Basic Perspective and Policy

The MS&AD Insurance Group stipulates in the "MS&AD Insurance Group Compliance Basic Policy" that all executives/employees of the MS&AD Insurance Group should always be conscious of corporate social responsibilities and comply with all laws and regulations relevant to business activities and practice fair and valid conducts in good faith to live up to the expectations and requirements of the society.

We recognize our responsibility for the actual and potential adverse impact our business activities have on human rights, including the impact of value chain. Our actions and dialogue will show respect for human rights. This Basic Policy stipulated in February 2017 has been adopted to prepare for this.

Furthermore, realizing the actual business needs of contracting out various jobs and services to outside sources, the Group has instituted "MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Management of Outside Vendors". Taking the above policy into account, the Group companies are conducting proper management upon organizing a setup for managing outside vendors.

 MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Management of Outside Vendors


When engaging the services of outside vendors for business purposes, the MS&AD Insurance Group shall prepare procedures for the proper management of outside vendors based on the following management policy.



  1. Outside Contracting Subject to This Policy

    When the MS&AD Insurance Group delegates all or part of the administrative work necessary for it to conduct business to an outside vendor, there must be an assurance that such is appropriate in conjunction with the execution of business bearing in mind the need to assure that customers are protected and management is conducted soundly. As used herein, "customer" shall refer to "a customer having a relationship to the activities of the MS&AD Insurance Group" with respect to both individuals and companies.

  2. System for Management of Outside Vendors

    MS&AD Holdings and the domestic Group insurance companies shall create the following system for managing outside vendors and properly implement the same:

    (1) Establish a supervisor and business unit responsible for managing outside vendors.
    (2) Establish and disseminate rules pertaining to the management of outside vendors.
    (3) Conduct inspections and supervision over outside vendors.
    (4) Conduct appropriate management of subcontractors.
    (5) Establish procedures for responding to inquiries, complaints and other communications from customers pertaining to outside vendors.
    (6) Create other procedures necessary for managing outside vendors and revise the same as appropriate.
    Other Group companies shall also create system for managing outside vendors and properly implement the same consistent with the above.


Confirmation of Eligibility of Outside Vendors

MSI and ADI confirm the soundness of information management systems and outside vendors, and the adequacy of job execution progress by referring to the new "Outside Vendor Adequacy Check List". Domestic Group insurance companies do the same by clarifying the standards for selecting vendors, conducting information management once a year, in principle, and checking periodically outside vendors.

Requests to Business Partners for Environment Related Considerations

MSI and ADI, as a consistent step toward dealing with ISO14001, explain Group Environmental Basic Policy once a year to business partners in each company and ask them to cooperate in their considerations regarding the environment.

Supports for Tackling with Environmental Issues at Agents and Business Partners

MSI and ADI are promoting to their agents and business partners to secure "Eco Action 21" certification, a simplified version of environmental ISO, spread practicing Eco-maintenance(*) and utilization of recycled automobile parts.

(*) Support for the Spread of Eco-maintenance
"Engine cleansing" has been stipulated by the government as one specific requisition item in the "Green Purchase Method" since April, 2008. Support for obtaining Eco Action 21 certification leads directly to spread "Engine cleansing".

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Transaction Policy

MSI determined the Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Transaction Policy (on May 27, 2005) to lay down minimum requisite basic rules for transactions in areas such as outsourcing and purchase of supplies. MSI is striving for on-going advancement and fulfillment of social responsibilities with its business partners.

 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Transaction Policy


  • We shall select business partners (contractors, suppliers, etc.) without being bound by past transaction records and with comprehensive consideration of factors including transaction terms, business status, technical capabilities, and concern for the environment.

  • We shall properly manage and protect all information received through transactions.

  • We shall ask all business partners (contractors, suppliers, etc.) to observe all related laws, regulations, and social norms.

  • We shall ask all business partners (contractors, suppliers, etc.) to constantly provide optimal quality, prices, delivery terms and service.