MS&AD Unison Smile Club

MS&AD Unison Smile Club

MS&AD Unison Smile Club

At the MS&AD Insurance Group, employees who agree with the activity donate 100 yen apiece from the employee’s salary for donations to NPOs, for activities to send wheelchairs, school bags and support program of world's children through charity Christmas cards.

Support program of children through charity Christmas cards

In cooperation with Kids Earth Fund, we make and sell Charity Christmas cards and support world’s children in troubled area / suffered area of the disasters through the proceeds.

新しいウィンドウが開きますKids Earth Fund (Website)

Christmas cards 2016-2017

At art workshops held in Croatia, pictures painted by children were used in one of Christmas cards. Proceeds for this year will be appropriated as continued relief funds for children in former Yugoslavia districts (Croatia and Serbia), Viet Nam, and Cambodia as well as for assistance to children afflicted in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Accumulated total of proceeds (fiscal 1992-2016) : 51,585,666 yen

Participating in the Campaign to Deliver Picture Books

Volunteers in the company participate in the Campaign to Deliver Picture Books to Children in Cambodia and Laos, supported by of the Shanti Volunteer Association and put the translation in the picture books.

新しいウィンドウが開きますShanti Volunteer Association (Website)

Accumulated total of picture books (fiscal 2000-2016) : 9,273

Valentine Charity Concert

In February each year, part of the proceeds from ticket sales for concerts held by the Light Music Club and donations from our employees company-wide "Valentine Funds" are given to general incorporated foundation "Education for Development Foundation" to be used as scholarships for children in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia (30,000 yen per student for 3-year attendance at junior high schools).

新しいウィンドウが開きますEducation for Development Foundation (Website)

Total of stipendiary student (fiscal 1996-2016) : 502

Buta-Neko Charity Concert

Several times a year, mini concerts are held by students and graduates of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music at lobby floors in buildings in various locations. Participation fees collected from employees are donated to "Family House" in support of sick children and their families.

新しいウィンドウが開きますFamily House (Website)

Accumulated total of proceeds (fiscal 2000-2016) : 1,339,928 yen

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