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CSR activities of operating companies

Approaches listed in CSR Report 2017
This is the list of approaches provided in CSR Report 2017. Please refer to this website to see approaches of each company.
Major approaches among characteristic approaches are listed by theme.

Website of each company
Website of each company presents its approaches of CSR.

Approaches listed in CSR Report 2017

Approaches listed in CSR Report 2017
Group / Operating Companies
The MS&AD Insurance Group Domestic Group insurance companies MSI ADI Mitsui Direct General MSI Aioi Life MSI Primary Life Affiliated Operating Companies
Contributing to Resolution of Social Issues through the Business
Accident Prevention, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
 Risk Management for Accident Prevention        
 Risk Management for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation            
 Provision of Applications Leading to Safety and Security          
 Development of New Accident Prevention Services Suitable for Traffic Conditions in Asian Countries            
 Discount of Automobile Insurance Premiums as the Reward for Attending Safety Training              
 Support for Corporate Risk Measures (BCP)          
 Risk Mitigation Effort              
 Campaign for Education in Safe Driving            
 Provision of Information on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation              
 Effort for Higher Awareness of Disaster Prevention              
 Automobile Insurance for 1 Day            
 Automobile Risk Management Services to Corporate Customers            
 Automobile Insurance Utilizing Telematics Technology              
 Bicycle Insurance "Net de Hoken@Cycle," "Bycle" & "Bycle Best"            
 Spreading Earthquake Insurance            
 Disaster Navigation Feature on Smartphone Service              
 Supporting Early Recovery from Disasters              
 Cat bonds (catastrophe bonds) issuance support services              
 Comprehensive Business Cost/Profit Insurance (Rider Only to Cover Specific Earthquake Risks)              
Response to Climate Change
 Risk Management for Prevention of Natural Disaster Damage          
 Risk Management for Conservation and Utilization of Natural Capital              
 Supporting the Enhancement of Environmental Efficiency and Use of Sustainable Resources          
 Alerting Service of Weather Information              
 Business Tasks with Concern for Climate Change as ClimateWise Members (UK)              
 Providing Products and Services to Support Measures against Climate Change            
 Pacific Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Financing Initiative Insurance Facility              
 Support for the Flood Reinsurance System through Participation in Flood Re              
 Providing Products and Services that Leads to Climate Change Mitigation            
Response to Aging Society
 "Kokokara Diary" - A Smartphone Application ("Suma-Ho") that Helps People Promote Healthy Mind and Body              
 Collaboration between Industries and Universities for Innovation in Health and Medical Fields              
 Activities to Communicate Medical Information to Customers              
 Promotion of Study & Research that Contribute to Elderly Care and Traffic Safety              
 Fire Insurance Products for Aging Society            
 Services and Tools Considering the Elderly People              
 Advanced Medical Care Benefit Direct Payment Service (responding to all medical institutions that perform proton therapy, heavy ion radiotherapy)              
 Support for the Development of Regenerative Medicine Technology              
 Provision of Self-supporting Means to Build Assets              
 Provision of Products & Services for Nursing Care and Medical Care          
Development of Local Communities
 Study & research based on industry-academia collaboration with universities, etc.            
 Support for regional revitalization            
 Support for Sustainable Development of Small and Middle-sized Companies            
 Development of Products and Services Responding to New Risks            
 Comprehensive Support for Inbound Businesses            
 Support Developing Countries to Resolve Issues              
Practicing Responsible Investment to Contribute to Resolving Social Issues
 Signing to the Principles for Responsible Investment              
 Implementation of Japan's Stewardship Code            
 Environmental, Social, Governance Friendly Investment and Loan      
 Participation in Initiatives          
Enhancing the Quality of Products and Services
Leveraging Stakeholders’ Voices to Improve Quality
 Schemes for Receiving Feedback from Customers    
 Customer Feedback Structure  
 Schemes to Absorb External Experts Opinions          
 Schemes to Absorb Opinions of Agents          
 Schemes to Absorb Employee Opinions              
Development and Improvement of Products and Services from Stakeholders’ Perspective
 Mechanism of Development and Improvement of Products and Services              
 Main Products and Services
Upgrading Customer's Ease of Understanding and Convenience
 Provision of Easy-to-understand Explanatory Materials        
 Improve the Convenience for Customers in Contracts        
 Consideration for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities        
 Quality Improvement using Advanced Technology            
 Quality Improvement of the Contact Centers      
Payment of Insurance Claim Service Preferable to Customers
 Reliable Receipt System for Accident Report and Provision of the Course of Accident Response          
 Improving Customer’s Satisfaction by Responding to Incidents        
 Launch of "Quadrilingual Service" using Phone Interpretation            
 “Introduction of Accident Response” screen              
 Claim Support Guide              
 Provision of Recovery Services of Afflicted Facilities            
 Examination for Payments of Insurance Claims          
Growth with Our Agents
 Improvement of Agent Work Quality        
 Communication with Agents            
 Management Support for Agents            
Approaches to the Environment
Policies and Management Systems Related to Environmental and Social Contribution Activities
 MS&AD Insurance Group Environmental Basic Policy              
 Policies and Management Systems Related to Environmental and Social Contribution Activities  
 Awareness Raising Activities for Stakeholders            
 Enlightenment of the Employee              
Reduction of Environmental Impact
 Medium- and Long-term Reduction Goal of CO2              
 Reducing the Environmental Burdens of Business Processes          
Preservation of Biodiversity
 Signing the Natural Capital Declaration              
 Research and Educational Activities            
 Activities for Preservation of Biodiversity            
 Awareness Activities for Local Communities and the Society              
Approaches to Local and International Communities
Contribution to Local and International Communities
 Disaster Donation Matching Gift Program              
 Continued Support for the Areas Hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake          
 Soccer School Organized by J Leaguer for Children in Foster home              
 Support Activities of Social Contribution by Employees      
 Activities of Social Contribution by Employees          
Social Contribution in the Field of Sports, Culture and Education
 Support for Sport          
 Promotion of Culture          
 Education Support          
Respect for Human Rights
 MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on Human Rights              
 Basic Policies for Respecting Human Rights              
 Approaches to Respecting Human Rights              
 Human rights due diligence              
 Human rights assessment and remedial measures              
 Education about Human Rights          
 Consultation service desk          
Promoting Diversity in Human Assets and Health Management
Human Asset Development
 Employee Development Goals              
 Education and Training              
 Support Taking Up the Challenge    
 Developing Global Human Assets          
Promotion of Diversity
 The Number of Employees  
 Hiring of New Graduates          
 Promoting the Career Development of Women  
 Global Human Asset Utilization              
 Employment of Persons with Disabilities          
 Employment for the Elderly            
 Consideration for LGBT              
Achievement of Work-Life Balance
Health Management
 Taking Paid Leaves            
 Health Management of Employees          
 Communication with Employees


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