringing security and safety through the global insurance and financial services business." The MS&AD Insurance Group has made efforts so insurance payments can be made immediately in case of a large-scale disaster, and we contribute to the reconstruction of areas hit by disasters. We also work on creating a secure and safe society which is resilient to disasters using know-how to prevent and mitigate disasters, and prevent accidents through our non-life insurance business. We also support healthy and enriched lives through our life insurance business.

Major Results in Fiscal 2016

Identifying Risks and Providing information on Risks

Risk Management for Accident Prevention

To prevent traffic accidents, it is important to avoid risks which may result in an accident in advance. The MS&AD Insurance Group will contribute to local safety through visualization of factors that can contribute to traffic accident preventions and services that support safe driving.

Service for Checking Indication of Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS)

MSI has provided service for checking indication of SAS (sleep apnea syndrome) for employees. With the smartphone, customers can record and analyze snoring, a symptom of SAS, and the results of the screened employees are reported to managers of the company. SAS is said to be a cause of progression of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and brain infarction, and the typical sleepiness caused by SAS may result in a fatal traffic accident. Through this service to support countermeasures against SAS of company employees, we contribute to the safety and health of employees and support the safety of local communities.

Application screen
Application screen

Provision of "Driving Ability" Diagnosis

MSI, ADI and Mitsui Direct General are providing free smartphone applications, offering "Driving Ability" Diagnosis that analyzes and diagnoses the driving characteristics of a driver and provides advice.

Suma-Ho driving ability tests(MSI)

- Function to give audio advice before driving based on driving characteristics and provide diagnosis after driving based on analysis results
- Driving recorder function to record and check videos at dangerous driving locations
- Function to provide audio warning when approaching locations where numerous accidents have occurred
- Function to deliver the key points of safe driving based on weather information
- Function to provide "Animal Alert" when approaching locations where many accidents involving animals have occurred (only for limited regions)

Sapo NAVI "Driving Ability" Diagnosis(ADI)

- Function to analyze and diagnose the driving characteristics of drivers and provide advice
- Driving recorder function to record and check videos at dangerous driving locations
- Function to verify the status of the person coming to assist drivers when using roadside assistance
- Accident Emergency Information Service by which specialized operators make requests for police or fire departments in lieu of drivers

Mujicology Drive(Mitsui Direct General )

- Function to provide one-touch communication with an accident reception center or a road service center
- Function to detect sudden braking or collision and automatically record and save scenes before and after it
- Function to diagnose appropriateness of driving including acceleration, slowdown, handling stability, etc.
- Function to analyze and diagnose the driving characteristics and make strengths, weaknesses and the driving characteristics visible
- Function to check understanding of traffic jam by solving questions



Efforts to Prevent and Reduce Traffic Accidents by Utilizing "Accident Map"

Accident map
Accident map

MSI, in cooperation with InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting makes use of accident data held by the company through automobile insurance policies as well as data from external institutions(*) to analyze and identify locations where accidents frequently occur, and summarizes the information as a "Map of Locations with Frequent Accidents" for all cities and wards across Japan. This map provides a wide range of information useful for accident prevention, including the most common type of accidents and specific preventive measures against accidents, as well as a map of locations with frequent accidents.

(*) Fiscal 2012 data on locations where accidents frequently occur (nationwide) from the Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis is used.

Risk Management for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

It is highly significant to predict risks that might occur in case of a natural disaster and prepare for an emergency. The MS&AD Insurance Group supports disaster prevention and mitigation through various risk management services provided by its business companies based on know-how the Group has cultivated and large amounts of data the Group stores.

Consulting Service that Uses a Tsunami Model

Image of New Tsunami Model
Image of New Tsunami Model

MSI and InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting developed a tsunami model to estimate damage from tsunami in cooperation with a major U.S. company specialized in risk assessment regarding natural disasters. This tsunami model enables a consulting service that can take into account damage from a tsunami in addition to the conventional earthquake risk analysis. By using the results of damage estimates based on "probability analysis(*1)" of tsunami risk, it became possible for the first time among domestic insurance companies to offer “an estimated amount of damages for a return period (the amount to be incurred once in 200 years, etc.)” according to the requests of each customer and to make a proposal on "priority order of measures at multiple bases", which was difficult with conventional "scenario analysis(*2).

(*1) Estimated amounts of damages on covered properties in respect to all expected earthquakes are calculated. The results are then integrated and processed in a stochastic method. With an amount of constructive loss for each return period (excess of loss curve: EP curve), it is possible to visualize the amount of risk based on probability.


(*2) Based on the forecast of earthquakes that have occurred on specific active faults and troughs, an estimated amount of damages on covered properties is calculated. It is possible to visualize "how bad the damage would be if a specific earthquake occurs." For example, the Nankai Trough consolidated type earthquake and the Great Kanto Earthquake during the Taisho era.

Preventing Risks from Being Realized / Reducing the Impact of Risks

Provision of Applications Leading to Safety and Security

MSI and ADI provide various menus leading to safety and security through the smartphone application Suma-Ho (MSI) and Sapo NAVI (ADI). We will continue enhancing information and functions useful for accident prevention and wider adoption of safe driving.

Suma-Ho (MSI)

- MSI's proprietary application providing convenient and useful services related to automobile insurance, fire insurance and casualty insurance under the concept "Insurance on your palm".


Click here for detail (MSI Official Site Japanese only)

Suma-Ho Animal Alert (MSI)

- Function to prevent traffic accidents colliding with rare animals. A service to give an audio warning when someone approaches areas of frequent traffic accidents involving animals in Okinawa prefecture, Nara prefecture and Hokkaido.


Click here for detail (MSI Official Site Japanese only)


- ADI's proprietary application designed to prevent car accidents and to be used as a reliable partner in case of accidents.


Click here for detail (ADI Official Site Japanese only)

MSIG Motor Assist Mobile APP (MSIG Malaysia)

- Application for automobile insurance policyholders providing functions for communication in case of an accident, request for trouble assistance services and reporting of damage to the company with image data.


Click here for detail (MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Official Site)

Development of New Accident Prevention Services Suitable for Traffic Conditions in Asian Countries

Since December 2016, MSI, ADI and InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting have been providing ARM (Automotive Risk Management). This is a new accident prevention service to improve driving skills and manners, for the purpose of preventing and reducing traffic accidents in Asia. Due to rapid motorization, Asia has experienced an increase in traffic accidents and casualties due to them, leading to increasing needs mainly from corporate customers for support for accident prevention efforts. In order to meet such customer needs, this service was developed as a new accident prevention service suitable for traffic conditions and accident characteristics in each Asian country. It was created by leveraging the know-how in accident prevention services for corporations (driving aptitude diagnosis, danger prediction training, etc.) cultivated in Japan. The MS&AD Insurance Group will continue contributing to safe driving education and accident prevention as the leading company in the non-life insurance industry in Southeast Asia.

Discount of Automobile Insurance Premiums as the Reward for Attending Safety Training

MSI launched "Accident Cooperation Rider [Dedicated to Safety Management Certification Seminar]" in April 2017. This rider provides a 3% discount on insurance premiums to transportation business operators that attend the Transport Safety Management Seminar (certification seminar*1) promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and designate in advance which section to respond to in case of an accident. The provision of this rider will lead to prevention of serious accidents and their recurrence. It will do this by supporting the further adoption of the transport safety management system (*2) and promoting continuous safety efforts including corporations' voluntary establishment of a safety management system or utilization of the PDCA cycle.


(*1) The certification seminar is a seminar provided by private institutions mainly to medium- or small-sized transport business operators based on curriculums certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Our group company InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting was also certified as an implementing agency for this certification seminar.


(*2) The Transport Safety Management System is a system to promote efforts for better transport safety, and was established in October 2006 in response to increased accidents caused by human errors at transport business operators.

Support for Corporate Risk Measures (BCP)

Preparing for earthquakes and other natural disasters has become more and more important. MSI, ADI, and InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting have actively been engaged in mitigating damage from earthquakes, tsunami and water disasters, and advisory services for formulating Business Continuity Plans (BCPs). They also support operational drills with disaster scenarios, in an effort to contribute to the creation of a flexible and robust society from the prevention and mitigation of disasters to business continuity. In fiscal 2016, in particular, we provided over 100 seminars around the nation following the Kumamoto Earthquakes. We also offered global support by building BCP models for overseas business offices.

Risk Mitigation Effort

MSI makes efforts for risk management and other risk mitigation based on its ample know-how related to damage occurrence risks. The Group as a whole supports risk prevention in the global environment as well as in Japan.

Provision of Risk Management Services

MS Amlin has a risk engineering team armed with professional knowledge and experience, which provides risk management services to customers. By doing so, it is engaged in activities to prevent the occurrence and spread of loss. In particular, the risk management seminars that the company organizes for customers, and the "Loss Incident" report that analyzes the causes of frequent accidents and unusual accidents, and presents countermeasures, has been well received by customers. In these ways, the company is contributing to enhancing risk management for customers, and to preventing the occurrence of accidents.

Effort for Accident Prevention and Risk Mitigation

Product accident prevention posters<br/>(forklift version, pallet version)
Product accident prevention posters
(forklift version, pallet version)

Responding to customer requests, MSI provides individual investigation and advisory services regarding risks related to activities during transport or in port facilities by utilizing drones and other state-of-the-art technologies.
Furthermore, MSI is hosting seminars related to logistics risks at ports, on roads, and at industrial areas and other locations, mainly in Asian countries. MSI is also working to provide further information through efforts such as the creation of DVDs explaining the logistics situation in each country. Through measures like these, we are working to support our customers in achieving the safe and swift transport of products.

Safe Operations Support Service for Domestic Vessels Utilizing Smartphones

Since April 2017, MSI has been providing "SIGNAL", a safe operation support service for domestic vessels utilizing smartphones in partnership with Weathernews Inc. This service alerts domestic vessels sailing in rough water with sound or e-mails via dedicated smartphones provided by Weathernews. It also gives forecasts of atmospheric or marine weather or shows videos of waters around the vessel on a dedicated website. This helps prevent accidents and can also be used by vessel operators to choose safe routes. MSI will continue supporting customers' safe vessel operations and contributing to the prevention and mitigation of maritime accidents.

Campaign for Education in Safe Driving

Business companies of the MS&AD Insurance Group are practicing activities or creating tools leading to education in safe driving, aiming for an accident-free society.

MUJICOLOGY! Project Aiming for Accident-free Auto Society

MUJICOLOGY! Laboratory's website
MUJICOLOGY! Laboratory's website

Mitsui Direct General implements the MUJICOLOGY! Project that aims for an auto society in which there are zero accidents. On the MUJICOLOGY! Laboratory's website, the information broadcasting base of the project, we welcomed Mr. Nishinari, professor of the University of Tokyo and an expert in jamology (science of traffic congestion) as Director. The site provides videos of jamology lectures and content that helps to improve driving manners to promote safe driving.
We also established the MUJICOLOGY Smile Fund, a donation system in which donation amounts to organizations playing active roles in traffic accident prevention, environment protection, education and reconstruction support are decided by customers' votes. This fund has achieved a structure of social contribution based on a new concept in which safe driving supports others. A total of 47,154 customers voted in fiscal 2016 (April 2016 - March 2017).

Provision of Safe Driving Educational Tools

MSI and ADI are supporting prevention and mitigation of damage from traffic accidents by providing safe driving educational tools for elderly drivers and children. We also focus on efforts for preventing bicycle accidents, which have been increasing recently.

Magokoro Drive (brochure) and Kuruma Torikku (web-based content) (MSI)

This tool focuses on weakening eyesight, one of the causes of traffic accidents by senior drivers. This supports safe and secure car life by enhancing understanding of visual depth perception, a visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions that weakens with age.

Picture Book about Prevention/Decrease of Traffic Accidents (ADI)

White bear father and his child Toughy & Happy, the mascot characters of ADI's product brand TOUGH, deliver messages to children for preventing/mitigating traffic accidents by depicting the happy everyday life of Toughy & Happy with the theme of the importance of observing traffic rules.

Effort for preventing bicycle accidents

With the increase in serious accidents caused by bicycles, there are greater needs for safe bicycle riding. We are making efforts to prevent bicycle accidents by providing information required for a safe bicycle life including rules for riding a bicycle and know-how for bicycle maintenance, as well as applications and tools leading to safe bicycle riding.

Suma-Ho Anshin Cycle (MSI)

- When the cyclist's speed exceeds the preset speed, the application notifies the rider with a sound or vibration.
- Locating bicycle shops with a bicycle safety mechanic, support for inspection and maintenance
- Navigation for appropriate actions to take in case of an accident or theft
- At the end of a trip, it shows on a graph the travel distance, number of times the preset speed was exceeded, and calories burned

Portable card for bicycle users (MSI)

- Business-card-sized portable card showing a contact information of the card holder in case of communication difficulty due to an accident, a bicycle maintenance check list, and actions to be taken when an accident occurs.

Safe bicycle riding seminar (MSI, ADI, InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting)

- Safe bicycle riding seminar provided by InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting
- Comprehensive seminar covering a wide range of topics from environments surrounding bicycles to the reality of accidents and key points for safe riding
- Rental of DVD explaining key points for safe bicycle riding

Provision of Information on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

On its official website (, MSI provides two pieces of content regarding disaster prevention and mitigation: "Know and Prepare Disaster Measures" and "Advice for Emergency Practice." Recently, many large-scale natural disasters have occurred, including the Kumamoto Earthquakes, and it is important to work on continuous disaster prevention and mitigation without forgetting the experience of such disasters. In order to contribute to such effort, these pieces of content are provided to widely disseminate information on disaster prevention and mitigation to many people regardless of their age based on the concept of "friendly in normal times, reliable in an emergency." MSI will continue working on building a safe and secure society that is resilient to disasters through the provision of products/services that leverage its know-how in disaster prevention and mitigation as well as various other types of information.

Effort for Higher Awareness of Disaster Prevention

At the symposium
At the symposium

In August 2016, the MS&AD Insurance Group held the symposium "Town Building for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Considered Based on the Government-Private Partnership: How to Prepare for Large-Scale Water Disasters" in the First National Meeting for Promotion of Disaster Prevention hosted by the Cabinet Office at the University of Tokyo. This event aims to improve everyone's awareness of disaster prevention. In this symposium, the participants discussed the creation of a town prepared for water disasters from the perspective of a government-private partnership through speeches and panel discussion by professionals. This was an opportunity to widely disseminate information on disaster prevention and mitigation.

Reducing the Economic Burden When Risks Become Real

Automobile Insurance for 1 Day

"One-day Insurance" logo
"One-day Insurance" logo

MSI and ADI have provided One-day Insurance (MSI) and One-day Supporter (ADI). People who do not own a car can buy the insurance for one day when they drive a borrowed car. We will continue developing products and services that contribute to safety and security by reducing accidents caused by uninsured cars.

Automobile Risk Management Services to Corporate Customers

MSI, ADI, and InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting provide to corporate customers various effective programs and solutions to prevent and decrease accidents.
We invite automobile transportation business operators to the "Transport Safety Management Seminar" (certification seminar) for which InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting was certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as an implementing agency. Up to March 2017, the seminar has been held 132 times with 6,161 participants.

Automobile Insurance Utilizing Telematics Technology

We work on discounting insurance premiums or supporting safe driving of corporate employees based on individual driving information collected by using telematics technology, which combines telecommunication and informatics.

"Suma Navi"

Logo and Report
Logo and Report

MSI has been offering "Suma Navi," a service supporting safe driving initiatives. "Suma Navi" is a service to support companies in safe driving using telematics technology. The service provides employees of a company with driving ability tests through a smartphone application and provides managers of the company with a summary and analysis of the test results on a dedicated website.
We started our "Education Movie Development Service," which enables a company to easily make a safe driving education movie on the web using movie clips of dangerous driving that employees have actually encountered. We also launched "GPS Service for Company-owned Vehicles," which lets a company to locate company-owned cars.
In addition, we have developed a service to discount insurance premiums in accordance with the result of companies' efforts through these services. This effort nurtures safe driving in companies while reducing costs.

Sasaeru NAVI


In April 2016, ADI launched "Sasaeru Navi" for fleet insurance policyholders to provide better safety and security to companies. This is a program that combines the Safe Driving Assistant Service that utilizes a driving recorder and our company's unique Safe Driving Consulting Service based on data on dangerous driving control. We provide robust support for companies' driving control system and their efforts for accident reduction with the program.

Biz Safety, a Newly Launched Service for Business Operators Utilizing Telematics Technology

In July 2017, ADI launched "Biz Safety", a telematics service for (both fleet and non-fleet) business operators. This service uses a dedicated smartphone application and a special device to meet operators' needs for trying a driving control system and instructions for safe driving utilizing telematics technology with minimum data communication and other costs. Introducing this service enables operators' employees to recognize in a timely way the status of their own safe driving and enables driving controllers to dynamically administer company-owned vehicles and centrally detect the driving characteristics of each employee. This makes it possible to provide employees with effective and specific instructions on driving.

Tsunagaru Automobile Insurance


ADI launched the product "Tsunagaru Automobile Insurance." This works together with the telematics service "T-Connect"(*) developed by Toyota Motor Corporation, which is installed in car navigation systems. By connecting the customer's vehicle with ADI, this automobile insurance offers customer's safety, security, and a good deal on a one-to-one basis. To assure customers who have not been involved in any accidents that it would still be a good idea to sign up for this policy, in addition to delivering peace of mind in the event that an accident does occur, efforts have also been put into preventive safety through the utilization of vehicle operation information.


(*) T-Connect Navigation is a Toyota connection service that provides safe, secure, and comfortable services by connecting to communication services.

Development of Telematics Automobile Insurance Reflecting Driving Behavior

ADI developed the first automobile insurance product in Japan whose monthly insurance premiums reflect driving behavior detected by telematics technology. Through the driving behavior discount, customers can enjoy lower insurance premiums based on monthly driving distance and driving behavior. This product also provides value-added to accident-free customers by using the Safe Driving Diagnosis Service utilizing telematics technology.

Telematics Monitor System

ADI has been providing trial service utilizing smartphones (telematics monitor system (hereinafter "monitor system")) since January 2017. This was carried out in collaboration with Cambridge Mobile Telematics Inc. in the United States to consider providing products and services utilizing telematics technology.
This monitor system will provide a service such as safe driving diagnosis utilizing onboard device and smartphone dedicated application "Visual Drive" on a trial basis for a certain period for car insurance subscribers.
In May 2017, ADI also started providing "accident emergency automatic notification service." This service is to make a safety confirmation call to a customer's telephone number based on information automatically reported to the company when an in-vehicle device detects a large impact due to an accident. The dedicated operator of the call center will advise customers who are in trouble due to accidents, etc. on a 24-hour, 365-day basis.

Accident Mitigation Support Service for Corporations (Thailand)

Since August 2017, Aioi Bangkok Insurance PCL (ABI), the Thai subsidiary of ADI, has been developing and providing an accident mitigation support service for corporations utilizing telematics technology. It has done so in cooperation with Thai Yazaki Network Service Co., Ltd. (TYNS), the Thai subsidiary of Yazaki Energy System of Yazaki Group. This is a safe driving consulting service (*2) using TYNS's cutting-edge communication-type digital tachograph (service name: iQsan) (*1) to provide better safety and security in companies' accident mitigation efforts. Taking advantage of the introduction of this service, we will contribute to a secure and safe road traffic society in Thailand while supporting the wide adoption of iQsan and safe driving efforts of companies.


(*1) iQsan....The product name of a cloud-based digital tachograph developed for the ASEAN region in which wide-area communication capabilities are embedded. It is pronounced "Ikkyu-san." The Japanese animation "Ikkyu-san" is very popular in Thailand, which is a Buddhist country, and this product name is derived from the image of Ikkyu-san's intelligence.


(*2) The safe driving consulting service is provided by InterRisk Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the Thai subsidiary of InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting of the MS&AD Insurance Group.

Bicycle Insurance "Net de Hoken@Cycle," "Bycle" & "Bycle Best"

With a court decision calling for heavy reparations for bicycle accidents and the trend of local governments enacting an ordinance to encourage insurance policies, social needs for buying insurance policies appear to be rapidly increasing. In response to such needs, the MS&AD Insurance Group sells insurance for bicycles through its business companies.
MSI sells "Net de Hoken@Cycle", whose procedures can be completed online so customers can easily buy insurance policies. This is a product to provide sufficiently large coverage with an affordable level of insurance premiums.
au Insurance sells "Bycle", "Bycle Best" and "Bycle S". They offer reassuring and adequate trouble support also for events other than accidents.
We will continue providing products and services to meet customer needs as we aim to help create a safe and secure bicycle society.

Spreading Earthquake Insurance

Based on the "Act for Earthquake Insurance", earthquake insurance is managed by both government and the non-life insurance companies, and aims to contribute to rebuilding the stability of disaster victims' lives. The needs of earthquake insurance have been increasing since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. MSI and ADI rediscovered the importance of customers understanding the necessity and the contents of earthquake insurance correctly. For many people to get earthquake insurance, we are offering advice about earthquake risks to our customers.

"Disaster Navigation" Feature on Smartphone Service

MSI has included "Disaster Navigation" feature on its smartphone service useful in case of disaster and advance efforts to support safe and secure actions during a large-scale natural disaster.

Disaster Navigation

・Directions to designated shelters of local governments across Japan using GPS or camera,
・A safety information registration and verification function
・A disaster prevention information function that provides real-time notifications of disaster information disseminated by government ministries and municipalities, as well as a collection of know-how for disasters that provides free tips that can be useful during a disaster
・A service that is available not only to insurance policyholders, but to everyone
・Supporting foreign languages (English, Chinese and Korean)

Earthquake! Ima Doko Service

- Service provided through a dedicated application of "GK Sumaino Hoken Grand", which was fully launched in April 2017
- Function to automatically locate pre-registered family members and share the location by push notification when an Earthquake Early Warning was issued
- Function to confirm the location of precious family members or share their safety information even when the phone call is difficult to be connected right after an earthquake
- Service for customers who subscribe to personal fire insurance "GK Sumaino Hoken Grand"

Supporting Early Recovery from Disasters

InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting has helped local governments to introduce the System for Supporting Restructuring of the Livelihood of Disaster Victims in an industrial and academic collaboration with Niigata University, Shizuoka University, the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience and others. This system provides comprehensive support to local governments to help disaster victims restructure their lives, including issuance of Disaster Victim Certificates, and thus contributes to putting their lives back in order as soon as possible. In the wake of the Kumamoto Earthquake in April 2016, we supported the development of a system for issuance of disaster victim certificates.

“System for Supporting Restructuring of the Livelihood of Disaster Victims”
“System for Supporting Restructuring of the Livelihood of Disaster Victims”

Cat bonds (catastrophe bonds) issuance support services

MSI provides services that support issuance of Cat bonds (*) for customers such as infrastructure-related companies and manufacturers with large production bases.
In recent years, the occurrence of major earthquakes or the progress of climate change have led to increase in customers' demands for preparing a large-scale natural disaster risk. We have decided to launch this service in response to such demands.
The service will reduce customers’ burden of cumbersome administrative procedures associated with Cat bonds issuance as well as realize customers’ diversification of hedging methods for catastrophe risks through our advice on setting optimal issuance conditions etc.


(*) A Cat bond is a mechanism which transfers catastrophe risks such as earthquakes or typhoons from one party to investors in the capital markets. As long as no disaster exceeding a predetermined threshold occurs, investors (Cat bond purchasers) receive coupons periodically and have principal repaid at maturity. However, in the event that a disaster exceeding such threshold occurs, the principal to be repaid to investors is reduced partially or entirely so that it is used to compensate customers for their losses.

Comprehensive Business Cost/Profit Insurance (Rider Only to Cover Specific Earthquake Risks)

Since July 2016, ADI has been providing a product to cover loss of profits caused by business interruption due to a large earthquake. The aim is to meet increasing needs for measures against earthquake risks following the recent occurrence of large earthquakes and the government announcement regarding the prediction of ground motion. We will continue providing products and services to support early recovery from disasters.