Information Disclosure

The MS&AD Insurance Group stipulates in "MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Disclosure of Information" its external information disclosure policies for each Group domestic insurance company. According to the policies, each Group company has thoroughly put the disclosure rules in practice as set forth by the Financial Instruments Exchange and is disclosing information so that respective stakeholders can have a correct understanding of the true status without delay.

MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Disclosure of Information

Disclosure of Information and Investor Relations (IR)

We are conducting investor relations (IR) activities under the principles to win trust from shareholders and other investors, as well as to have our corporate value assessed fairly and properly.

Detailed information of Disclosure of Information and Investor Relations (IR)

Capital Management Policies and Shareholder Return Policy

The MS&AD Insurance Group aims to ensure that capital is kept in line with the amount of risk while strengthening shareholder returns with "dividends" and "share buybacks."

Capital Management Policies

Shareholder Return Policy


We provide reference materials for our shareholders/investors such as the dividends trend of recent years and basic information, which includes the securities identification code and the number of MS&AD Holdings shares.

Dividend Information

Basic Stocks Information

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