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Domestic Non-Life Insurance Business


The Domestic Non-Life Insurance Business is a core business of the MS&AD Insurance Group, accounting for 70% of Group Core Profit. The Group's three non-life insurance companies have distinctive strengths, and they leverage Japan's largest agency network as they strive to address the diverse new kinds of risks faced by evolving industries in Japan as well as the risks associated with the changing lifestyles of individuals.

Group Numerical Management Targets

Picture:Group Core Profit (Domestic Non-Life Insurance)

Picture:Non-Life Insurance Combined Ratio (Domestic Non-Life Insurance)

Business Strategies

1. Leveraging Diversity

The MS&AD Group leverages diversity, which is one of its strengths, in an effort to ensure its growth potential and increase its profitability by responding to customers'risks and needs as they diversify along with changes in the social environment.

Picture:Diversifying Customers'Risks and Needs with Changes in the Social Environment

2. Realizing Sustainable Growth by Addressing Changes in Business Environment

Initiatives for top-line growth

  • Create new markets by developing new products and services in tune with changing social environment and new risks
  • Drive earnings growth by expanding sales of mainly packaged products for the small/medium enterprise market and new risk products, which have significant growth potential
  • Strengthen efforts to increase the number of contracted vehicles in voluntary automobile insurance and review coverage option

Initiatives to further improve profitability (keep the combined ratio of 95% or less stably)

  • Step up efforts to strengthen underwriting capability and loss prevention through coordination between sales divisions and the claims service divisions
  • Increase efforts to improve profitability with ERM (strengthen initiatives to improve profitability in commercial fire insurance)

Improve productivity and services by utilizing ICT

  • Improve the quality of claims payment and claims handling services (use AI to assess the amount of damages and pictures for estimating repair costs for damaged vehicles)
  • Enhance responsiveness in inquiry operations (use IBM Watson at customer centers and products inquiry centers)
  • Promote sales, solicitation support and administrative efficiency (increase operational efficiency by using blockchain technology)
  • Develop new products and services (safe driving support services using telematics technology)

3´╝ÄEvolution of Reorganization by Function

Toward the achievement of further growth and efficiency

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