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Risk-Related Services Business


Risk-Related Services Business is responsible for important roles within the MS&AD Insurance Group's value creation processes.
Risk-Related Services Business units provide diverse solutions globally in cooperation with Group units engaged in Insurance and Financial Services businesses, and thereby make an important contribution to realizing the Group's mission.

Overview of Risk-Related Services Business

The MS&AD Insurance Group provides non-insurance products and services to meet customers' needs for risk solutions, such as risk management business, nursing care business, and assistance business.

Risk Management Business

Overview of Risk Management Business

The Group's risk management business is developing its operations based on a business model that emphasizes three concepts – “(1) early risk discovery, (2) risk magnitude and incidence frequency reduction, and (3) eventuated risk impact minimization.” Insurance and other financial products are employed with respect of the third of those concepts, having the role of “alleviating economic impacts.” The operational scope of risk management business units encompasses all three of the concepts.
Working in close cooperation with insurance business units, the risk management business units provide customers with the following types of risk-related services.

  • ① Provision of risk research and simple diagnoses along with loss prevention advice
  • ② Consulting services related to the formulating of a business continuity plan and a crisis management plan of companies and other organizations
  • ③ Implementation of surveys and studies of the latest risk-related information and dissemination of that information via seminars and newsletters

The Group unit responsible for these operations is InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting, which is the largest risk consulting companies in Japan. Utilizing its bases in Singapore, Thailand, China, and Bermuda, InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting is globally developing its risk solution services business.

InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting's Global Network

Picture:InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting’s Global Network

Progress on Next Challenge 2017

The MS&AD Insurance Group distributed information about the Kumamoto Earthquake that struck in April 2016 in an InterRisk Report and a guidebook for staying safe in earthquakes. We also offered seminars and consulting about business continuity planning (BCP) as a part of our assistance for reconstruction in affected areas and for improving earthquake preparedness in other regions as well.
Governments have been guiding efforts to investigate new measures to prevent and mitigate disasters, considering the potential for catastrophic damage caused by climate change. In light of this, we have developed consulting services and offered information about new ways to prevent and mitigate disasters, including evaluations of natural capital and water-related risks. Partnering with local governments and financial institutions, the MS&AD Insurance Group helps with the creation of communities with disaster prevention and mitigation measures and with the revitalization of regions.
In addition, the MS&AD Insurance Group provides consulting services and information in line with diverse customer needs on topics including CSR, ERM, internal controls, risk management, information management, biodiversity and transportation safety management.


Analysis image
(water supply services)

Preservation of Natural Capital and Support for Its Sustainable Use

Global companies are increasingly moving to evaluate their own dependence and impact on natural capital and incorporating this analysis in their decision-making management process.
InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting has begun to offer services that evaluate the value provided by natural capital (i.e., water supply, soil erosion prevention, ecosystem services like carbon storage) around the business sites of companies inside and outside Japan. We aim to help companies with their strategic environmental initiatives by enabling the analysis of climate change effects.

Business Performance

Picture:Business Performance

Future Issues and Strategies

The Kumamoto Earthquake has raised awareness of the importance of preparing for a natural disaster. Needs are likely to increase for a wide range of measures to address the increasing complexity and diversification of risks that companies and local governments face, such as for building overseas risk management systems in accordance with acceleration in globalization, enhancing cybersecurity as IoT progresses, and advancing technologies in self-driving cars, FinTech and AI. Risk management is growing in importance across a broader range of fields. The MS&AD Insurance Group leverages Group synergies to provide high-quality risk solutions on a global basis while focusing efforts on the development of new solutions with an eye on medium- and long-term changes in the business environment. We will continue to provide optimal solutions for the various risks faced by our customers.

Other Risk-Related Services Business

Nursing Care Business

The MS&AD Insurance Group inaugurated its nursing care business in 1989.
Currently, two Group companies are supplying high-quality nursing care services that provide seniors with comfort and peace of mind. MITSUI SUMITOMO INSURANCE Care Network operates fee-based retirement homes (currently operating two such facilities as of March 31, 2017) while Fureai Do-Life Services moved in 2000 to become the first Japanese insurance industry unit to operate elderly daycare centers (operating four such facilities as of March 31, 2017).

Assistance Business

Through ANSHIN DIAL, we are developing comprehensive assistance call center business related to automobiles (road assistance services) and homes (house support services).
By responding to requests for assistance from people throughout Japan, we are cooperating with our partners in this field to relieve customers' worries and concerns and provide peace of mind.

Major Operating Companies

InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting, Inc.

InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting is the largest risk consulting company in Japan. It provides companies and government entities with consulting, risk surveys, research and investigation, information provision, and other services related to diverse kinds of risks. With overseas bases in Singapore, Thailand, China, and Bermuda, the company is seeking to provide risk solutions throughout the world.

Date established: January 1993 Number of employees: 216 (As of April 1, 2017)

MS&AD Insurance Group shareholding: 100%

http://www.irric.co.jp/index.html (Japanese language only)


MITSUI SUMITOMO INSURANCE Care Network operates and administers fee-based retirement homes offering nursing services, provides support for in-home nursing care (creating care plans), and dispatches home care workers (home helpers). By providing high-quality elderly care services, the company strives to create a society in which seniors can enjoy pleasant and cheerful lives.

Date established: October 1990 Number of employees: 290* (As of April 1, 2017)

MS&AD Insurance Group shareholding: 100%

*Excluding registered care workers.

http://www.msk-carenet.com/docs/index.html (Japanese language only)


ANSHIN DIAL is a company that engages in comprehensive assistance call center operations through two call centers in Tokorozawa and Naha, boasting an affiliate network of more than 5,000 companies nationwide. ANSHIN DIAL provides its customers with services that alleviate their worries, such as roadside assistance and support fixing problems at home 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Date established: November 1989 Number of employees: 831 (As of April 1, 2017)

MS&AD Insurance Group shareholding: 57.55%

http://www.anshin-dial.jp/ (Japanese language only)

Fureai Do-Life Services Co., Ltd.

Fureai Do-Life Services is the first Japanese insurance industry unit to operate elderly daycare centers, and it currently operates four facilities in four regions.
All centers employ physical therapists and other staff to implement functional training programs and other programs associated with preventative and rehabilitation care. They also provide services that are deeply rooted in local communities, based on cooperation with NPOs and schools.

Date established: March 2000 Number of employees: 66 (As of April 1, 2017)

MS&AD Insurance Group shareholding: 100%

http://www.fureai-do.co.jp/ (Japanese language only)

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