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Seizing Opportunities Presented by Changes in Environment


We use changes in the environment as business opportunities for developing new insurance markets.

Responding to the growing individual annuities market

A life insurance company selling primarily inidividual annuities (variable and fixed products) through over-the-counter sales at financial institutions

Competitive Edge of MSI Primary Life

Picture:[Solid track record] Pioneer in over-the-counter sales at financial institutions

Picture:[High level of specialization] Focus on products that support customers' future

Picture:[Accessibility] Sales in more than 130 financial institutions

Picture:[Outstanding training system] Supporting agents to bring security to customers

Picture:[Customer First] Always aiming for Customers' Security and Satisfaction

Picture:Amount of policies in force and premium income

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Adapting to the Rise of Online Commerce

Direct non-life insurance company targeting primarily individual auto insurance

No.3 in direct voluntary automobile insurance

Having begun operations in June 2000, we provide reliable services and products that are chosen by many customers, utilizing accumlated data based on our experience and the "Mitsui" brand.

Picture:Direct Insurance / Automobile Insurance Ranking in Term of Premiums Written(FY2016)

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