Supporting children through Christmas cards 2016-2017

We support children in areas of conflict and areas affected by disasters by producing, selling and donating the proceeds of charity cards in collaboration with Kids Earth Fund.

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"Kids helping Kids"

Disasters, disputes, poverty, and environmental destruction… the environment that surrounds many children is neither nurturing nor healthy. The proceeds of the KIDS EARTH FUND Christmas cards will be used for children who need support. Children's sharing of their designs is one way in which they can help others in need and to promote a peaceful society.

The proceeds of 2016-2017 charity cards were fixed, and Unison Smile Club and Kids Earth Fund agreed on about the support activities of children as follows. Thank you for purchasing our cards.

The support activities and resource distribution

12th KIDS EARTH HOME Tohoku(new)
Croatian branch (continuance)
Cambodia branch (continuance)
Vietnam branch (continuance)

Since its establishment in 1988, KIDS EARTH FUND has been providing painting materials and books for children around the world who are suffering from war, poverty, natural disasters, and illness.
We have built twelve "KIDS EARTH HOME" to make children feel like home and for them to release stress and heal their wounded hearts through drawing arts. We have been visiting the Tohoku regions weekly ever since the Earthquake. Continuing art workshops with the children, we are also delivering needed supplies.
Last July in 2011, we established our 12th KIDS EARTH HOME TOHOKU in Miyagi prefecture. Your generous support will be used effectively for the children in Croatia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and in Tohoku. As we teach the children the importance of expressing themselves through drawing, and sharing our dreams, we diligently continue our program hoping that they will get back on their own feet once again.

BETTER WAY will continuously have a psychological care program in the Republic of Serbia through creative workshops for children of impecunious families and intellectually disabled children. We asked the Japanese NGO JEN to act as an intermediary between BETTER WAY and us.

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