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Domestic Life Insurance Business


The Domestic Life Insurance Business is one of the important growth businesses positioned to support a sustainable increase in the MS&AD Insurance Group's enterprise value.
In a super-aging society, needs are rising for medical and nursing care, as well as for the death benefit and other protection-type life insurance products offered by Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance Co., Ltd. in addition to the asset-building-type products designed to support retirement lifestyles that are offered by Mitsui Sumitomo Primary Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Both these companies are realizing growth and profitability levels that are among the highest in the industry.

Group Numerical Management Targets

Picture:Group Core Profit (Domestic Life Insurance)

Picture:Increase in EV (MSI Aioi Life)

MSI Aioi Life, which sells protection-type life insurance products, set an increase in EV (Embedded Value) as one of its numerical management targets. Current statutory accounting is in some respects difficult to use for performance evaluation, partly because costs are concentrated at the time of sale but the corresponding profit is realized in later years. However, EV is employed as a useful indicator for evaluating achievements and enterprise value as it evaluates future profits generated by in-force business at the present time, and provides complementary financial information in statutory accounting.

Business Strategies

1. Leveraging Diversity

Customer needs stemming from changes in the social environment can be responded to by two life insurance companies with different business models.

Picture:「MSI Aioi Life」「MSI Primary Life」Products,Sales Channels

2. Product Strategy

We aim to expand earnings backed by a rich lineup of insurance products by rapidly developing and offering competitive products that meet diverse customer needs and are in tune with changes in the social environment.

Picture:MSI Aioi Life Product Strategy

Picture:MSI Primary Life Product Strategy

3. Channel Strategy

We are building a stable sales base by cultivating and diversifying sales channels and augmenting agent training.

Picture:MSI Aioi Life, MSI Primary Life Channel Strategy

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