Perspective and System of CSR approarches of the MS&AD Insurance Group

Aspiration and CSR

The MS&AD Insurance Group has set Mission, Vision and Value in order to clarify how the Group should be. We are aiming for sustainable enhancement of the enterprise value through achievement of our mission, vision and values.

Our Mission, Vision & Value

Perspective of CSR Initiatives

We have established “Perspective of CSR Initiative of the MS&AD Insurance Group” in order to realize Our Mission.

Perspective of CSR Initiatives

The MS&AD‘s Story of Value Creation

In a bid to support the “development of vibrant society and sound future of the earth” that we are aiming for, we will quickly identify various risks stemming from social issues that prevent us from achieving this aim, prevent such risks from actually happening, minimize the impacts of such risks when they occur, and provide various products and services to cover the financial impact. By doing so, we will build an environment where customers who are taking on challenges can live and engage in business activities with peace of mind. This is our value creation scenario.

Our value creation scenario

The MS&AD Insurance Group has set up a specific department (Corporate Social Responsibility Section, Corporate Planning Dept.) in its holding company for the promotion of CSR activities throughout the entire Group and for supporting individual CSR activities of each domestic Group insurance company. In fiscal 2016, we enhanced the overall CSR function by integrating the CSR functions of two core business companies (Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance) into the Corporate Social Responsibility Section of the holding company. In addition, we have established a CSR Committee and discuss matters including the Group’s CSR initiatives to share information on global trends and environmental changes regarding CSR and enhance our understanding. Matters discussed by the CSR Committee are reported to the Board of Directors and at the Group’s management meetings.

Promotion System of CSR

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